The Best Bed Cover For A Wrought Iron Bed

Generally, a wrought iron bed offers comfort, style, and longevity. Even so, you need to accessorize your wrought iron bed with beautiful covers if you want to make your room more aesthetically pleasing.

Bed covers not only make the bed look cool but also protect your blankets, duvet and mattress. There is a broad spectrum of bed covers you can purchase today.

In this article, we look at some of the best bed covers for wrought iron beds.

Best bed covers for wrought iron beds

Percale Duvet Cover

This bed cover has a five-star rating among a majority of individuals. The Percale Duvet Cover goes for approximately $170 on Parachute. Additionally, it makes a wrought iron bed look more stylish and elegant.

The Percale Duvet Cover is soft to the touch and has excellent water-absorbent properties. One of the main advantages of this cover is that it offers high longevity. The Percale Duvet Cover comes in various colors; so, always pick the one that matches your bedroom décor.

The 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton bedcover is breathable and lightweight; hence, it is perfect for summer. You can use it in a full-size or queen-size bed.

Boll & Branch Signature Embroidered Duvet Set

A product of Boll & Branch, this bed cover is ideal for queen-size beds. If you want a tranquil ambiance in your room, this bed cover is perfect for you. It provides simplicity and elegance in your bedroom.

The 100% organic cotton bed cover is also breathable and comfortable, hence giving you a good night’s sleep. Due to its organic nature, the Boll & Branch bed cover is free from toxic chemicals.

This cover mostly comes in white with beautiful embroidery along the edges. Nevertheless, this bed cover is relatively expensive since it goes for approximately $285.

Wrinkle-Free Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover

As the name suggests, this bed cover is free from creases. Thus, it makes a wrought iron bed look much neater. Its fabric stays smooth all day long and feels soft to the touch.

Subsequently, the wrinkle-free cotton sateen cover offers maximum comfortability at night. This bed cover comes in 10 color options; thus, you can find one that meets your requirements.

You can find this bed cover for approximately $199 in your local bed stores. The wrinkle-free cotton bed cover is ideal for a queen bed.

Brooklinen Luxe Duvet Cover

Another good bed cover for a wrought iron bed is the brooklinen luxe cover. This cotton cover has a silky touch to offer maximum comfortability at night. Also, it offers high aesthetics due to its lustrous finish.

You can attach this cover to your blanket or duvet using its four corner ties. You can wash this cover using a washing machine and dry it in the dryer. But experts recommend drying this cover in the open air to protect its elasticity and color.

Anthropologie Meguro Duvet Cover

If you love classic themes, the Meguro Duvet Cover is your best option. This spectacular bed cover features a bohemian vibe with different colors. It goes well with wrought iron beds.

This bed cover has a high ranking among most users due to its comfortability. It fits a queen size bed perfectly. Also, users report that the duvet gets softer after some time. However, note that buying this duvet is quite expensive. The Meguro Duvet Cover goes for $228.

Legends Hotel Egyptian Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover

The next bed cover for a wrought iron bed is the Legends Hotel Cotton Sateen cover. As the name suggests, this bed cover is typically made from 100% Egyptian cotton. It is luxurious and offers high longevity.

This cover comes in different colors; thus, you can always choose the one that matches your needs. Unlike most bed covers, it gets softer with every wash. You can use this bed cover for years before replacing it.

Also, it is specifically designed for a queen-size bed; but you can always customize it to fit your bed size. All you have to do is talk with your manufacturer. These bed covers go for approximately $220.

Bamboo Duvet Cover (Queen)

If you love simple vibes, the bamboo duvet cover is one of your best alternatives. This bed cover is environmentally friendly and offers maximum comfortability at night. It has a soft, breathable cover that makes it a perfect cover during the summer months.

The bamboo duvet cover is organic hence free from toxic chemicals that could pose a danger to your health. Additionally, this bed cover is hypoallergenic; therefore, it is a good option if you have sensitive skin.

Expect to spend $225 purchasing this cover. It has four laces on each corner that enable you to tie it to your duvet or blanket.

Snug Bamboo Duvet Cover

This bamboo duvet cover is incredibly soft to provide a good night’s sleep. It is temperature regulating and antimicrobial. Thus, it is perfect for people with underlying health conditions and skin allergies. Unlike most bed covers, it has a zip for easy use.

You can clean it using a washing machine and dry it in the dryer or open air. Note that the snug bamboo cover only comes in king and queen sizes. You can get it from Sunday Citizen at $255.

Parachute Linen Duvet Cover

This linen cover from Parachute is also a good choice for a wrought iron bed. Generally, linen is costly and may not be soft to the touch. However, linen offers a broad spectrum of benefits that you cannot afford to miss.

This linen cover provides high durability and is extremely breathable. Hence, you can use it throughout the entire year. Note that this bed cover is expensive. But it gets better with every wash. Ultimately, the parachute linen duvet cover is undoubtedly worth the purchase.

Ideal bed covers for an iron bed

At present, there is a wide range of bed covers you can use for a wrought iron bed. Some include the Parachute linen cover and the Meguro Duvet Cover. Your requirements often determine your best cover option.

So, before purchasing any bed cover, ensure you evaluate all your needs. But generally, you should select a bed cover that makes your bed more appealing and offers high durability. Moreover, the bed covers you choose should match your budget.