Best Bed Size For Kids Under The Age Of 5 Years

Have you ever seen the sheer bliss that reflects on the face of a child when you get them anything that is “adult like”?

A good example is when you get your child their bed, that is similar to what the grown-ups use.

However, as a parent, you know that you do not only want to make your baby happy. You also want to buy a gift that will not harm them in any way.

We will therefore discuss how to get the right size for your five-year old or under, and what you need to know before you can buy that bed.

The most challenging bit is to know the size of the bed that would fit your child, considering that they are growing, and so their height today will not be the same tomorrow.

The other factor is how easily your child can climb to the bed. You do not want instances where they fall or get injured as they try to access their sleeping area. Experts advise that you watch your baby as they play outdoors.

It gives you a picture of how ready they are to handle elevated furniture. To get the accurate the size of the bed for your child, measure their standing height. Those are the measurements from the foot of the child to their head.

You will also need to have the measurements of the bedroom where you will place the bed. But just in case you have a small room you have the option of getting a portable bed or small day bed.

Review of the best beds for children

What bed size should a 2 year old have?

At two years, you are transitioning the toddler from their crib to a bigger size bed. It is an exciting event for both the parents and the child. At this stage, you are likely to be torn between getting them a toddler bed or a twin bed.

Making this decision can be time consuming, especially for the first-time parents. When making this decision, the first factor to consider is the safety of your child. Only go for what is safe for their use.

Crib to bed

Between the ages of one and a half to three years, most parents have their young ones from the crib to the bed. At this stage, the baby has a habit of trying to breaking from what to them feels like a jail-the crib!

Experts advise that the best time to move the child from the crib is at that point when they act “too grown for the crib”. The child at that point is too active and finds it hard to sleep in the crib.

The toddler beds have decorations that entice the baby, making them to love their sleeping spaces. The toddler bed has a height friendly to the baby. It is low to the ground and comes in handy if you still have the crib mattress available for use.

Many families will however opt to have the crib mattress remain in the crib for the sake of the arrival of a new baby. The twin bed will require that the family gets an extra mattress.

It is convenient if the family already has a mattress that size. If not, the extra mattress will come in handy if a new baby comes into the family and they later need the mattress.

Safety of the kid’s bed

The toddler bed is safer because the mattress is closer to the ground. If you choose a twin bed, you would be safer if you started the mattress from the ground. The alternative would be to ensure you get guard rails to help keep the baby safe from bed falls.

Costs of the kid’s bed size

A twin bed ranges from $150 upwards while a toddler bed ranges between $150 and $300.

Remember you will need a mattress for either of the beds and if need be get a bed topper.

What is the best bed for a 3 year old?

Your child is most likely than not to outgrow the toddler bed by the age of three. That age requires a more permanent solution. The bed you get at this point should be one that can transition into a teen bed later; or into a bed that you can use for the guest room for the adults.

A look at the twin size bed

The twin size bed, or the “single size” bed is a perfect choice for a three-year-old child. It will take them to their teenage years and will therefore serve you longer.

A standard version of the twin bed is 38 inches in width, while the length is 75. The twin bed is best option for a small sized bedroom.

How about a full size bed

Another option for your three-year-old is a “double” bed or a full-size bed. They have the same length as a twin bed, 74 to 75 inches long, however, it is wider than a twin bed, it comes at 54 inches.

The beds are higher off the ground than the cribs. Its advisable to have safety rails or keep the bed against the wall. It will keep your baby from falling from the bed as they sleep until you are confident that they can sleep without falling off.

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What bed size is best for a 4-year-old?

At four years, your child is more comfortable in a bigger bed. The challenge is that the highest percentage of their sleeping time could be accompanied with falls from the bed.

To keep your child safe, use back guardrails to keep them from falling. You can also opt for front bedside rails which come in ½ or ¾ lengths. The core Matrix twin bed is 78cm tall from the ground to the topmost level of the bed.

It has a solid base made of wood slat. It is sturdy enough to hold several adults at once or several kids at once. Its height is 11 ¾ in relation to the slat surface, which can guide you on the height of the mattress you need to put on the slat.

Experts recommend a mattress that is quality and low profile (5’’) so that the height of the bed does not exceed 16 ¾ off the ground. That arrangement will also give you an allowance to add an additional trundle bed for your guest.

What size of bed should a 5-year-old sleep in?

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When your child finally gets to the age of five, they are most likely to be able to handle outdoor activities without major incidences. You will need to observe and evaluate whether they can climb higher heights without falling.

The recommended height of the bed from the ground, including the height of the mattress should be 11 ¾. Get a bed that will allow your child to sleep comfortably for the recommended 11-13 hours daily.

Other factors to consider when buying your child’s bed

  • Options in the market

Consider the ideas the manufacturers have come up with and availed in the market. These could include beds like platform beds, book beds, sonic beds, double decker beds just to mention a few.

Consider the variety of colors, designs, storage space, and match that with your child’s preferences, especially when they are much older and they have began identifying with the things they like. For example, some beds will have cartoon paintings, get what your child likes best.

Bunk beds for kids

Consider whether you want a double bed for your child. Such a bed has stairs to the top bed, and some designs will come with storage spaces. If you want to save space for your child’s bedroom, you can consider a bunk bed. Such a bed can also accommodate two children.

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Trundle bed for kids

The bed is one that slides in and out from the side frame of the main bed. The main bed in this case is slightly elevated from the ground. It is an additional safety measure for your child, in case they fall from the main bed, they are unlikely to get injured.

The trundle bed will come in handy when you have children sleeping over. Some twin beds can also have trundle bed, which means you can accommodate more children in one room.

Loft beds for kids

The loft beds are most suitable for rooms with ceiling that is 8 feet high. The bed is designed such that it leaves space for your child to play. When your child needs to go up the bed, they use the stairs provided. The space beneath the loft bed can also be used for storage.

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Canopy beds for toddlers

The beds have a canopy draped from the bed posts. The ones with canopy draping are traditionally used for girls rooms, while the ones without the draping are used for boys. Both options have posts attached to them.

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Captain bed for children

This bed has many storage drawers underneath it. It also has high sides. As children grow, the list of items in their possession for their play grows as well.

Eventually, the child ends up with toys and tools that are so many they need a specific place to store them. You do not want your living room scattered with toys of all kinds!

The bed handles that need very well. The child learns to neatly store their toys in their drawers and keep them safe. If this is the bed you will opt for, make sure it has guard rails to keep your child safe.

Whatever bed you choose, if it elevated off the ground, make sure its mattress is not more than 5 inches high, to cater for the overall bed height.

How to crown it all

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Remember with a perfect bed for your kids also comes a quality bed sheet.

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