6 Designs For A Comfortable And Beautiful Bedroom

When it comes to our bedrooms, we want them to be amazing. A bedroom should be a place of solace and ultimate relaxation, somewhere we can completely relax.

We should feel like we can fall straight to sleep in our bedrooms, feeling safe and comfortable at the same time.

So, how do we achieve this?

How do we make our bedroom the most comfortable, beautiful, and relaxing space possible?

How to make you bedroom design look beautiful

In this article, we will discuss all the top tips we have for making your bedroom the most chill space.

  1. Good Window Shutters

One of the most important aspects of going to sleep is the light level in the room. You don’t want to go to bed with light blaring through the windows!

As the expert blind and shutter designers over at shuttercraft.co.uk/window-shutters/ know, you need some great blinds like the zebra blinds to block out as much light as possible.

They also point out on their blog that a bedroom needs to feel private, so a decent set of blinds also helps with that matter. Going to bed feeling relaxed and tired, protected from light and prying eyes; that’s what we want.

But, what blinds are best for the bedroom? What are the perfect blinds to keep eyes at bay and nighttime dark? Our favorites are full-height plantation shutters. They cover the entire window frame, feel solid, and pretty much block out 100% of the evening streetlight glare.

The great thing about wooden shutters like this is that they can come in many colors and finishes, making them a super easy addition to any bedroom, however it is decorated. You can also try fabric or blackout blinds if you want to try something a little different.

  1. A Proper Mattress

The next thing you’ll need in terms of comfort is, obviously, a great mattress. These days, you should be able to buy a mattress with a 100-night guarantee. These mattresses come to you via courier in a rectangular box.

They then pop out and roll into shape on the bed. Made up of layers of memory foam, springs, and regular foam, these new in-the-mail mattresses are taking the market by storm. Why not try one risk-free?

These mattresses are said to be memory foam supportive; they look after your back, joints, and neck. But, the technology is more advanced, so you don’t overheat while sinking into the memory foam. They also come with washable covers, what’s not to love?!

  1. The Best Bedding

You can’t just have a good mattress, though, can you? Comfortable sheets, duvet, pillows, and throw are all required. One of the biggest trends right now is the weighted blanket.

Studies have shown the benefits of sleeping under a weighted blanket, and they are quite impressive.

Weighted blankets mimic deep pressure therapy, which has been shown to reduce symptoms of stress, ADHD, anxiety, and more. Also, the feeling of weight on you as you sleep is calming and relaxing, making it far easier for you to fall asleep.

When it comes to bedding materials, the choices are endless. Most duvets and bed sheets are made from cotton, having a specified thread count. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheets should feel. For a really luxurious, hotel-style feel, go for a 200+ thread count.

Your duvet and pillows can be synthetically or feather-filled. Obviously, some people aren’t a fan of having feathers in their beds, while others are! It’s entirely up to you how you want your duvet filling. Maybe a light duvet alongside that weighted blanket would be a great idea.

  1. Sensible Storage

When you think of your bedroom, the last thing you want to be seeing is clutter. Clothes all over the place, shoes on the floor, coats hanging on doors. None of these paint a relaxing scene.

What you need is some really well-designed and well-fitted storage solutions. Often, great companies will come to your home and design their storage units around the shape of your room, helping you to maximize storage without giving up too much floor space.

Again, we want to feel relaxed and happy in our bedrooms, rather than filled with stress, annoyance, or anxiety. So, getting everything in its proper place – and then keeping it that way – is a really important part of bedroom design.

  1. Lovely Lighting

Lighting can be just as important as blocking out the light! Obviously, you don’t want bright lights on when you go to sleep. However, you do want one nice ceiling light for use during the day – especially in winter.

The style is up to you, but we recommend a gentle yellow, energy-saving bulb for the bedroom, as this will not shock your eyes first thing in the morning if you do need to jump straight up and flick the light on!

When it comes to nighttime, you may wish to consider some forms of night lights. There are plenty of options, all of which help create a relaxing mood in your bedroom in the evening. Some of our favorites include constellation-style night lights or pendant light fixtures.

They create such a lovely, soothing, rotating light on the ceiling without actually brightening the light too much at all, creating a super relaxing bedtime vibe.

  1. Underfoot Comfort

Finally, for the perfect bedroom, you’ll also need underfoot comfort. One of the worst feelings in the world is getting out of a nice warm bed and placing your feet down on an ice-cold floor!

So, you may want to consider a carpet or mat if you don’t have anything yet. Rugs look great, too, placed at the end of your high bed or alongside.

They really help set off any other decorations in your room. Classic wood and laminate flooring are great, but a little extra comfort underfoot – especially in those winter months – goes a really long way.

These six tips should help you enjoy your bedroom’s looks more and sleep better in it. As we have said throughout, our goal with these tips is to create a bedtime oasis, a happy place, a super comfortable place.

Implement just a few of these tips, and you’ll find yourself sleeping like a baby in no time at all!