How To Deep Clean Your Carpet And Remove Stains

It goes without saying that cleaning your house regularly is critical. One of the items that happens to be prudent to clean well is definitely your carpet.

A clean carpet is essential both for your home’s look and the health of those living in the house. Stains and soiled carpet will detract from a serene ambiance, while dirt and allergens will cause respiratory issues.

A carpet is always the first thing to suffer in your house when things become a bit filthy. You simply cannot avoid it; we drop crumbs, we track dust from outdoors.

From children to pets, and everything in-between, the carpet can take a beating daily. To start with, maintenance is the most essential way of cleaning up a carpet. There are several ways of carpet cleaning, based on the nature of the mess.

Ways of cleaning your carpet

  • Use a vacuum machine to clean your carpet

Before pulling out the stain removers, you should rid the carpet of any loose hair, dust, and dirt.

Do not only vacuum around your furniture, but also go under beds, armchairs, and sofas. You can ask for help to move these if needed, and clear the dining area of chairs to enable to move around easily.

You can use the different heads and nozzles, which feature in the vacuum cleaner for a truly thorough clean up.

  • Steam clean your carpet

This is a good technique for keeping your carpet in the best condition. You need to steam clean the carpet every 6 months since continually steaming the carpet might cause damage. Make sure you read the guidelines for the specific steam cleaner as different kinds of mats and carpet will need various kinds of solutions.

To start with, vacuum the floor thoroughly, so you do not overwork the steam cleaner. You should begin in the corner, cleaning up in straight lines to make sure you do not miss any dust. Then, all you should do is wait until the carpet dries.

  • Use Shampoos to wash your carpet

One of the most common methods of cleaning up a carpet is by using carpet shampoo. There are lots of shampoos out there os when using one, ensure that you check the label for guidance since the process of application isn’t worldwide.

Just adhere to the guidelines on the specific model of shampoo and cover the space you want to clean up. Don’t soak the carpet since doing so can increase the time of drying. You should leave the carpet for an adequate time. And as soon as it has dried, go on to vacuum.

  • Using powders to wash your carpet

Using powder to clean your carpet is the best way of getting the carpet smelling clean and looking fresh. For the best results, you can use baking soda or branded carpet powders. Just sprinkle baking soda or cleaning powder fairly generously over the carpet.

You should wait for about half an hour (leaving it overnight makes the effects last even longer) as this provides the cleanser time to work. After that, vacuum the powder and enjoy the outcome.

How to clean carpet stains

One of the most popular issues experienced by carpet owners is stains. You should get in supplies of carpet shampoo when you have a new one put down. This is to ensure it’s always available instead of waiting until you spill something.

  • To prevent a stain damaging your carpet you need to:
  • You should not rub the stains vigorously since this will ruin the carpet fibers.
  • Cautiously scrape, remove and blot away most of the spill as possible.
  • Don’t use hot water, since this will worsen some stains.
  • Locate a spot that’s not noticeable to test the cleaning product before using it to ensure it will not stain or ruin the material.
  • Act fast to improve the possibility of removing it.

For stubborn stains such as wine, coffee, and blood, you can use a solution of a big spoonful of ammonia mixed with a cup of water. But if your carpet is wool blend or wool, use water and mild detergent.

If you cannot get rid of the stain and want to hire a carpet cleaning service, you should use a damp towel or polythene to cover the spot and try to keep it damp until it can be taken care of.

Deal with the carpet stains

Now that the carpet is (superficially) it will be simpler to locate any stains, scuffs or marks. You should apply a stain remover and then rub with medium pressure for a couple of minutes.

Do not use a lot of force, since you might damage the pile. Give the patch one hour to dry and try once more if the stain has not entirely disappeared.

For future stains, make sure you deal with them immediately they take place. Use a cold damp cloth to blot the stains continually until they vanish; do not use hot or rub.

Easy tips to keep a carpet clean

Frequent expert carpet shampooing is ideal to keep a home’s rugs clean and spotless. However, heed some practical yet easy tips to make sure that the floors in your house are in their perfect condition in between expert cleanup:

  • You can power wash the exterior surfaces of your house frequently. Accumulated dust, dirt, and other debris outside your house will ultimately get airborne and make its way inside the house, which settles onto carpets.
  • Don’t assume that frequent vacuuming in some way damages carpets. The reason being, everyday vacuuming gets rid of dust and dirt that otherwise tangle down fibers and cause rugs to wear and tear. Buy a powerful vacuum cleaner and use it daily for keeping carpets appearing their best between expert cleanups.
  • Get an air purifier or air filter for the whole house, or at least for the rooms used regularly. An air purifier can trap and lock airborne dirt and dust. This will ensure that this debris won’t settle onto the carpeting, which keeps the floors clean.
  • Make sure you change the furnace filter once yearly, if not regularly throughout the year. Also, professionally clean your home’s ductwork. Dust and dirt often settle into the duct of a house and then become blown onto carpeting. A logged and worn out furnace filter will not trap as much airborne debris and dirt, also letting it settle ono your home’s floors.
  • Look at your home’s door and window screens. If the mesh of the screens is broad with big openings, buy smaller-mesh screens. This will help keep airborne dirt and other debris out of your house.

Final thoughts

Sometimes, in spite of your best efforts, you need to get a powerful carpet cleaning product to get rid of the stain completely. Keep in mind that maintenance is important for a clean carpet.

In addition, you should clean your walls regularly and also get a quality fan to help clear the air in the room and thus do away with the bad smell left by the smelly carpet.

If you follow these tips, your carpets can always be safe from stains and dirt.