A Look At Best Bunk Beds To Buy

Getting bunk bed can be a remarkable space-savers, particularly if you’ve got a small house or your family is large (or both). But, they can be hazardous as well. Selecting a safe one is important to help protect your kids.

Many of these injuries are due to falling from the top bunk. This takes place either while playing or sleeping. For this reason, you want to ensure you have a sturdy bunk bed for your kids.

It should be created with top quality materials and has fall prevention rails. What else do you need to consider when buying the best bunk bed for children?

Different households have different wants, while some may prefer having a daybed others opt for a bunk bed or loft bed. It is important that you take into consideration your preferred choices and features.

Is the bunk bed a temporary solution for your loved ones that do not have to be very durable, or is it a lasting investment you plan to use for years?

Parents with limited funds want a simpler, inexpensive bunk bed. Those with lots of space might be willing to invest more for a bed that offers extras like a fun play space, drawers or shelves.

Some of these beds will permit 3 or more sleepers. Other bunk beds are available in choices for full, instead of twin mattresses hence providing older kids a more comfy and bigger space for sleeping.

Review of the top bunk beds today

  1. Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed with Metal Frame and Ladder
DHP Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed with Metal Frame and Ladder, Space-Saving Design, Navy Blue
  • Your purchase includes One DHP Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed with Metal Frame and...
  • Assembled dimensions – 78" W x 61.5" H x 60" D | Assembled weight – 74 lbs....
  • Front ladder attaches to the bed and is slanted for added safety

If you want to take advantage of a small room, you can consider getting the DHP Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed with Metal Frame and Ladder. This bed is easy to use and ideal for small spaces.

It features a slats metal frame for supporting the mattress properly and a slanted ladder to make it easy to climb. Since it’s not made of wood there will be no splinters and it will be easy for kids who often mess to clean it up.

It comes with a sleek design, which makes it ideal for both boys and girls rooms. There’s also space for an additional storage room underneath the bed.

These beds are also ideal for college dorms and teen rooms, as they are fast and easy to assemble. This bed is affordable, and the possibilities appear never-ending. In addition, the metal safety guardrail helps keep the children on the bed and not put them in danger.


  • Come with full-length guardrails
  • Slanted ladder for enhancing safety


  • Makes the most of the space in a room
  • The design offers lots of space
  • Has curved edges, safety ladder, and rails
  • Sturdy metal slats don’t warp from a load


  • It might shake a bit when shaken deliberately; however, it is usually firm and sturdy

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  1.  Quick Lock Twin over Twin Classic Metal Bunk Bed with Dual Ladders

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This bed helps to free up space in your house. The Zinus Aileene Easy Assembly Quick Lock Twin over Twin Classic Metal Bunk Bed is easy to assemble, and within one-hour you’re done.

The bed is simple, but it provides you with the comfort you require to rest and have a restful night’s sleep. It has sturdy steel support with no box spring for firm mattress support.

This product has a properly detailed manual that instructs you the right way to get the anticipated result. The foundation of this bed can hold up to 100kgs each bunk bottom and top respectively.

Additionally, the Zinus Quick Lock Twin Classic Metal Bunk can accommodate two twin mattresses. The bed comes with a five-year warranty.

Furthermore, if you regularly shift houses, this bed will not be an issue as it’s very compact after you dismantle it. Children like this bed as it has built-in ladders on both sides to make it easy for them to climb.


  • Two built-in four-step ladders
  • Two steel mattress supports


  • Ideal beds for kids
  • Easy and fast to assemble
  • The design helps to save space
  • Doesn’t squeak
  • Firm and sturdy construction
  • Has a five-year warranty


  • Shakes slightly
  • Not ideal for grown-ups
  • Does not have a mattress

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  1.  Full Metal Bunk Bed, Sturdy Frame with Metal Slats
DHP Full over Full Bunk Bed for Kids, Metal Frame with Ladder (Silver)
3,324 Reviews
DHP Full over Full Bunk Bed for Kids, Metal Frame with Ladder (Silver)
  • Sturdy, metal frame.
  • Product Dimensions :78.5 x 56.5 x 72.0 inches.Maximum Weight Recommendation :...
  • Product dimensions: 78.5" L x 56.5" W x 72" H | Weight: 108 lbs..Accommodates...

This is the best bed to complete you’re the room of your child. With a simple design and square posts, the DHP’s Full-Over-Full Metal Bunk Bed complements any room décor.

It has metal slats for durability and support, and you can use this bed without a bunky board or box spring. Safety is guaranteed thanks to a strong built-in latter and the upper bunk’s full-length guardrails.

This bed saves space and is functional, which makes it ideal for sleepovers or children sharing a room. This Full-Over-Full Metal Bunk Bed has built-in slated, ladder and frame; it doesn’t come with a mattress.


  • Save space
  • The top bunk has guardrails
  • Comes with slats for supporting a mattress
  • Buil-in ladder
  • Strong, metal frame

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  1.  Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed for Kids with Ladder and Safety Rail
Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed with Ladder and Safety Rail, Gray
  • [Adjustable Size-F/Q/K]-..5" H, with adjustable widths of 54" (Full), 60"...
  • FULL LENGTH SAFETY RAILS AND LADDER: Complete with full length safety rails on...
  • CONVERTS INTO 2 SEPARATE BEDS: The perfect sleepover companion, this convertible...

