Easy Way To Make Your Bed – Step By Step

Do you wake up in the morning only to find your sheets on the floor?

Well, this can be devastating, especially if you have no one to help you make your bed. You possibly spread your bed every day, but you can’t just get it right.

Not to worry; making a bed is not a walk in the park, and you are undoubtedly not alone.

You have to master a few tips here and there that’ll help you keep your sheets fastened on the bed. So, let’s look at a detailed process of how to make a bed.

Step by step process of spreading your bed

Below find the steps to follow when making your bed like a pro.

Remove clutter from the bed

he first step to making your bed is to start on a clean slate. So, get rid of anything lying on the bed. Place clothes, pillows, duvets, sheets, among other items, on your bedroom sofa or any other piece of furniture.

Placing your beddings on the floor can make them dirty, mainly if they are bright-colored. Take whatever is dirty to the laundry basket. Avoid spreading dirty bed sheets and duvets. Once you have a clean surface to work on, you can now proceed to the next step.

Spread the flat sheet

Then, start with fastening the fitted sheet to the mattress. First, find out the width and length section of the bedsheet. This way, you’ll know how to place it on the bed. Fit one extended side of the bedsheet on the sides of the mattress.

Then, spread it and do the same on the other long side of the bed. As you do this, ensure that the corners are firmly held under the mattress.

After you finish spreading the longer sides, do the same for the shorter sides of the sheet. The result should be a smooth surface with no creases or folds. Suppose you have patterned or striped sheets; they should guide you on what side to start with.

Spread the top sheet

After placing the fitted sheet, it’s now time to layer the mattress with the top sheet. Spread the top sheet across the whole mattress, starting with the longer side.

Then, even the entire sheet on the bed. Meanwhile, check the amount of material hanging across all sides of the bedsheets; make sure the material is equal on all sides.

Start with tucking in the end side of the bed and proceed to the sides. To make sure the top sheet stays put on the bed, it is advisable to use hospital corners.

Often, experts report that this is one of the best ways to make a bed; hospital corners are mostly used in the hospitality and health industry.

Use an appropriate topper, a duvet, or a comforter

The challenging part of spreading a bed is often over when you get to the duvet. Duvets are bulky. All you have to is spread them across the top sheet evenly. One duvet is usually enough since they are quite warm.

Leave approximately five to six inches at the headboard to allow you to fold over. Suppose you are using a duvet cover; ensure it is evenly spread across the whole duvet. Leave an equal amount of duvet material hanging on each side of the bed.

Fold over the top sheet across the duvet

Once you spread the duvet, go to the be headboard and fold the duvet’s top sheet. This will create a beautiful space for the pillows. It would be best if you used matching sheets and a duvet. At this point, you would realize how beautiful your bed looks.

Prep and place the pillows

Throw the pillows on the bed headboard. But first, ensure that you fluff the pillows. Please do this by grabbing the sides of the pillows then press them towards the center. The number of pillows you wish to use depends on the size of the bed and preference.

Generally, some people love using many pillows to boost the aesthetics of the bedroom. If you have to replace the pillow covers, do this before placing the pillows on the bed.

Accessorize your bed

Once you place the pillows, you can choose to add any accessory to your bed. Of course, this depends on what you want. For example, you can throw a fur blanket across the bed to make it appear more comfortable.

Additionally, you can add small throw pillows over and beside the leading pillows. During this last stage, use your imagination.

Remember, this is the place where you unwind after a grueling day. So, be as creative as possible.

Best bedroom practices to observe

Here is how to keep your bedroom looking cozy all the time.

Make your bed daily:

Health experts report that spreading your bed first thing in the morning makes you feel more organized and ready for the day. So, do your best to spread your bed daily. Besides, you want to come home to a neat bedroom at the end of the day.

Clean your beddings frequently:

Another healthy practice you need to incorporate is cleaning your beddings.

Do this frequently, at least once a week. However, this depends on how you use your bedsheets.

For example, you may have to wash your child’s bedsheets daily. Children tend to dirty their sheets more often compared to adults. All in all, ensure your sheets don’t get to the point of becoming smelly.

Use a mattress pad:

Consider using a mattress pad. A mattress is not something that you wash or replace any time you feel like. Thus, you have to try and implement the best maintenance practices for your bed. One way to do this is to use a mattress pad.

Typically, a mattress pad helps you protect your mattress from wear and tear. But make sure that the mattress pad does not interfere with your sleep at night. It would help if you went for a cotton mattress pad. But for extra comfort get a quality mattress topper.


Indisputably, making a bed can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have the know-how. However, once you master the process, you’ll discover how straightforward it is.

Ensure that you make your bed daily by incorporating all the necessary steps. In turn, you would be able to maintain cleanliness and neatness in your bedroom. And there is nothing as relieving as coming back home to a warm, clean, and cozy resting space.