Platform Beds With Storage Features

Any homeowner will tell you that if there is anything they keep running out of at home, is storage space. This goes to show how a platform bed with storage underneath can come in very handy.

A homeowner accumulates, and oft times, gets sentimentally attached to their collections, making it difficult to dispose old stuff for keeps sake. This habit dwindles their space faster than they can create storage space.

As such, we get to show you another better and neater approach to storage within the bedroom area.

A platform bed with storage basically comes with drawers or shelves or built-in space underneath the bed, giving you more room for storage.

The discreet manner in which they are built makes the bed not only aesthetic, but also adds value to its functionality.

This especially serves well when the house has limited space, yet has a lot of items to store away, or where there are children and spaces is coveted.

Twin XL platform bed with storage

This comes with three built-in side drawers for extra storage. These drawers are set on metal slides with a wheeling system allowing for safety stops while pulling out or pushing the drawers in.

A downside to this is that any excessive weight in the drawers could cause the wheels to get stuck.

The drawers give an advantage over other platform beds as they allow the owner to hide the mess underneath the bed without the need for bed skirts.

With the extra weight, however, the bed could be hectic to move, making it difficult to change the appearance of the room as often as one would like.

The underneath storage also limits the aeration of the mattress. This problem can be solved with regular mattress turnings.

Even with limited space, you can improve the look of your bedroom without sacrificing beauty and functionality.

A platform bed with lights

This bed is functional and enhances the look of your bedroom. The bed comes with a built to last frame, featuring an LED light function.

For the young ones who fear the dark, these lights serve as night lights, allowing for a peaceful night sleep.

The modern platform bed with lights bed frame is upholstered with faux leather, a 16 statics color LED lights function, and a low headboard.

The LED lights allow for adjustable speeds across the color models, providing elegance to the existing bedroom décor. For a couple, the lights add to the romantic feel of the room without any extra budget.

The LED lights are remote controlled, making this bed one of the most irresistible must have bedroom items.

Upholstered platform bed

An upholstered bed adds to the sophistication of a room, as it gives the feeling of a personalized and tailored room.

The grey upholstered platform bed guarantees the owner a captivating centerpiece for their room, without exaggerating on the décor.

The cushioned support means that you can read a book or watch TV in the comfort of your room. However, the bed needs extra care with frequent vacuuming to keep the bugs and dust away.

For a person allergic to dust, this bed might not be ideal for you. Any upholstery wears and tears with time because it is less durable than metal bed frame or wood.

On the other hand, the white upholstered platform bed gives a clean and sophisticated feel to a room.

However, a con to white colored upholstery is the number of vacuuming and dusting they need to maintain their elegance. Another con is the yellowing of white upholstery over time.

A few features to look out for are strong hardwood bed frames, and a long lasting fabric to stand the wear and tear of frequent cleaning.

This brightly colored upholstered bed is practical for a classic feel in a traditionally modelled master bedroom that is in need of an additional cozy ambience.

The morphis upholstered storage platform bed comes with extra storage, elegant style and more space, all in one.

It gets even better, because the bed is fitted with a hydraulic mechanism. The gas lift does all the lifting, allowing you to access extra space underneath the mattress.

Since the storage space is as spacious as the bed, you can store more than the drawer storage platform bed type can handle. The beauty of upholstered beds cannot be overemphasized.

The littrell upholstered platform bed gives a cosmopolitan feel to a room. The rectangular silhouette of the solid wood frame brings out the simple, yet sophisticated look of this bed.

Besides, the fancy polyester and linen blended fabric gives this bed a silky smooth finish feel. The headboard button tufting is a feature that is customized to the style of this bed, adding to the overall aesthetics.

This type of platform bed gives you room from the ground, offering a comfortable bed height for the user.

A notable use of polyester on this bed’s upholstery adds to its pros, as its durability and strength allows it to withstand years of wear and tear, making it a top choice for the home owner with pets and or young children.

Polyester is able to release water based stains without fading, which makes it a budget-friendly choice for upholstery.

Loft platform bed

A family with children will love the versatility of the loft queen platform bed. This loft bed is sturdy stats that can stand heavy weights.

With this platform bed frame, you get a bed with lots of space underneath. With the space, the owner can add furniture or leave it open to use as desired.

For an adult living in small apartments, this bed is ideal as it does not take so much floor space. The bed can be customized in several designs.

By raising the bed, you can add an extra bed under the bed frame, where you can have extra room for house guests.

The space underneath a loft bed can also serve as a study space by adding a study desk or a bookshelf, ideal for school going children, or a home office space for the projects taken  home.

The space can also serve as a dressing table space for that chic look for the modern day woman.

The DIY nature of this beds makes it ideal for home owners who wish to expand their storage space without sacrificing beauty.