Best Modern Loft Beds For Both Adults And Kids

Loft beds are good for lots of reasons. However, it can be ideal if your space is small. These beds come with an elevated sleeping area with an area beneath for a workstation, seating, storage or a desk.

This bed is ideal for small houses, small rooms, and even small apartments.

This can also be much more fun for a household with children. The versatility of the best loft bed types can include loft bed with stairs, steps, and even ladders. So, regardless of what model you want, you certainly will get one to suit your needs.

Review of the best Loft Beds today

  1. Modern Metal Pipe Twin Size Loft Kids bed With Storage, Guard Rail And Ladder
Walker Edison Timothee Urban Industrial Metal Twin over Loft Bunk Bed, Twin Size, Black
11,971 Reviews
Walker Edison Timothee Urban Industrial Metal Twin over Loft Bunk Bed, Twin Size, Black
  • Dimensions: 71” H x 41.75” D x 79” L, Loft: 57.25” H x 41.75” D x...
  • Twin bed supports up to 200 Ibs.
  • Fits most twin beds, 5”- 9” mattress thickness recommended

Your child can use this bed’s below area to lounge, study, or play. This WE Furniture BTOLBL bed features a sturdy metal frame that is durable and long-lasting. The bed comes with a climbing ladder.

But you should make sure that kids below six years aren’t allowed on the top bed. Most people notice that this bed is easy to maintain, use, and install.

You can use the space underneath this bed to place a lounge folding chair, nightstand, dresser or even a desk for the computer to browse the web or play computer games.


  • Doesn’t come with bedding or mattress
  • You don’t need box spring. Recommended mattress size is 8-inches to 9-inches.
  • Perfect if you need to save space
  • It will accommodate a range of choices underneath loft
  • Comes with metal support slats, ladder, and guardrails for safety
  • It’s shipped ready-to-assemble with detailed setup instructions.
  • It will support up to 113 kgs.

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  1.   Junior Loft Bed Frame With Ladder
DHP Jett Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed, Black
10,185 Reviews
DHP Jett Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed, Black
  • Junior loft bed features a sturdy metal frame with built-in ladder
  • Perfect solution to free up bedroom space. The 36.5 inch clearance below the bed...
  • Shorter height makes it ideal for younger children to easily climb in and out of...

The DHP Junior Loft Bed Frame is a sleek metal style loft bed, which is the best choice for kid’s bedroom. The reason being, it’s simple design goes with most decor themes.

It is also not very high to make parents worry about the safety of their kids. This bed comes with an easy to access slanted ladder and secure guardrails to help in preventing falling dangers.

The DHP Junior Loft Bed Frame will likely not have adequate space for a grown-up desk underneath the top bunk. However, for children, you can use anything to fill the small space from a playroom to a drawing desk or stuffed animals.

There are endless options. With slats for supporting the mattress, you don’t need box spring, and the metal frame needs to be simple to assemble.

Parents like this bed as it offers easy storage in limited rooms. They can even keep another mattress underneath for when guests stop by. Or you can opt for getting a mattress in a box.


  • Will free up space underneath for playing or storage
  • Has a metal ladder
  • Strong metal frame loft bed


  • Affordable
  • The best choice for kids
  • You can use space under the bed for storage
  • Saves space
  • Five different hues to decide on
  • 90 kgs capacity
  • Has ladder, rail, and metal frame


  • The down area has less space to use a workstation.

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  1.   Metal Pipe Full Double Size Loft Kids Bunk Bed Comes With Storage, Guard Rail & Ladder

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If you want a full-size loft-style bed, you should certainly get this WE Furniture AZDOLBL. A full-size mattress will easily fit the top of this bed.

The frame of this bed is created with powder-coated steel. Space under is quite big too. This ensures that it’s easy to accommodate pieces of furniture.

In addition, together with the bed, you have the instructions that you require to assemble it too. If you want to save space, this WE Furniture AZDOLBL bed is a good choice to suit your needs.


  • Assembling is easy
  • Frame made with powder-coated steel
  • Accommodates full-size mattresses

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  1. Your Zone Metal Loft Twin Bed

No products found.

With four different colors to choose from, you’re free to choose the bed to suit your needs. A twin mattress can easily fit on this bed. Additionally, the space under this loft bed is quite important too.

You can keep a small couch or a cozy fold away chair or pieces of furniture. When you check out the weight supported, you’ll see that this bed will easily support 100 kilos, which is an added advantage. The ladder is secure and easy to climb as it’s located on the side.


  • Handle 100kgs of weight
  • Will accommodate twin size mattresses
  • Will offer lots of space underneath
  • Comes with four different hues


  • Sturdy design
  • Reliable, convenient and safe
  • Extra storage
  • Assembling is easy

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Why go for a loft bed?

