Low Vs High Platform Bed – Best Bed Height

The platform bed is one of the most popular frame styles in the many types of beds. The platform bed frames are available in a variety of styles that offer you a lustrous and low profile look.

A platform bed is easy to spot because of its flat base and all that you need is a mattress on it.

Most of the platform beds usually have boards at the bottom and therefore do not require the box spring, which will obviously add some extra height to your bed.

They are very practical and comfortable and because of the variety of styles, they go a long way to elevate the décor of your bedroom. Platform beds come in different sizes, surfaces, materials, and styles, which you can consider when choosing your bed.

Different materials can be used to create these platform beds depending on your likes. You can choose to have a simple platform bed made of iron that makes it not only foldable but also a portable bed frame.

You can also opt for the sturdy finish of a full xl platform bed which can be paired with some extra storage spaces. They are generally more affordable because you will not need to buy a box spring along with them.

You can use any type of mattress on your platform bed and are especially the best for memory mattresses. Since the mattress is placed on a solid platform and not on springs, they offer you the necessary support for a good night’s sleep.

However, if you are a side sleeper, this type of bed can be a bit uncomfortable since they would press your sides. They are also very friendly for small spaces since they take up less floor space thus reducing the amount of clutter in your bedroom.

The best height for a bed

Platform beds are unlike the traditional bed frames and are typically closer to the ground. They lift your bed off the ground by about 12 inches.

Your choice of a platform bed is dependent on the size of the bed, the size of the room, and how the ambiance of the room you want to place it.

Platform beds come in a variety of sizes and heights. Most manufacturers usually make beds in standardized measurements although they can also customize according to your preferred choice.

Your choice of the platform bed frame also depends on the level of comfort that you need for a long good night’s sleep. Since your platform bed fits a specific need, here is a brief description of the commonly available sizes.

Low bed frame height

A low bed frame is usually constructed to give you a neutral but still trendy finish. It has a very simple finishing and is very well suited for the modern-day bedroom because it brings with it a mid-century sophistication.

This mid-century modern platform bed is a low to the ground bed frame, it gives your bedroom a very spacious feeling. It is suitable for rooms with low ceilings by giving the impression of more space in the room.

The low bed frame combines both minimalist designs as well as a modern and sophisticated finish to your bedroom. This is because of its modern accent as well as the casual and original look.

It is suitable for the budget-conscious buyer but it will still complement your room’s décor by adding some style to it. A low twin bed frame is a popular choice for your guest room or your child’s room.

Some variations make the twin bed extra-long. This additional length is suitable when you are decorating a teen’s bedroom.

It can also be used to furnish a dorm room. You can also opt for a queen or king sized bed for a bigger room or the master bedroom, especially if you are sharing the bed with your partner.

This works for both the ambience of the room but also gives enough room on the bed for a restful night of sleep. The con with this type of bed is that may not be the best option for you if you are tall, old or unwell.

This is because it requires you, the sleeper, to get into a crouching position to get in or out of bed. In addition, if in any case, you are looking for a bed with extra storage, then you need to keep looking because this bed limits how much storage you can have underneath it.

Due to these cons, some people would want to have a tall platform bed to be able not only to increase their comfort but also for that extra storage space. Let us find out the ways that you can use to increase the height of your platform bed.

High bed height

How do I increase the height of my bed?

One of the simplest ways to increase the height of your platform bed is to get a thicker mattress or add a box frame to it so that it is higher than the standard platform bed. Another way to raise your bed is by using bed raisers.

These are usually placed under the legs of the bed to help lift it further off the floor. It is important to note that this only works for those platform beds that have legs and not for those made of solid boards.

A raised platform bed allows you to add drawers under the bed that in turn increases the storage spaces in your bedroom. As it adds more storage space underneath the bed, it however does make the bed less stable.

A raised queen bed frame can be a very comfortable sleeping area for couples to share since it has more room for two people to share. In addition, it is simple to spread a raised bed.

Besides, a tall queen bed frame comes in handy for those who are elderly or those with joint or back problems since they can get in and out of bed without much trouble. This assures them of a good night’s rest with the assured support of the sturdiness of the platform bed.

Final thought

The best height to go for is a bed that allow you to sit comfortable at the edge of the bed. Ideally, the average knee height is between  16″ and 24″. A high bed can easily be achieved by;

As for old people try get a bed with a height or 20″ and 23″. This ensure it is safe for them and also easy to get off the bed. All said and done, the best height for a bed is the one that allows you to get on and off the bed with ease.