With a safety rail and ladder, each level of this Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed comes with space for a twin-sized mattress with a slatted frame so you don’t require a box spring.

Although this product is safe and ideal for children with guardrails for preventing rolling off, it comes with a weight restriction of 100kgs per bed. This means that smaller adults can also fit snugly on the bed’s frame.

Whether the children want to change or become a bit older, the Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed will separate to make two twins easily.

That way, if you’re upgrading to an extra room, you would not have to invest in two new beds so the children can get their own rooms. This bed is also easy to assemble.


  • 4-step ladder
  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Finishes are durable and non-toxic
  • Top-quality fastening systems


  • Strong structure
  • Looks amazing
  • Finishes are non-toxic
  • Easy to put together

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  1.  Twin Bunk Kids Bed Bedroom with Guard Rail and Ladder
Walker Edison Della Classic Solid Wood Twin over Twin Bunk Bed, Twin over Twin, White
  • STURDY & STYLISH – Wood frame is made from 100% solid wood and features clean...
  • Product Dimensions :42.0 x 80.0 x 65.0 inches
  • Made from responsibly-sourced solid pine wood.No box spring required, Bunkie...

When you require the perfect bed that can help you save room space, this WE Furniture Wood Twin Bunk Kids Bed is the perfect choice to consider.

This bed is made with durable solid wood. This helps make this bed long-lasting and stable. For this reason, you’ll use this product for many years without any issue.

Additionally, this WE Furniture Wood Twin Bunk Kids Bed easily separates into two beds. It helps in making it a dependable option that you can use in two different spaces when needed. Aside from this, assembling it is easy and with the different hues to select from; it is a must-have bed.


  • Will separate safely
  • Solid wood construction
  • Different color choices
  • Bed save space


  • Very affordable
  • Design helps save space
  • Several different models
  • Comes with support slats
  • Vertical 4-step ladder
  • Option for dual bed adjustment
  • Easy assembling and dismantling


  • Lacks strong joints

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Ability of your child to access a bunk bed

When shopping for a bunk bed make sure your kids are with you in the last purchasing phases or at least know the way they are going to maneuver ladders and stairs. These beds will require an easy to access way of getting to the top bunk.

Hard to see stairs hidden from sight or even narrow stairs will be a tripping danger for young kids. If you can, consider testing how simple it is for the kids to climb the stairs and make sure there’s a handrail available to cling to.

Several of the highly rated bunk beds that do not have handrails are usually created for older kids and teens that do not have to worry about balance. Remember this when shopping for beds for the right age group. And of course go for top rated beds in the market.

Make sure the room has enough space for a bunk bed

While these beds are the perfect addition to any kid’s room, your priority is making sure there’s enough room. The good thing about these beds is the ability to use vertical space.

However, horizontal space is important to safely walk around the bed without knocking into one another. Keep in mind that features like trundle bunk beds, ladders, stairs, and drawers will need more room to maneuver around and still get space to walk.

You should make sure the space is big enough to have lots of space for all these functions. Consider some feet walking distance around the ladder or stairs for kids waking up and descend the bed safely.

Considerations when choosing the best bunk beds

It needs a lot of thinking when it comes to selecting any piece of furniture for a small room. After all, you will want to ensure you’re making the most of the small room.

You should have a checklist of things you need to take into consideration before you decide. When it comes to choosing a kids bunk bed, there are lots of things to remember.

Here are some important considerations:

  1. Your style

Of course, you do not want to compromise on your room’s overall look so that you can get additional space for the bed.

While it’s good to go the minimalist way when you’re decorating a small room, you should remember that the bunk bed will likely be the biggest piece of furniture in the room, which makes it the focal point in there.

You should find a bed that will suit the occupant’s style and preference. Make sure you buy a bed that comes with a colorful finish, or one having curved headboards. Ultimately, ensure the bunk bed you choose will compliment your existing bedding and furniture.

  1. The use of the bed

As you might have already seen when checking out the different kinds of beds to suit your needs, each type provides a different purpose.

Require two beds, or need additional room for a sofa, a desk, or storage?

Once you’ve chosen what you require, you can easily select the right bunk bed type, which is ideal for your limited space.

  1. Size of the mattress

It is important that you remember your preferred size of the mattress. You will want to ensure you or your visitors are sleeping well on the bunk bed.

For this reason, you should select one that provides enough room to have a restful night’s sleep. You can find beds that will accommodate 2 twin-sized beds.

Additionally, there are some bunk beds where the bottom bunk has a full-size mattress. Apart from this, you will want to think of the mattress’s thickness.

  1. The room’s size

First of all, you should take into consideration the room you will place the bunk bed in. Measure the available space you have for the bed.

You should also take into consideration the location of the windows or door and choose where you’ll place the single bunk bed. Apart from the available room’s length and width, you would also want to measure the height of the ceiling in the room.