Loft beds can fit perfectly into confined areas, which most houses and apartments have these days. With its different designs, plastic, metal, wood and more, these fit into any contemporary decor you might have.

If you want a bed for your children you should check out loft bed reviews, where you’ll get read customer experience of this product.

Whether you want to make the most of your existing space, are in college, have children or are a work from home mom, there’s a loft bed to suit your needs. Most people shop for these bed types by looking for bunk beds.

However, the major difference is that the bunk models normally feature another bed underneath them. With these beds, you can use space beneath the elevated bed for other uses.

These amazing beds are a solution for extra space while helping to maintain a decent appearance. Loft bed provides you with the freedom of moving additional furniture into a room without the need to worry about where to place them.

They make the space more appealing as well. For kids, this bed will transform your room into a playhouse. While buying this bed, you should make sure it comes with guardrails that are 3-inches of space between the mattress and the rail.

This will help in preventing kids from falling through the space. The decision between a metal bed and a wooden one is an individual preference. The choice will depend on the preferred style and available space.

What’s the best size to purchase?

The main purchasing factor is the size, as that is your concern when searching for a space-saving solution. But your lifestyle and its dimensions will determine the size of the loft bed you want.

Generally, you can get loft beds in some of these sizes:

  • King sized loft beds
  • Queen size loft bed
  • Full double sized loft beds
  • Twin loft bed

Who should use loft beds?

The beds that have a slide may be a bit too odd for many grown-ups. But there are lots of modern and appealing choices for teens and adults alike to sleep on to save space.


There are lots of loft beds for adults, which can accommodate both teens and adults in places they want to save space. The beds can be good for small apartments or college dorm rooms with roommates.


Kids age three and above should safely use many of these beds, although it’s best to consider their motor skills when buying. While a kid aged 9 might scale a metal ladder, a child aged 4 years might need a set of strong loft bed with stairs.

Popular materials for construction

  1. Plastic

These are available in a range of colors, affordable, and lightweight. While they have to be reliable and well-built, they may need a bit more time putting together than other models. The great news is that plastic will not cause splinters and the bed’s edges won’t be as sharp as metal

  1. Metal

Loft beds made of metal are probably the most popular models. This makes them versatile, lightweight, and simple to assemble.

A metal loft bed might wobble a lot compared to other types. For this reason, you should strictly follow the weight limitation and safety measures to make sure that you maximize safety.

  1. Mixed

Some loft beds are usually created with a mixture of materials. Plastic and wood, or plastic and metal are the most popular examples. These choices might help in saving you money and at times make assembly simpler when you can stay away from using hardware.

  1. Wood

The best quality wood is the heaviest and sometimes the sturdiest material used for making a loft bed. Solid wood should not wobble or squeak as much, and they are often heavier than other choices.

But this will greatly depend on materials and assembly. It’s important not to base your decision exclusively on whether a product is created with wood.

Things to consider when buying a loft bed:

  • Loft beds are usually made for kids as well. Taking this into consideration will mean shopping for a loft bed that’s made for kids. There’s a wide range of colors to choose from that will help to ensure fun moments at bedtime. It should also have rails for protecting kids in the event they move to the bed’s edge. Another important consideration is strength.
  • Match your room. If your room already has furniture, ensure the loft bed you purchase won’t ruin the room’s entire arrangement.
  • Loft beds, on the other hand, feature an elevated bed. This offers plenty of space for placing other items like a table, computer, desk, and lounge below.
  • The loft bed should be sturdy. Think about getting a certain model of loft bed based on who is sleeping on it. For teenagers, consider getting sturdy loft beds. Because they are a lot heavier than kids, a heavy duty loft bed should offer adequate support on their weight.
  • Think about the bed’s size. You should ensure that the loft bed’s length fits your bedroom particularly your body. First, ensure the bed can fit your door. Though there are those you can assemble inside the bedroom, you need to always ensure that whatever loft bed type you select, it will provide you with the best comfort.
  • If you live alone, a loft bed is the best option. However, if you have a roommate, a bunk bed is a good choice.
  • Loft beds and bunk beds are totally different. The latter is a kind of bedding that has two mattress layers. You can use a bunk bed where two people are sharing space in need of an additional room. The upper deck is the most popular kind of bunk bed. The bed’s length depends on your preferences. Additionally, bunk beds have the upper bunk running horizontally and the bottom bunk runs vertically.

Keep in mind that very young kids aren’t allowed to use the loft bed. It is ideal for those old enough who can climb up and down the stair. For younger children you may opt for buying a trundle bed, learn more.

Why do you need loft beds for kids?

There are many advantages to buying a loft bed for your children. Here are a few reasons why you should get one if there’s limited space in your child’s room.

