All About Stowaway Guest Beds

A stowaway bed is a bed specifically used by guests, but its main feature is that it can be easily kept out of sight when not in use.

Usually, it fits conveniently below a bed frame thou it can always be stored elsewhere. This leaves ample space in the guestroom for any other kind of purpose such as toddler plays, storage of toys, and other household items.

What is a stowaway bed?

A stowaway bed is a bed that tends to be concealed and is easily stored away in a closet or any other storage space when not in use.

Unlike a stowaway guest bed, a stowaway bed is used by anyone desiring to own and enjoy the convenience and comfort this type of bed offers. It is one that is not meant to be shared with or used by guests, and this is what differentiates it from a stowaway guest bed.

Uses of a stowaway guest bed

Stowaway beds are ideal for camping, traveling, children’s rooms, overnight guests or guests making brief visits. They are a perfect solution for anyone in need of temporary yet comfortable sleeping arrangement, especially when engaging in long distance travel or when going on camping trips.

A stowaway bed can also be used as a mat for doing physical exercises. The mattress is also good for short-term sleep and for taking naps. It can also be used on top of a mattress that is currently in use to increase the level of comfort.

Sizes of a stowaway bed

Stowaway beds come in different sizes, ranging from thin ones to thick ones. The thick ones allow for long-term use. One common feature of all stowaway beds is that they are foldable. You can bi-fold, tri-fold or even roll up a stowaway bed for travel or storage. Most of them come with straps for ease of storage.

Measurements that come with stowaway beds

Stowaway beds, also referred to as stowaway mattresses because of their nature, also come in all standard mattress sizes as well as custom sizes to suit everyone’s need. The standard stowaway is 30 inches high and about 20 inches in diameter when rolled up. Its size is 30 by 75 by 3 inches.


The stowaway bed is extremely convenient to handle and to carry.  It also allows you the convenience of turning a floor space into a comfortable place to relax or rest when need be. It can also be used on any flat surface for short-term or long-term sleep. 

Features of stowaway guest beds

Additionally, it does not expose the user to any harmful chemicals as it is usually made of 100% cotton. It is also free of flame retardants. These features make it a plus for people who consider the well-being of their health as paramount.

Stowaway air mattress

We have stowaway air mattress or bed, as well as stowaway twin air mattress, also referred to as stowaway twin airbed with built-in air mattress pump which inflates your bed within two minutes and deflates it within seconds at the push of a button.

The button is usually located on the side of the mattress. This mattress is very ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It is also light and therefore portable.

Some of these mattresses are 4 inches wider than most standard stowaway mattresses found in the market, and although they come in varying qualities, some are specifically designed for durability.

Organic cotton Stow

This stowaway bed is an extremely comfortable stowaway sleep solution made purely from organic cotton. It is natural and completely free of artificial chemicals because it is cultivated naturally without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and other agricultural chemicals.

Additionally, it helps to avoid the inconvenience of a stowaway air mattress which requires time to pump. It has the added advantage of being flame retardant free.

Eco-friendly solution

It is perfect for guaranteeing firmness and comfort as a temporary sleeping arrangement. This gives you the privilege of giving your guests the blessing of an eco-friendly sleep solution for a healthy sound sleep.

The mattress is also known as a Shikibuton or Shikifuton because it was inspired by Japanese-style mattresses. It is made using high-quality materials and does not contain springs. It is simply a pure, and clean organic cotton stow.


Organic cotton Stow comes with or without a cover and this gives a buyer who is not keen about having a cover the option of settling for one without a cover. In addition, a person with a cotton stow that has no cover and desires to have one has the option of ordering for a cover. 

Foam core Stow

This is a mattress or stowaway bed made of foam. Like all other stowaway beds, it can be bi-folded, tri-folded or rolled up. However, using it with bi-fold or tri-fold frames is not recommended.

Composition of foam core

All foam is usually comprised of oils, and it is these oils that form polyurethane, an organic compound. Most modern oils use petroleum as their base which is not recommended because of the damage it causes to the end product. The best oils to use are vegetable oils such as castor and soy.


The liquid oil is processed into a foam product using sugar-based alcohol derived from castor and other vegetable oils that tend to burn off during the process of manufacturing, thus producing foam. This sugar-based alcohol is known as Polyol. The foam is then used to make foam core Stow.

Stowaway covers

Stowaway covers are covers made of stow. The stow is used in making covers for stowaway mattresses, pillows, cushions, iPhones, ironing boards, and gadgets like stowaway aeroplanes among other items.

Some stowaway covers are made of 100% organic cotton fabric and are soft to the touch. They are designed for both standard pillows and cushions as well as customized pillows and cushions.

Design and handling

They come fastened with zippers on one side to allow for the sliding in of the stowaway mattress, pillow, cushion and all items on which stowaway covers are used.

They are usually made by hand and can be handwashed or machine washed in cold water. It is recommended to dry them out in the air after washing.