By doing this, you can choose if you want a triple bunk bed or a two level standard bunk bed.

  1. Safety features

Tossing and turning in bed throughout the night is normal. Because of this, you will want a bunk bed that comes with safety features integrated, like a standard-length guardrail. Additionally, you may need to have a full-on staircase or a slanted ladder for simple top bunk access.

Features to consider when buying bunk beds

  1. Space

People buy these beds to help in saving space in their houses. This means you should take into consideration the bed’s size and the space to fit the bed. Additionally, you should think about the bed’s height if your house low lying ceiling.

  1. Features

Storage and trundle are some of the ideal features to think about in bunk beds. You require a bed that’s very simple to store when you’re not using it while at the same time providing you with more living space.

  1. Accessibility

Is the bed easily accessible by the kids?

Ensure that you select a bunk bed with sturdy stairs and ladders, which are safe using.

  1. Safety

When purchasing anything that children are going to use, the priority should be safety. Choose beds that have a good height.

The safest beds need to feature round edges and strong rails for protecting your little one from injuries and unintentional falls.

If you don’t find one that meets your preferred safety standards, hire a carpenter to design one for you or go for customized bunk beds. Another determining factor is the bed’s quality of material.

Many of these beds are of metal or wood materials. But wooden beds are a favorite choice as they are cheap and aren’t slippery. Online stores that sell beds let you get affordable products easily.

The only issue is that you don’t get to see the product until it’s already delivered. You’ll need to decide depending on the descriptions and photos provided by the manufacturer.

In addition, it’s beneficial to check out bunk bed reviews from those who have purchased the item you want. The more reviews you get, the better the chances of getting the best choice are.

Remember to check if the bed has adhered to all safety standards. The best bed will help make a room that will help bring many years of fun to the life of your kids.

With the prices and choice to choose from on the internet, a bit of homework and bargain hunting can make sure you get the bed.

A bunkbed with desk and drawers is one of the ways homeowners have discovered for creating the ideal rooms for their children. This is the best way of doubling floor space’s use and size. In addition, it provides your kids with an appealing and unique piece of furniture to suit their needs.

If there’s limited space in your kid’s bedroom, getting a bunk bed with desk beneath will be the perfect answer. By using this bed in your child’s bedroom, they will feel great to have their living and work area.

This bunk bed with desk on bottom can also feature choices for having extra drawer space for clothes together with other storage. There are lots of styles, colors, and choices online.

In case the room is spacious for a double unit with an incorporated desk, and you have got space for an extra student’s desk in the bedroom, this is an ideal setup where both kids will have their own sleeping and studying spaces.

They can also use one desk as the study area and the other as a computer or laptop desk. This will become the best solution for shared spaces where you have limited space.

Additionally, you can think about getting boys bunk bed with desk and girls boys bunk bed with desk to ensure that the kids have their own privacy.

A bunk bed with workstation is quite an appealing choice to think about if your kid has a leisure pursuit or other interest where they require additional space.

Most children have an interest in craft or musical instruments kind of leisure pursuits where they need space for practicing and working. However, it’s not always simple to create a dedicated space inside your house for the kids.

Look at the lots of different options online and you’ll see how to make your little one’s room into their preferred study and workspace by using these types of beds.

Getting full-size bunk beds is the best way of saving limited space. Your house might not even be small, you might use some of the rooms for other stuff, and do not want to alter this.

Perhaps your child went off to university and now they’re momentarily moving back in briefly. What can you do to the room you transformed into a game room once they move out?

You can simply make the most of full size bunk beds to add to another room to keep the space for yourself. These beds come with lots of uses that will be helpful someday.

Queen bunk beds with desks offer additional floor space beneath the top bunk for other needs you might have. You can maximize that space by just choosing a desk to make a workstation.

You can also get beds that have a fully outfitted built-in shelving and desk, as a way to bring your office and bed together. Another great way of finding out if you can enjoy the space that bunk beds offer is by rearranging the room with a single bunk bed.

You might discover that these beds are user-friendly in this way. They are also ideally placed to provide you with a room with plenty of fun in it.

Bunk beds with stairs feature a small staircase rather than a lagger to access the upper area. Most people like these kinds of beds since they might not find climbing onto the top bunks enjoyable, particularly for adults.

Bunk beds that fit your decorative style and lifestyle

Beds that have stairs are available in a range of decorative styles, configurations, and shapes. You can also think about getting a loft bunk bed with stairs.

They are ideal for small rooms that want to save space. Other types of beds that are good when it comes to saving space are platform beds. You should make sure that the ladders or stairs are accessible with any kind of configuration you choose.

Big bunk beds are a popular option when you want to make two of your children share a bedroom. Even more favorite is metal bunk beds with desk. The metal bunk beds are innovative and elegant, which uses up less space

Due to the nature of the price of bunk beds, cheap bunk beds usually don’t have essential details, such as safety ladders and guard rails. At times, since children will be playing on the bed, fall and break the rail and may get injured. It’s important that you test the bed before purchasing it.

Do not purchase a bed that’s not sturdy.

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