  1. Flexible usage of free space

This type of bed will provide your child with free space that ho or she can use for a range of purposes based on age. While this free space might be mainly used for playing, it can serve as an area for studying later on.

Most loft beds have built-in cupboards that will offer plenty of storage for papers, documents, books, and other valuable items.

  1. Sleeping is cool and fun

Children like the design of a loft bed particularly the incorporated hide and seek areas for playing with other siblings and parents.

Children can create a range of ways of staying active and having fun in the process thanks to having childrens loft bed with desk in their bedrooms.

If you have children who want to bring in more adventure into their lives or are just suffering from boredom, then you need to bring a loft bed into their room.

Benefits of using a loft bed

Loft-style beds are getting hugely popular because of their diversity as well as the comfort they give people. When there’s limited space, this bed will be the best option. In addition to this, with this style of bed, you can make use of the space underneath it to put a desk, a dresser and more.

You can help the children create a fun fortress or place chairs or a futon underneath the loft bed to create a sitting space. In addition, you can find lots of stores retailing different loft style beds for adults and children.

Moreover, these beds are available in a range of designs and styles and will easily fit into your home’s existing look. Besides, these beds are not that costly and they are a wise investment.

  1. Extra space for playing and working

An important advantage of loft-style beds is it offers extra space for playing and working. In addition, this bed is a perfect answer for a small room since you can create more floor space.

With a lot of space in your room, you will be able to accommodate a lot of people and have a more useful area. Plus, kids normally like these beds since they should climb into the bed and that it allows them to sleep up high.

Think about setting up a homework desk underneath this bed. Additionally, you can find designs that have a built-in desk.

This is the best solution for children who require an area for setting up a computer or studying. Another choice rather than a work area is installing a lamp, a bookcase, and seating for a personal library. Besides, incorporating a ten to this style of bed will transform it into an area for more fun.

  1. Additional space for households

A convertible loft bed offers many great benefits. It is the best piece of furniture for a growing family. In addition, parents essentially get a two-for-one deal with this bed.

If you also plan to have visitors spend some time in your home, but your house is small, then having a loft bed might be the best solution. It will ensure that everyone sleeps comfortably throughout the night.

Apart from these benefits, there are lots of others, like perfect for a child’s bedroom, cost-effective and more. In addition, loft beds are very comfortable, safe, and above all, they are very fun for sleeping in.

Because of the popularity of these beds, you can get many stores retailing different types of these beds for children and adults online. Furthermore, loft-style beds will not only help in saving lots of space but will also provide your room with a specific character.

  1. Available in lots of styles

Loft beds are available in a wide range of styles. Moreover, wooden styles are ideal if you want a more conventional styles space. Additionally, you can purchase a metal styled loft bed, if you want a bedroom that looks modern.

If you prefer a modern look, then a metal type can fit the decor of your room perfectly. Some of these beds have good-looking tents for kids to hide in.

With lots of styles that are great for teenagers and children, it is not hard finding something that can suit yours and their preferences.

  1. Additional storage space

One of the main advantages of loft-style beds is that they provide you with additional space for storing your things. In addition, if you do not want a workspace, you can choose to put to good use the additional square footage by storing clothes, shoes, bins, etc.

The additional space is important in the room of a child. You can use it to place the dresser or for holding toy boxes. Select a bed that has drawers or shelves if you require more storage space.

How to choose the best loft bed for kids

Looking and getting the perfect bed for the kid’s room can be a hard process, which needs you to be careful and dedicated. Below are the most essential features to take into consideration during shopping to get the best choice:

  1. Comfort and safety

These are the most important considerations when looking for any products for kids and lofts are no exception. The model you want to buy needs to be sturdy and strong enough for supporting your child.

Additionally, it needs to have a well-built ladder and guardrails to help in keeping the children from slipping while scaling the ladder to reach the top bunk or rolling over during the night. It should also fit the mattress cozily without any issues.

  1. Durability and flexibility

Whether you go for a wooden or metal type, flexibility is the basis behind loft beds to start with. But ensure you get a bed that’s made to last for years. It should also have the qualities of supporting the weight of your kids as they grow fast.

  1. Style and material

Wood and metal are the most popular materials for building loft style beds. Wooden types are common because of their ability to properly fit in with their environment.

Remember that different models offer different styles and regularly, the perfect one to suit your needs depends on existing situations as well as individual preferences.

From twin over loft types to those that have anything from workspaces to bookcases as well as dresses, slides, and other modern designs, parents can choose the ideal type for the needs of their children.

Additional things to consider

  1. Comfort you get from a loft bed

Loft bed will not get in the way of your comfort; however, if you want to use a foam mattress, you might think about getting a frame or a bunk bed with an upper weight limit to support if properly.

In addition, if your concern is hitting your head on a wooden or metal bed frame, make sure you use pool noodles, or foam to line the edges for children.

