Mattress Minimalist: A Space-Saving Guide to Bedding

There are many factors that go into deciding our bedroom layout. Style, color and comfort are usually at the top of this list.

Space and storage are usually thought of last, despite the fact that a cramped bedroom can be the last thing we want.

If you are creating a new bedroom space or would like to optimize your existing bedroom area, then here are some tips that you can implement to create a more compact, but still comfortable, environment.

How to save space in your room

Now, let’s make some room for these space-saving tips!

Finding the most comfortable sofa bed

Who says your bedroom space has to have an actual bed? You might be better off finding the most comfortable sofa bed, and can instead achieve that bedroom look and feel but have it in the sofa position when no one is sleeping.

This can make such a difference when it comes to space optimization – and you don’t have to sacrifice a thing! Be sure to test out the sofa bed in both sofa and bed positions – as you want to ensure that meets your versatile needs.

If you have encountered more than a few uncomfortable sofa beds in your time, you will be pleased to know there are some very comfy ones out there – so start looking!

Drawers under the bed

Have you considered using drawers under your bed to house some of your excess things? If your wardrobe is not big enough or you are not satisfied with the space, then this is going to be a great space-saving hack.

You can either buy a bed that comes with drawers under the base, or you can buy some attractive storage tubs that you can pack and slide under your bed. This is a great way to get your winter clothes out of the way in summer, and vice versa.

Learning how to organize clutter and store unneeded items is a great skill to have, and one that will have benefits that go beyond the bedroom. Start small and work up to a comprehensive storage system.

Beds against the wall

Is it necessary to have your bed in the middle of the room, or can you have it to the side of the wall?

Perhaps you live alone or have a partner that does not need a bedside table, but this is a small space-saving tip that can make all the difference. It will eliminate those poky spaces on either side of the bed, and instead creates a central area in the middle of the room.

There is nothing to say that you cannot move it back into a more central position later on, but when space is an issue at a busy time or when friends are staying – just push the bed to the side of the wall.

A bed close to the wall also means that you have extra back support if you are sitting up in bed and reading or watching a movie. Create your own entertainment hub!

Blanket box

Are you someone who can’t live without all thirty-seven cushions? That’s ok if you love cushions and extra bedding, but you don’t have to have them on your bed or floor during the day when you are not sleeping.

A compact and stylish blanket box can go at the foot of your bed (or anywhere that makes sense for your space) and can contain your more bulky bedding items.

You will not know yourself after you bring a blanket box into your room or home, and will find that washing all the sheets in the house becomes less stressful when you have somewhere to put all these things! If you one day move into an area with more space or a linen closet, you can repurpose this box with ease!

Consider your mattress size

We all dream about sleeping in a King-Size mattress, but is that necessary for where you are in your life and the space you are working with? If it’s not (and it often isn’t), then consider investing in a Queen or Double bed mattress instead.

It’s by no means a consolation prize, and you can still find absolutely amazing foldable mattresses in smaller sizes that will give your bedroom a huge boost of space. It all comes down to what you value, so make the decision for yourself.

And by all means, have a lie down in a couple of mattress sizes so that you know you are making the right choice. Is bedroom space and functionality important, or do you prefer a more spacious bed? Have a think and make the best call.

Make you small room cozy

Small bedrooms can have such a charm, and create such a cozy and restful refuge. There are some greater decisions you can make that will make the space appear more spacious so consider these tips here and implement the ones that make sense for your circumstances.

Sweet dreams!