Difference Between A Regular And Platform Bed

Trying to choose between a regular bed and a platform bed?

You have no choice other than understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Considering your sleeping preferences, the sleeping benefits of a regular one is different from platform beds.

Regular Vs Platform Bed – what are the differences?

The two have a slight difference even though platform beds are slightly better due to their low cost, versatility, and longevity compared to regular beds.

Below find the different between a regular bed and platform bed;

  • Mattress support

The main difference between the regular bed and platform bed type is what you will put your expensive mattress on. Sleeping seven to eight hours without interference. Isn’t that good for you?

So if you put your valuable mattress on something unpleasant, then expect some pain. Good sleep comes first, and having it on a fresh bed is more significant. Because of the slight difference, the two beds have, it may be challenging to determine what to take home.

But that said platform beds have strong slats, which offers your sturdy mattress support. You need to check the distance between the slats, shouldn’t be far apart. That’s what your mattress rests on, whereas a regular bed uses box spring to give your mattress support (metal springs coated in a frame).

Well, confusion is there, and just like any other person, you’ll be confused due to a slight difference. Though, platform beds never cause damage to your bedding, it a win over regular beds. Of course, there is the option of getting a mattress topper for even more comfort.

  • Regular vs platform bed height

Also, it would help if you consider height while choosing your bed. Regular beds and platform beds differ in terms of how low they sit to the ground. Regular beds are higher to the ground than most platform beds.

Choosing these types of beds would mean you won’t bend nor have difficulties while sleeping or getting up from your bed. Regular beds are darling to older people who commonly suffer from back problems.

Platforms, on the other hand, are lower to the ground. Its height cannot be pleasing to the people with back problems, though it’s a choice of many because it is more comfortable than regular beds.

Many manufacturers have produced platform bed types with higher frames similar to regular a bed, which makes it safer for people with back pains to use. You can also opt to build your own bed using pallets.

  • Bed storage – regular And platform bed

Choosing a regular bed means you will do without built-in storage underneath the frame. You won’t have a place to keep your other stuff. Which is quite unfortunate, especially when you have a small bedroom.

The clearance under the bed will be big, but your stuff will gather dust, unlike when you invest in platform bed with storage drawers that keep your items safe and dust free. They have built-in drawers or shelving at the base.

You can therefore get enough storage for your essential items without paying a higher rent for a modern house with more closets.

  • Bedding

True, you need simplicity and comfort. With platform beds, you will need less bedding compared to regular ones.

You can buy a box spring mattress type when you know how to spread it well. As you will be required to use a skirt or wrap to conceal the box spring, failure, your bed will typically look undone.

Having a platform bed is a plus. You dress it with sheets and a comforter, and there you go. Asians and Europeans have fallen in love with floating platform bed designs compared to regular varieties due to their cleaner lines and lower profiles, which make them stand out in the market.

You can see regular beds are yet to beat the platform beds—significant reasons why they will still enjoy market dominance, including simplicity and minimalistic appearance. Not to mention, the quality materials used, which offers firm and compact cushioning. Also, you can choose leather, wooden bed frame, or metal bed from the variety.

If you decide to buy a wooden-platform bed, you won’t have missed it. It’s the best, conceptualized with modern designs to give sophisticated high-end furnishing. Whatever you lay your hands on platform beds have undertaken innovative transition to ensure the highest standards and top quality.

Wooden platform beds can be useful because they’re sturdy and long-lasting. The choice is yours in the long run.

What you need in a bed frame?

The first thing is that a bed should have simple to follow bed frame set up guide. You need a bed that offers your mattress sturdy support to avoid any damage. It is even better when it comes with a five-year warranty.

You need something sturdy and stylish that won’t require frequent maintenance like repainting and restraining. You need comfort, not strains on your back and joints in the dead of the night when you’re supposed to be dreaming. You need a bed that matches other furniture in your house.

The bed should sync well with the design and color theme of your house. You need something that suits your budget—a pocket, friendly bed. If you have a small room then having a bed that takes little space will be advisable, learn more.

Well, at the end of the day, you need to be satisfied with what you’re investing on. Here are some of the significant differences between regular beds and platform beds to help you make the right decision.

What you get with a platform bed frame

  • Artistically pleasing
  • Perfect for memory foam mattresses
  • Not easy to move as it’s in one piece
  • Wide space for storage
  • Really affordable
  • Provide on-air circulation for your mattress because the slats are evenly spaced.
  • Not recommended for people with difficulties when getting out of bed

What a regular bed offer you

  • Add extra support to the mattress
  • No storage space
  • Has traditional appearance

Platform bed vs regular bed – which one wins?

You have noticed there is a slight difference between regular beds and platform beds, especially when looking at their advantages and disadvantages. Platform beds have no additional cost to them unless you install some other features.

They are artistically pleasing. Regular varieties, on the other hand, have more traditional outlook. Also, you will need to be flipping it once in a while to avoid your mattress from sagging. Who does that!

In this case, what bed would you choose?

A platform bed? Right?

The platform bed gives you more options for storage. They’re generally cost-effective. Many memory foam mattresses users prefer it as their favorite. Bearing in mind that memory foam users make up of most the world population. Share these ideas with your friend, who is currently struggling with the decision.

Enjoy your sleep!