Value Of Mattress Toppers Made Of 100% Cotton

A mattress pad goes a long way into keeping your mattress fresh or rejuvenating it whenever it gets old.

Buying a mattress topper for your bed is an advantageous venture.

The pad adds a layer of comfort, keeps the mattress very clean, and in general improves the feel of your sleeping area and you can, therefore, enjoy the relaxation you deserve.

What is it made of?

As the name suggests, this type of topper is made from 100% cotton; no additives, no mix-ins.

Just pure unaltered cotton. This is wonderful material. Apart from the luxurious feel it has, it is long-lasting. Cotton does not fall apart very easily.

It can handle soaps, bleaching agents, and even a very hot iron. Whatever cleaning process you put it through, it will survive the ordeal.

The Basic features of a cotton topper

Learn why you need to get this kind of topper;


Cotton is a breathable material. It promotes ventilation and air circulation. Hence, it does not retain heat.

The surface will always be warm but never too warm. Never will you have to wake up sweaty and overheated.


Cotton sleeping pads are light. Unlike their latex and Viscoelastic foam counterparts, they can be easily carried and maneuvered without breaking a sweat. This feature also makes the cleaning process a breeze.

The topper can be bundled up into a washing machine, taken out, and plopped straight into the drier quite easily. Hence, you can keep this baby in top-notch condition for decades.

Machine washability

A clean bed is a comfortable bed. The whole point of buying a mattress pad is to keep your bed clean.

All of us can admit to eating a bowl of noodles or drinking wine in bed. Sometimes spills happen and your mattress gets a nasty stain.

A topper shields your mattress and gets stained instead. The topper thus needs to be washable whenever the need arises.

Ensure that you buy a product you can easily clean with laundry detergents and dry at home in case of food or drink spills.

Why buy one?

A cotton topper will change how you sleep. With such a product your bed will be softer, warmer, and much more comfortable. The following are some of the advantages of a cotton mattress pad;

Enhances sleeping comfort

Cotton pads improve the general feel of your mattress. They are soft and plush and will, therefore, improve your mattress surface if it is firmer than you like.

Extra protection

Keeping your mattress stain and dust-free is a difficult task. We are all guilty of climbing into bed with wine, pretzels, coffee, and even ramen noodles.

We have spilled food and drink onto the mattress and irrevocably damaged it. With a cotton sleeping topper, you never have to think about this again. This product gives extra protection to your mattress.

It creates a shield between your mattress and dirt, food, and drinks. With that you are sure that your mattress will last longer hence avoid looking for Go Load up.

The topper is also easy to clean. So even when it gets dirty or stained, you simply to plop it in a wash cycle and voila! It is as clean as when you bought it.

Even when it gets irrevocably stained, it is easier and more affordable to replace than buying a new mattress.

Besides, mattress topper protects you from being exposed to dust, hair, dandruff, and other allergens that may have flung themselves onto the surface of your mattress.

By having a cotton pad between yourself and the mattress, you are safe from bacteria and allergens. You thus get to sleep on a healthy surface.

Use of non-toxic material

Cotton that is 100% pure is a natural material with no synthetic additives. The chances of developing illnesses by laying on a sleeping pad made of this material are close to nil.

Interestingly, cotton is also hypoallergenic. This means that it cannot harbor any allergens within it. Thus if you  multiple allergies, this might be the product for you.

Cool effect

A cotton sleeping pad is well ventilated and breathable. The cotton allows air to move around freely within, dispersing heat produced by your body to your immediate surroundings.

On such a surface you will always remain cool, never will you experience the sensation of overheating.

A pure cotton sleeping pad will allow you to enjoy restful sleep, without even tossing and turning.

Top 100% Cotton pads on the market

What is bedding mattress pad?

This pad is comfortable, water-resistant, and breathable. What more could you need!

The surface is plush and soft to the touch. It is breathable and therefore never retains too much of your body heat. The top cover has a 400-thread count, so it’s thick enough to wad of any spills.

Sealy cotton pad

Sealy is a well-renown brand in the world of mattresses. Their products are designed with the customer’s sleeping needs in mind. Their cotton pad offers a firm supportive surface to sleep on.

The padding is 100% pure cotton, which doesn’t contain any toxins or chemicals that may cause harm to you.

The topper cover has a 300-thread count. It is soft and thinks and invites you to sleep on a soft heavenly surface. On it, you get to fall asleep much quicker and enjoy a more restful night.

The soft padding relieves stress from your pressure points, aligns your simple and generally keeps you comfortable all night long.

Whisper organics cotton sleeping pad

Whisper is devoted to manufacturing non-toxic products while at the same protecting the environment.

The cotton they use in their sleeping pads is 100% organic, free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Their toppers are safe and you needn’t fret about toxins. The pad feels lush and soft against your skin. The padding is adequate and gives you the feel of sleeping on the fluffiest cloud.


It is a naturally hypoallergenic material, thus ideal for persons suffering from asthma and other allergies. The cotton pad is breathable.

Air circulates freely in and out of the padding, allowing heat exuded from your body to disperse out of the bed into the surroundings. You are therefore protected from over-heating.


Cotton is a wonderful material to use in a sleeping pad.

Not only does it assure you with a warm comfortable surface to sleep on but it also protects you from allergens and bacteria that may be harmful to your health.