Difference Between King Bed And Queen Size Bed

In the contemporary world, the queen bed size is highly commended by the majority of individuals. It’s unique, and cost-efficient nature makes it stand out. Even so, the king size bed’s popularity continues to increase by the day.

Based on a recent survey, a quarter of the United States population sleeps on a king-size bed. On the flip side, almost half of the population sleeps on queen size beds.

Typically, the king bed is larger than the queen bed. So, selecting the mattress of your choice depends on your requirements. This post looks at an in-depth understanding of the differences between the king bed and queen bed.

Difference Between King and Queen Size Mattresses


The king bed measures 80 inches wide and 80 inches long. Conversely, the queen bed measures 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. So, basically, these beds only differ in width.

Since the king bed is 16 inches longer, couples who love their extra personal space buy it. Unlike the queen bed, it offers an area of 38 by 80 inches for one person.

The preferred room measurements

A queen bed fits in rooms measuring ten by 10 feet. However, they work best for rooms measuring ten by 12 feet.

This way, there is extra space for movement in the bedroom. On the other hand, the king bed can only fit in rooms larger than 12 by 12 feet. So, if you have limited space, a king bed is not your best option.

Therefore, a king bed suits large families who live in a permanent location with large master bedrooms. The queen bed would be best for houses with standard room measurements. Also, it could fit into smaller master bedrooms.

King bed vs. queen bed popularity

Indisputably, the queen bed is more popular than the king size. This is due to its affordability and convenience.

Very few houses have extra-large master bedrooms. So, people don’t buy the king size. But the queen bed size fits standard rooms, a good example is the Thuma bed. As seen earlier, nearly half of the United State’s population uses queen beds.

King beds are more costly and need a lot of bedroom space. Thus, only a quarter of the people use them.

Users of king and queen beds

The queen bed is suitable for couples. In fact, they leave extra space for couples who are not active sleepers. However, the king bed can fit a couple and children comfortably. The space in a queen bed is too small to accommodate children. Don’t worry about the size, it is also easy to make this bed in the morning.

King bed vs. queen bed costs

Due to its large size, the king bed is more pricey than the queen bed. Additionally, it is bulky, thus more expensive.

Also, accessories for a king bed are more extensive and more pricey. Moreover, it is not easy to find their accessories from just any manufacturer due to their low popularity.

Factors to Consider when contemplating between a queen bed and king bed

Size of the Room

Before purchasing any bed type, always ensure you evaluate your bedroom measurements. So, if you have an extra-large master bedroom, the king bed would be ideal for you.

On the other hand, if your room is approximately ten by 10 feet or slightly more, a queen bed would be a good option. Always ensure that you leave extra space for movement when you place the bed and for ease of tucking the bed.

Number of sleepers

One of the main factors you ought to consider when buying a bed includes the users. If you and your partner are both active sleepers, you might consider buying a king size bed. Also, if you have three or more children who love jumping into your bed, the king size is a good option.

But if you and your partner are the only ones in the house, a queen size bed is a good alternative. Queen size beds are also popular inactive single sleepers.

Position of your bedroom

Usually, the king bed size is more massive than the queen size. Remember, the king size is one of the most oversized beds followed very closely by the emperor bed.

So, it gives you a comfortable time during transportation. If your bedroom or apartment is on the 4th or 3rd floor, carrying the king bed would be a hustle. Also, it consumes a lot of time and effort.

Thus, always consider the location of your bedroom. Conversely, the queen bed is versatile and less bulky. It barely gives you a hard time during transportation.

Your current life phase

When purchasing a mattress, consider the current stage of your life. Suppose you are likely to move from your apartment sooner, buy a queen bed. Additionally, if you just got your first job and moved into a new apartment, buy a queen bed.

Of course, you expect to grow over the years and move to a permanent house. When that time comes, you can consider buying the king bed.

Price of the mattress

At the end of the day, your budget will determine your purchase decision. Generally, king beds are costly. Thus, if you are under a fixed budget, consider purchasing a queen bed instead.

If you plan on getting a king bed, it will help if you start saving early enough. Furthermore, note that a king bed’s accessories are always more costly.

Is the king better or a queen?

One of the most common questions is the best option between a king and a queen bed. The truth is, it depends on your requirements. The most significant difference between these two beds is the size.

So, always look at what you need versus what you can get when purchasing a mattress.

The bottom line

Ultimately, the king and queen size beds are perfect alternatives. Nonetheless, before purchasing either of these beds, there are several factors to consider.

Some of them include the number of users, room size, and your budget. Come up with a list of what you need and present it to your manufacturer. They will help you settle for the best option that matches your budget.​