  1. Slides

If you want a fun way of starting the day or if your children find it hard climbing down a ladder, a clip-on slide is the best choice. These are not too steep and offer a fun play area right in their room.

  1. Safety of a loft bed frame

When buying loft bed frames, take into consideration the recommended dimensions of the mattress, weight limit, and height of the ladder. This is to make sure that you’re making the most of a product’s safety potential.

If you have a tall mattress, you might not maximize the safety bars. Think about the bed’s access method to make sure that you and your little one can climb to the top safely.

You should adhere to assembly guidelines meticulously to make sure that you do not create blunders that can result in injuries.

  1. Durability of a loft bed type

If you want to make the frame last for many years and perhaps hand it down from mature siblings to the younger ones, wood may be the best option.

While metal types need to be safe and sturdy, over time these frames might be prone to loosening and bending compared to materials such as wood.

  1. Bookcase/shelves

To help with organization, most frames come with integrated bookcases or even storage shelves. If you simply require the added convenience or avoid your walls having holes, there are many perfect choices in the market to suit your needs.

  1. Weight limit of a loft bed

Upper limits in weight for these beds depend on the maximum weight, which should not compromise the bed’s structural integrity.

While wooden types can probably hold a lot of weight, this does not imply going over the set limit simply because it does not wobble. Although you might not plunge right away, over time this will result in the frame getting worn fast, which may cause injury.

Remember that there are lots of other considerations apart from your weight. The whole weight limit will include things such as warm fleece blankets, mattresses, and anything else you might keep on top of the bed.

  1. Workstation and desk

If you are purchasing a loft bed for your little one who requires a work station or for a college dorm, a lot of choices have built-in workstations and desks.

  1. Available sizes of a loft bed frame

While many of these bed models accommodate a twin mattress, some will work for full-sized types too. Before buying, ensure that your preferred choice can snugly fit in the room.

Consider slanted ceilings to ensure that you will fit your things underneath and still sit up on the top. While kids might not be old enough for sleepovers now, they will ultimately start to sleep at their friend’s home and friends will come over as well.

The best way of preparing for this is by purchasing loft beds. But a model that’s large enough for supporting your teen. This is to ensure that you don’t need to always change the beds when the youngster grows up.

Purchasing a bed will be an essential decision. There are many different models of beds available in the market to choose from.

If you want to make the most of the space in your bedroom or want to sleep high up the ground, adult loft beds can be the best choice.

Benefits of a loft bed with desk

Most people know that loft beds are increasingly getting popular globally. Some people select these cheap loft beds due to their functionality.

Others choose them as they are available in lots of different designs and some simply love having the additional space underneath their bed.

You can use this additional space underneath the bed in lots of ways. For example, you can choose a bed with a living area underneath it.

You can also install a loft bed that will offer you a close beneath it, among others. But a loft bed with desk underneath is one of the most common solutions, particularly for children’s’ bedrooms.

The beds can always be the best option for the children’s bedroom. They will also be worth your investment in the long run.

Advantages of a metal loft bed with desk:

  1. Lofts with desks are pretty cool

Keep in mind that kids love cool things. They will be very happy about owning something like a wooden loft bed with desk in their bedroom. This will help make it a lot simpler for you to make your kid do homework or go to bed.

  1. They help save money

Although this is likely the main benefit, most people don’t realize it in the beginning. That is, when purchasing a full size loft bed with desk, you should use the extra money on purchasing a separate desk for your kid.

By doing this, you’ll realize there are lots of advantages to these beds than the evident ones, such as they’re space savers.

  1. Lofts with a desk are space savers 

These useful beds can help save you lots of space, as the desk won’t occupy any extra space in the children’s bedroom. The desk underneath the bed can be a good size to even fit a computer, next to a cabinet for the children’s clothes or a bookshelf.

Loft bed with desk and storage will be the best option if you have limited space. By having this combination, picture all the space you can save.

Not only will there be an elevated space for sleeping but you will also avoid the trouble of looking for desk space, whether for business or for studying, somewhere else. And concerning the sleeping space, there are queen size, full size, and even twin sleeping choices.


Are your kid having a room that’s gradually becoming smaller?

He or she might be growing bigger. Maybe your child is accumulating more stuff. It might be time to consider getting a full size loft bed or a double loft bed with a desk.

Such beds are ideal for creating extra space. They can also add beauty to a bedroom. These beds are great for smaller spaces or children’s bedrooms. Perhaps it’s a dorm or you reside in a studio apartment.

You should consider comfort and safety when looking for a loft bed. This bed might be the answer to some of your issues. Perhaps your younger children might be moving into a separate room.

The bedroom might not be very big. What’s the best thing to do to make the children comfortable?

Big loft beds might be the solution.

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