How To Maintain And Repair A Rollaway Bed

You do not want to feel stranded when you have guests coming in, and you cannot figure out where they will sleep.

At the same time, you do not want a bed that occupies all the space while no one needs to sleep on it. That is what makes the rollaway bed a must have in your home.

Understanding the roll-away bed

Usually, the rollaway bed consists of a foam mattress, held by a sturdy firm metal frame. It is foldable at the center when you need to store it away, and unfold it for your guests when they come in.

The rollaway bed takes up minimal space when you get it folded. The critical thing to do is to measure the space you will be storing the bed. Measure that before you buy it, to avoid getting inconvenienced.

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What are the measurements of a rollaway bed?

When folded

The measurements of a standard folded rollaway bed are 49 inches high; the width is 40 inches while the depth is 17 inches.

Different brands come in different dimensions, but the variation is quite minimal.

When you get a bed that is designed to be extra-long, may be about 52 inches when folded. If you have a rollaway bed that is extra wide, it will measure about 48 inches in width.

When open

You can compare a standard rollaway bed to a twin-size bed. The standard measurements of this size of bed is 38”X75”.

A standard rollaway bed will measure 32 to 39 inches in width, and a length of 72 inches. These measurements are the same that a standard twin bed will take.

An extra-long bed will get up to 80 inches long, while the extra wide ones will get up to 48 inches.

Extra-large-sized rollaway beds 

These come with measurements closer to those of a traditional queen size bed, or the double size bed.

The traditional queen size bed comes in the dimensions of 60 by 80 inches, while those of the traditional double size bed are 54 by 75 inches.

Therefore, the extra-large sized rollaway beds will feature between 48 by 72 inches, and when extended they will feature 55 by 80 inches.

When the extra-large rollaway beds are folded, they measure about 52 inches, a width of 48 inches, and a depth of 18 inches.

How to store a rollaway bed 

The weight of the roll away bed varies from brand to brand, but majorly depends on the style and the material of the bed frame.

The standard weights of the roll away bed weigh between 80 and 200 pounds. For convenience, store the bed close to the setup area as much as you can.

You can use an office closet or a bedroom to store the bed. If you have a large linen storage area, it would also come in handy to store away the bed. A laundry room can also come in handy.

Your home garage or the basement are also great places to store the rollaway bed. It is advisable to store the foldable bed in the same level it will be used.

This will keep you from the inconvenience of having to maneuver the bed up the stairs when you need it. It can also be very difficult to maneuver a fold up metallic bed up the stairs.

Repairing and maintaining a rollaway bed 

Another reason why the rollaway beds are a must have in your home is because they are multi-purpose.

Some of the fold away beds can be incorporated into furniture, such as sofas, chairs, chests and many more.

It therefore becomes a critical skill to know how to fix the folding bed in case of a breakage, or loose joints, so that the bed gives as much comfort to the user as possible.

Tools required to fix a folding bed      

Here are the tools you will need to have whenever you need to fix your folding bed:

Note: Anytime you are working with any power tool, you must have your safety glasses on to keep your eyes safe from the debris.

  • A tape measure
  • Plywood
  • Wood screws
  • Nails
  • Pliers
  • Flashlight
  • Hammer

Steps to repairing a fold up bed

The first thing to check is the bed frame. If the bed frame is not holding up firmly, or the spring is collapsed, your guests will end up with a bad sleep experience in your home.

In that case you would need to ensure the supporting frame is firm enough to hold the mattress in place.

You can use sections of plywood, and insert them between the mattress and the frame, and it will give your guests more comfort. For you to efficiently fix the bed, you will need to understand how it is designed.

The rollaway bed has three main parts; the bed frame, the frame mechanism and the sofa frame.

For you to fix the bed, you will need to inspect each of those parts separately and repair them as needed.

The sofa frame

  1. Remove the cushions or the mattress from the rollaway bed. The next step is to pull out the mattress frame. While at it, make sure the bed is pulled away from the wall so that you can work comfortably.
  2. Take your flashlight and get a close look into both the inside and the outside of the frame. Look out for any tears, breakages, screws that are gone missing, and anything that is not in perfect order.
  3. Check for any missing screws and replace them.
  4. Check for any cracked wood. Measure and cut a piece of wood, and use that to reinforce the broken parts.
  5. Look for the torn sections and patch them up with fabric if the tear is significant. If its not, just sew it up.

The bed frame

  1. Inspect the top of the bed frame and check out for any bends. The flashlight will come in handy to enable you to do this. Check the bottom sides of the frame as well, and fix any parts that need fixing.
  2. If you are dealing with a metal bed frame, hammer any bends you notice and straighten them up.
  3. If the frame is wood, and you notice any breakages or cracks, measure the wood that needs fixing, and reinforce that part with screws or nails.
  4. Look for any missing screws or springs and replace that.

If you gauge and see that your bed frame is too damaged beyond repair, do not give it to the junk haulers.

Go online and check for new sofa frames. That could help turn your sleeper sofa into closer to new.

Just check the measurements of your bed frame before you start off the start- the length, width and height.

The frame mechanism

It may not always be possible to easily access the folding mechanism of your roll away bed.


In case you are having any difficulties, the flashlight will come in handy. It will help you to closely check the folding mechanism.

Check in between the gears. See if any fabric is stuck in there and remove it. Do not use your fingers though. Use some pliers- the needle nose type will do.

Replacement Parts For a metal roll-away Beds 

  1. The rollaway ball bearing wheels

The purpose of these swivel wheels is to ensure that your rollaway bed is easy to move around, and that you can wheel it around swiftly.

Check your current wheels and if they are not as smooth when you move the bed around, get some wheels online and replace them.

  1. The 12 turn springs

The 12 turn springs suitable for the furniture come in handy when you need to replace the sagging or weak springs on your rollaway bed.

Make sure you have the 12 turn furniture springs so that when you need to repair your bed, you are well prepared.

  1. Bed Replacement coil extension springs

These coil extension springs are extremely strong, and you will find them to be essential when fixing your rollaway bed. When you buy them, you will get them in a pack of 8 replacement springs.

  1. Wheel gripper caster cups

These wheel gripper caster cups come in handy to protect your home tiles, or the wood.

It keeps your floor safe from scratches that would otherwise result from heavy furniture.

Such furniture includes the pianos, weight machines, exercise equipment, pool tables among other heavy furniture in your home. The caster cups will lock your heavy furniture in place.

How to take care of a rollaway bed

The rollaway bed is designed in a way that makes it durable and has a long shelf life. It is possible to us the bed for a long, long time without ever worrying about taking care of tears and sewing mattress parts.

It also does not give you a musty or lumpy mattress to deal with. The foam mattress is usually top notch, making it durable and reliable.

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The market is complete with a wide variety of choices for the kind of foldable beds around you.

You can also check online, make the best out discounts, just be sure to get a good fold away bed when you do.