Metal or Wooden Bed Frame – Which Is Better?

In order to determine the best frame of a bed to go for between metal & wood, it is good to first consider the features of both. People have different tastes and preferences when it comes to bed frames and making a well-informed choice can mean a world of difference for you. 

Metal bed frames

These are bed frames made of iron. There is need to consider the cost, material and size of a bed frame prior to purchasing one because we spend more than a third of our lifetime sleeping.

Pros of metal bed-frames

  • Light weight

Metal bed frames are usually much lighter in terms of weight as compared to wooden bed frames. They therefore provide convenience in terms of mobility. Some metal bed frames come fitted with wheels, making mobility very easy especially for people who love rearranging their bedrooms every now and then.

  • Durability

Metal bed frames are more durable as compared to wooden bed frames which makes them last longer. They are also much stronger than wooden bed frames.

  • Adjustability

Most metal bed frames are adjustable. You can adjust them to fit the size of your mattress. Some models come with adjustable head and foot sections which are operated electronically or manually. Most of these are used in hospitals where they are quite ideal for very weak patients who have problems sitting up by themselves. These beds require mattresses that are compatible with adjustable beds.

  • Little maintenance

Metal bed frames do not develop dents or scratch easily as wood does. They are also not prone to bed bugs and other insects that are known to feast on wood.

  • Sag resistant

Metal is known to resist bending and sagging much better than wood. The only exception to this is if the slats of the bed are too thin by design and with a very large gap between the slats.

  • Weight endurance

Metal beds can support more weight than wooden beds. We all know that it is easy to break wooden objects, but breaking metal under normal circumstances is impossible. 

Cons of metal bed frames

  • Noise and squeaks

Metal beds are usually not noisy or squeaky when new but they very often become noisy and squeaky over time. The main cause of this is uneven floor and loosening screws. Uneven floor flexes the frame and causes it to bend, causing squeaks. In addition, it is common knowledge that metal fitted against metal will eventually create a squeaking noise.

The cure to squeaking is regular oiling of your metal bed frame and tightening loose nuts and screws. You could also consider adding a locktite. Optionally, you could add furniture pads as links where needed.

Ensure the welds of your bed frame are of high quality by buying your metal bed from a reputable manufacturer. For instance, the craftsmanship of welds in the U.S.A. is of very high quality as compared to the quality of welds from China.

  • Rust

Metal bed frames are susceptible to developing rust. To avoid this, keep your bed frame away from any contact with water or moisture. If the need to clean your bed frame arises, use a clean cloth damped with clear light oil.

  • Toxicity

Metal bed frames are known to increase the user’s exposure to electromagnetic fields and electrical pollution. This can lead to health problems over time, besides disrupting your sleep and sleep patterns. Some of the problems arising from this toxicity are insomnia, headaches, muscle cramps, depression and body aches. If you value your health, then you will definitely not want to settle for a metal bed.

  • Discomfort

The design of metal beds can often times be flimsy and this affects the support of your mattress. If a mattress is not firmly and properly supported, it will lead to discomfort during sleep thus affecting the quality of your sleep. It will also result in back problems. 

Wooden bed frames

As the name suggests, these are bed frames made from wood. Different kinds of wood are used and all differ in terms of quality.

Pros of wooden bed frames

  • Little to no noise, squeaks or creaks

Wooden beds are not prone to squeaks, creaks or noise but are largely firm with little or no noise depending on the quality of the wood. When firmly fastened with bolts, nuts and screws, you are guaranteed a good night sleep free of noise and squeaks.

The only time wooden beds tend to become noisy or squeaky is when the fasteners become loose, or when the wood material used is cheap and therefore weak, or when sagging starts because the slats aren’t strong enough. Slats that are undersized or which have too big gaps between them are also known to cause noise and squeaks over time.

  • Easier to assemble and disassemble

Wooden bed frames are easily assembled and disassembled when the need to modify them arises. This is especially so in cases where one needs to deal with noise and squeaks coming from the bed. Simply disassemble the bed, make the necessary modifications and reassemble it again.

  • Storage options

Unlike metal bed frames which come with no storage space and which are often simple box springs or platform foundations, most wooden bed frames have platform base which provide about 14 inches of clearance underneath, allowing you a large amount of storage space. Many models come with storage drawers underneath. In addition, many headboards of wooden beds are designed for storage.

  • No allergies

Allergies caused by wood dust are extremely rare and the few cases heard of are occupational in nature. Contact allergy to finished wooden furniture such as wooden bed frame is also uncommon. However, in case of any allergies to your wooden bed frame, you can apply stain or a clear coat of varnish to seal open areas such as the back sides of rails, slats and the insides of drawers.

  • Sturdy

Wooden bed frames are made of thicker wood material and with sturdier mechanisms for stability as compared to metal bed frames. This therefore means that even though metal is in and of itself stronger than wood, in the context of a bed frame, the wooden bed frame is sturdier. Hence you can easy have a high bed frame and still have it firm and comfortable.

  • Low price

Most wooden bed frames are substantially less pricey in comparison to metal bed frames made of sturdier metal. The only exception would be when going for small metal bed frames made of standard metal.

  • Customizability

Wooden bed frames are easy to customize. You can customize your bed according to your liking. You can also cut the pieces of wood to your liking using basic tools such as a saw. A wooden bed frame also allows you to add a specific stain or paint to it, giving you a unique and personally customized bed frame. Do you want to customize your bed to get a thuma bed feel or bunk bed frame? then all you need to wood.

  • Environment friendly

Wooden bed frames are good for the environment as they do not release any toxins into the atmosphere. They are also natural. In addition, they are safely recyclable. They are also trendy, have a glossy touch unlike metal bed frames and add a unique touch to any bedroom. You can try add a unique feel by making a bed using pallets.

  • Variety of wood options

Wooden bed frames come in different types of wood. This allows for a wide range in pricing, allowing you to opt for what is more affordable. Types of wood such as oak and pine will be more costly when compared to others such as Birch. The higher the wood quality, the more expensive it will be. On the other hand, the lower the quality of wood, the less expensive it will be.

Cons of wooden bed frames

  • Heavy

Wooden bed frames are far heavier than metal bed frames. This makes them harder to move around and more cumbersome to transport. They also tend to scratch wooden floors and damage poor quality flooring such as weak tiles. If your flooring is of this kind, or if you are the kind of person who moves houses often, this frame may not be the best option for you.

  • Fire hazard

In case of a fire, a wooden bed frame can be razed to ashes. This however is not the case with metal bed frames. Avoid putting anything flammable near a wooden bed frame to keep it from catching fire.

  • Decay

If a wooden bed frame is exposed to water or moisture, especially in zones with high humidity, they will gradually begin to decay or rot. The speed of decay will depend on other factors such as the quality of wood used and whether or not it is varnished.

Which takes the day – Wooden vs metal bed frame?

The answer as to which is better depends on what your needs are and what you value the most. If for instance you want a bed frame that is easy to maintain, the metal bed frame will be the best option for you.

If on the other hand you value your health, a wooden bed frame will serve your need best. Finally, remember the cons of a wooden bed frame such as a fire hazard or decay are mitigatable and therefore ought not to be a concern for anyone.