How To Paint An Iron Bed Frame

Contrary to popular belief, an iron bed is relatively simple to paint. There is a broad spectrum of techniques you can use to paint iron.

So, always consult an expert on the best painting method to use. Fortunately, painting an iron bed is pretty straightforward and affordable. Below, we take a look at how to paint an iron bed.

The planning and preparation process

Before you start painting an iron bed, ensure you are working in an aerated area. Keep in mind that some types of paints have strong fumes that could affect your respiratory health.

So, always choose a ventilated area. Consider painting outdoors on a sunny day. Moreover, the area you choose should be free from dust.

Ensure you disintegrate all the components of the iron bed for easier painting. Do this for temporary bed fittings only.

The Painting Process

Experts often advise painting an iron bed with a spray can. Spray cans make the process much easier. You can get a spray can from local hardware or on Amazon. Painting spray cans come in different sizes and colors.

So, the one you choose depends on your preference. When you buy paint, don’t forget to buy the primer spray. You need to apply a painting primer spray before applying the paint.

When painting, always allow every coat to dry before you proceed to the other side. Additionally, use props to support the weight of the bed.

A detailed procedure of how to paint an iron bed

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  1. Look for a suitable outdoor location. Take the iron bed and use pieces of wood to prevent the bed frame from touching the ground.
  2. Start spraying the iron bed with the painting primer. Nevertheless, ensure you shake the primer can before use. Let the primer dry in between coatings.
  3. Use the spray can start painting all sides of the iron bed. As you do this, you have to allow each coat to dry before you can turn the iron bed to the other side. Two to three paint coatings are usually enough. However, ensure you follow all the manufacturer’s guidelines when using the paint.
  4. Once you finish painting, leave the iron bed to dry for approximately 24 hours. This way, you will allow all the fumes to dissipate. After confirming the paint is completely dry, reassemble the bed and take it back to its position.

How to repaint an iron bed

After several years of use, iron beds become more susceptible to wear and tear. Therefore, you would need to repaint them from time to time. Repainting an iron bed is much cheaper than buying a new one. So, how do you repaint an iron bed?

Dismantle the iron bed

The first thing to do is to disassemble all the parts of the iron bed. Doing this helps you paint all surfaces of the iron bed thoroughly. More often than not, disassembling an iron bed is not complicated.

The pieces used to make the iron bed usually slide into each other easily. At this point, check the condition of all the parts of the bed. If you notice any rust, consider replacing the parts. A dismantled bed frame is also easy to carry outdoors.

Remove old paint and corroded areas

After dismantling the bed frame, use sandpaper to get rid of any chipped paint and rust. Doing this prepares the surface for new paint application.

Reassemble frame

Suppose you are using spray paint; it would be best to put the frame back in place. This way, it will be much easier to paint all sides of the bed frame. Consider using props for support to place the bed in the correct position for painting.

Clean the iron bed

After putting the bed frame back in place, start cleaning the entire surface of the bed. Ensure the iron bed is free from rust, dust, and grease particles. The surface of the iron bed should be smooth enough to offer uniform painting.

Spray with metal primer

Before you start painting the iron bed:

  1. Prime the surfaces using a spray primer.
  2. Spray one coat of the primer across all the surfaces of the iron bed.
  3. Always allow the primer to dry in between coatings.
  4. Follow all the manufacturer’s instructions when applying the primer.
  5. Feel free to skip this step if the iron bed has an even coating of primer.

Spray with metal paint

After the primer is dry, start painting the iron bed. Use a spray can of spray paint across all surfaces of the iron bed. Do not turn the iron bed on before the paint dries. So, always leave the paint to dry between each coating.

It would be best to paint on a sunny day; avoid painting the iron bed on a humid day. You should hold it four inches from the iron bed when using the spray can for best results.

Repeat for additional coats

Continue applying the paint for about two to three coatings. The number of coatings you choose to apply often depends on your preference. Even so, you should never apply an additional coating on top of a wet coating.

Once you finish painting the iron bed, let it dry overnight. If you have more time, leave it for approximately 24 hours to dry. Keep in mind that different paint types incorporate different drying times. Check the product label for more information.

Smooth any imperfections and, if necessary, paint again

After the paint is dry, it is essential to examine the outcome. If you notice any bubbles or drips, use fine sandpaper to make the surfaces even. Paint imperfections result from a broad spectrum of factors.

How to refinish an iron bed 

Always choose an attractive paint color to refinish your iron bed. Ensure the paint color matches your interior décor. Subtle and neutral paint shades are perfect for refinishing an iron bed. Before you start refinishing your bed, prep the surfaces using a primer.

Then, spray paint across the iron bed and allow it to dry in between each coating. Apply two to three coatings of paint depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. Leave the paint to dry overnight.


Painting an iron bed is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is follow the correct procedure and use the right materials. So, if you have an old bed, consider refinishing it to make it look newer.