The Value You Get From White Fitted Sheets

A fitted sheet is one that has four corners and is fitted with elastic at the corners. It is meant to fit tightly around that quality mattress that you have. It is used as a bottom sheet only.

The reason why it is fitted with elastic at its corners is to keep it from slipping off the mattress while in use.

This is unlike flat sheets that have no elastic in their corners and therefore slip from the mattress easily. Fitted sheets have traditionally been used to protect the mattress by covering it.

People lie directly on top of them, unlike flat sheets which people lie under though beneath the duvet or other covers such as blankets.

Why invest in fitted bed sheets

White fitted sheets easily coordinate with other bedding and therefore save one the hassle of matching their bedding.

They are also great in that they are breathable and snuggly. This makes them quite effective especially when bought as a set.

The sheets are also very elegant and stylish with their hem. In addition to that, white fitted sheets are plush and easy to clean as most of them are made with the consumer’s comfort being taken into account.

Also, the elastic is made in such a way that makes it easy to stretch, making it easily fitting to the mattress corners. This in turn ensures that the sleeper is comfortable even when they turn in bed.

The sheets remain firmly in place, making them ideal for restless sleepers and children who twist and turn as they sleep.

How to measure your bed for a fitted sheet

There are three dimensions of measurements of fitted sheets, namely width, length and pocket depth. It is important to have the right measurements especially for the pocket depths.

In most cases where the fitted sheet does not fit properly or snuggly on the mattress, it is because its pocket depth does not match correctly with the correspondent measurement on the mattress. This problem is common with very thick mattresses.

The standard pocket measurement ranges from between 14 to 16 inches. Fitted sheets with deep pockets are especially good with mattress pads, pillow tops or memory foam mattresses.

Deep pocket bed sheets

It is ideal to use fitted sheets with deep pockets where the mattress comes with pillow tops, euro tops or tight tops. These are generally extra paddings that are built-in in the mattress.

They make the mattress quite comfortable, but also present a problem in that regular sheets might not quite fit them.

Sheets with deep pockets have their pockets measuring deeper than ordinary average measurements, and are ideal for thick mattresses or those with pillow tops or mattress toppers.

Ordinary mattresses have between 7 to 14 inches in depth, while mattresses with deeper pockets measure between 16 to 22 inches. Ordinarily deep pockets measure 15 inches.

Pillow top mattresses require fitted sheets with deeper pockets – above 14 inches – as they have very deep pockets.

Memory foam mattresses on the other hand work best with light and breathable fitted sheets since they trap heat quite efficiently. Adjustable mattresses require adjustable fitted sheets that can easily adjust together with the mattress. This is especially the case with jersey-knit cotton deep pocketed sheets or microfiber sheets.

Where one is using an inflatable mattress, it is important to consider pairing it up with deep pocketed sheets which are also easy to clean. Such materials include microfiber, polyester and cotton blends.

When choosing sheets for cribs, it is advisable to get fitted sheets that are hypoallergenic and of high quality because a baby’s skin can be quite sensitive to allergens.

An example of such sheets is those made of bamboo and organic cotton.

Fitted bed sheet sizes guide

So as to get the right bed sheet and bed cover sizes, it is important first to start by measuring the mattress to help buy the right bed sheet size.

The mattress measurements are usually found attached to the mattress on a label but even when the label is missing or too worn out to read, you can still measure the mattress yourself. In measuring the mattress, start by measuring from the topside, from left to right.

Then, measure the sides from the top to the bottom and finally measure the mattress’s thickness, including that of the mattress topper if there is one.

For cribs, get sheets of size 51 inches long by 28 inches wide. This is the most common bed sheet size for baby cribs. Due to the varying sizes of cribs, it is advisable to get a bigger rather than a smaller bed sheet.

The most common measurement for twin size beds is 75.5 inches long by 38 inches wide. The twin size bed is also called the single bed.

This is the common bed sheet measurement for any ordinary twin size bed unless it has a pillow-top. Though you can also have a pillow top on an bulky bed like the emperor bed frame.

There are also twin extra-long beds whose measurement is 79.5 inches long by 38 inches wide. This is ideal for people who are taller. Full size sheets measure 74.5 inches in length by 53 inches in width.

These are also called double size bed sheets and are common for couples who are starting out. Their designs may also not be very appealing to toddlers, hence are ideal for adults.

The queen size bed sheet is one of the most popular bed sheets. It measures 79.5 inches in long by 60 inches width. The sizes however vary and are not exactly as stated above for all queen size mattresses. Some may be thicker than others.

There are also half queen size sheets which measure 79.5 inches long by 30 inches width. These are ideal for adjustable mattresses. Queen RV Sizes have bed sheets that measure 74.5 inches long by 60 inches width.

There are also California Queen Size mattresses whose sheets measure 84 inches long by 60 inches width. These are not common. King size sheets measure 79.5 inches long by 76 inches in width.

They are also called Eastern King bed sheets. They are generally more expensive than the ordinary bed sheets.

There are variations of King size bed sheets which include the California king size sheets which are wider and the Super King sheets which are the biggest of all bed sheets.