How Do You Clean A Carpet Using A Machine?

People who have playful pets and children know how much mess they can create. They appear to mess up everything: bring dirt and mud from outside, spill liquids, scatter food, etc.

All these, unluckily, usually lead to the emergence of stubborn dirt and difficult to deal with stains, particularly if it is stuck to upholstery, rugs and carpets. This is where a machine for cleaning carpets comes in.

How to wash your carpet using a machine

The machine will help in cleaning the soft surfaces you were desperate to clean up and put your home back in order.

Also to avoid replacing your carpet due to stubborn stains, a machine makes it easier to clean off thus avoid permanent stains and ensure a longer lasting carpet.

Here are the steps to take to wash your carpet effectively.

  • Remove furniture from the room

Machines nowadays are very effective.

They help to clean up the entire carpet instead of only spot-clean small places since they are most likely to stick out like a sore thumb’, particularly if it’s been a while since you last cleaned the carpet.

So for effortlessness, and to have the perfect finish possible, empty furniture from the area you want to work on.

Keep in mind that it might take the carpet some time to dry after the process of cleanup. For this reason, put the furniture somewhere where it will not be blocking movement.

  • Testing the machine on a hidden space

Testing the machine is important. You want to be sure that both the cleaner and the chemicals you’ll be working with will not ruin your carpet.

Therefore, once the room is empty, and you’ve vacuumed it entirely, choose a hidden space (like the space that is usually concealed by a bookcase of the sofa) and try cleaning this space.

Make sure the carpet looks great later on and no color is leaching from it. Assuming the test is successful you’re now all set to clean the carpet.

  • Cleaning the carpet

Next, is to use the machine correctly. You should endeavor to work yourself around your room in long strips, making sure you do not overlook any spaces.

You should know that even the best machines might leave the carpet a bit damp after cleaning up.

For this reason, endeavor to complete your cleanup by the door where you will easily exit instead of ending up stuck in a corner surrounded by drenched carpet you’ll have to walk on.

  • Drying your carpet

Turn on the heater or open the windows to gently help in the process of drying and don’t place the furniture back in the room too early.

  • Return the furniture

A helpful tip is placing the furniture on small kitchen foil circles so that if there’s any left residue in your carpet from the cleanup then the furniture will not get damaged by the chemicals, or cause staining.

After a day or two days, it should be safe to take out the foil altogether and throw it away.

Also to note, before starting the cleaning process, remove any kind of bedding such as pillows, mattress and bed sheet. This will keep these items from getting dust and stains due to the cleaning process.

How to clean carpet with vinegar

One of the best natural agents for cleaning home carpets is vinegar. It processes properties that do not only have the properties for cleaning stains but also the unwanted smell, making the stain effect even more intolerable.

Vinegar consists of water and acetic acid that deals with stubborn stains. This is why it’s considered one of the best removers of stains.

It has no components that can cause any type of harm to pets or children, thus it’s completely safe to use.

  1. Vacuuming your carpet

First, you need to use a vacuum. It is essential to do this before proceeding with using the vinegar. You should ensure there is not any dust or debris obstructing.

The vacuum will handle this to make sure you will use the vinegar solution correctly. Make sure you are as thorough as possible with the vacuuming. Once done, you can proceed to the next stage.

  1. Creating a vinegar solution

Now you need to make the solution. This will be easy to do as you will only require 3 cups of white vinegar and add in a bit of dish soap and some warm water.

It may be easiest using a bucket for creating your vinegar solution for cleaning the carpet.

  1. Brushing the stain off the carpet

Get a brush so that you can use it scrub the stain out of the carpet. Don’t use a brush that has very hard bristles. You will likely want to use one with medium or soft bristles.

A toothbrush will work great for this; however, you can also use a sponge if you think it will be simpler. Once you’ve got what you require, you can now deal with the stain.

Dip the sponge or brush into the vinegar solution and then continue to scrub until everything is clean.

It may be a slow process cleaning the whole carpet this way; however, it’s possible with a bit of patience and elbow grease.

  1. Rinsing the carpet

This is more essential than you may realize. You should rinse away the solution you have been using for removing the stain.

In case you forget rinsing everything down after you finish, then you may just end up with another stain of your own making. Get a clean cloth you can use for rinsing the carpet of.

You can use some clean water and begin to wipe your carpet to rinse it. This might take a little bit of time, just like the time it took to use the vinegar solution.

If it ends up looking a little arduous, simply keep in mind that the outcome will be worth it.

  1. Remove the water

Next, you will have to remove the water to help keep the carpet from beginning to remove odor. It’s essential to remove any excess water. You can use a dry towel or some kind for taking the water up.

Continue to pat things down until you’ve entirely gotten rid of the excess water. Make sure you double-check things if you are unsure if all the water is not there.

Leaving water on the carpet can result in problems like mildew and mold. You certainly want to avoid this do not be in a hurry to finish the work.

  1. Dry everything

Make sure you complete drying everything off. It is best to open the windows to help in quick drying.

In addition, you can allow in some sunlight to help in drying the carpet. Remember to dry things the best way possible for a job well done.

Advantages of vinegar as a cleaning agent:

Vinegar is quite acidic, which means it is naturally:

  • can kill mold
  • antimicrobial (kills microorganisms)
  • antibacterial (kills most bacteria-causing diseases)
  • antiseptic (kills germs)

While it’s an effective carpet cleaner, dilution can help protect the fibers in your carpet and the same applies to your entrance floor mats.

Once more, make sure you use the diluted solution to test a hidden area first before you apply it to the whole carpet.

How to clean carpet with baking soda

If your house has carpeted floors, you likely handle carpet odors and stains frequently. But you do not need to worry about that any longer.

The best natural cleaning solution for your issue is baking soda. It will help to get rid of stubborn smells and stains from your carpet almost immediately.

This is mostly due to its imposing deodorizing and neutralizing properties, mainly when utilized with vinegar.

Here are essential steps you can take to make sure your carpet is cleaned up thoroughly with baking soda.

  • If your carpet has spaces that aren’t covered by the solution, make sure you fill it up so all the sections are entirely soaked.
  • Allow your carpet to soak with the baking soda for a few hours. You should know that the more time it sits, the better the result. Baking soda neutralizes and absorbs the dust, particles, and odor. This is not like other solutions, which juts cover and soak the dust.
  • Before applying, transfer the solution to a bigger shaker for even distribution. A solution of baking soda can be lumpy when not in use. For the best results, use a fresh solution that you’ve opened from a new carton.
  • Using a dry scrub, continue scrubbing the solution to your carpet. Ensure it penetrates deeper into the carpet fibers and to the bottom. If you see that your carpet is long or shaggy, use also a sponge for the solution to do deeper. At this point, make sure that no one walks on your carpet so that the process of absorption isn’t interfered with.
  • You should vacuum your carpet first to ensure dirt and dust is totally gotten rid of. A light and powerful vacuum cleaner can ensure all dirt, loose fibers and particles are taken care of. Once you’re ready, tell your loved ones of the cleanup. This is to make sure there’s no traffic during the process.
  • Go on to sprinkle the baking soda in the spot where you would like to treat. If you have a big carpet, it’s recommended that you divide it into parts so all areas get cleaned. The baking has to entirely cover your carpet as the solution isn’t harmful to human beings and pets.
  • Lastly, vacuum the baking soda slowly. You can do this slowly by covering every part of your carpet. The solution can emerge on the surface, which leaves your carpet clean to dry.

In addition to all that it’s advisable to also protect your carpet with chair mats.