Fold Away Double Guest Bed – Your All-In-One Bed

Are you hosting guests, running a restaurant or rental spaces that require sleeping space for your guests?

Is your property or home at capacity and not sure how to accommodate your guests comfortably?

The fold away double guest bed comes in handy. The foldaway guest bed is such that you can easily fold, and roll it away for storage after use.

Our world is quickly changing, and as it is, you must not always have a room dedicated to accommodate extra beds. You can venture into the wonders of a rollaway bed.

Yes, the beds you commonly see in hotels and hospitals. There are high chances that you did not enjoy your first encounter with a fold away bed.

The good news however, is that foldaway beds are no longer just for desperate conditions. There is incredible improvement that has gone into its design. Its now a source of comfort and satisfaction, as you enjoy your sleep.

In this review, we will look at the fold away double guest bed, and delve into our two top picks.

What are foldaway guest beds made of?

A foldaway bed has a foam mattress that is held together within a sturdy, foldable metal frame. The frame folds into two.

To enable you to roll it away when you need to, the bed is provisioned with caster or wheels at its center. This makes it easy to store it away. We advise that you measure your storage space before purchasing the bed.

This is to ensure that when you fold the bed, it accurately fits into your storage space.

What are the measurements of the rollaway bed?

Different brands will differ in dimensions; however, the difference is almost negligible. A standard rollaway bed is equivalent to a twin-size bed, which equates to 38”X75”.

It takes the same measurements as a twin-size mattress.

If you are intending to purchase an extra long bed, you would need to work with 80” length, and if you need an extra wide one, work with 48” width.

Why buy the bed?

  • Extra space

The folding bed saves up on space.

You can simply fold away the bed when not in use, store it beneath the bed, or store it away in a cupboard.

  • Portability

If you are moving from place to place, or you need one for your picnic or camping, the foldaway bed comes in handy.

Some designs have wheels which make them portable, while others have extendable legs. Foldable beds are simply ice breakers!

Can you imagine a bed that you can also convert into a sofa or even a table for your home?

Yes, a foldaway bed will do that for you. You can have quality time with your family, and this asset will be very useful.

  • Comfort

Are you worried that you might not enjoy comfort with your foldable bed?

You have no reason to worry.

This bed is totally comfortable, giving your neck, back and the shoulders the support you need for a comfortable sleep.

You will actually not need a pillow to attain that comfort. Its mattress is quality foam, which is soft and thick. It is durable, and attractive as well. Your guest will love it!

  • Easy to assemble

You do not want to host guest and use all your energy in assembling their bed! The foldable bed is easy to assemble, and you will take such a little time to assemble it.

The beds come with a clasp that hold the bed together when it is folded. All you need is to open that clasp and spread the bed for use.

  • Affordable

The fact that the foldable beds are multipurpose, makes them affordable. See it as a one-time investment, and note that it will serve you for many years to come.

You will save on transportation when moving them around, since you will simply fold them and transport them along other household stuff. It will save you on the cost of buying extra tables and sofas as well.

Let’s head on straight to our two best picks:

Here we go;

Simmons BeautySleep foldaway guest bed

This foldaway bed is your solution, if you are looking for a compact guest bed, which is portable as well. It is designed with ultimate comfort factored in.

It has an ultra-plush cover is one of the first things you will notice about this bed. The cover is both removable and washable, which is not common with other beds.

The bed is such that it does not sag in the middle. Its perimeter spring is firm, yet contouring, which makes it sturdy enough not to sag.

You can sleep on the bed the same night it is unwrapped, but you would need to give it at least two days to attain its original shape.

Another thing to note before using the bed, is to allow it to air first. The vacuum sealing easily traps odors, and you would need a few hours to let it air out. This is critical for healthy sleep.

You will be pleased to know that this bed is dust mite resistant. It is also naturally microbial. The second significant thing that will pull your attention is its three bar legs which are U-shaped.

The design ensures that the legs do not sink into soft soil. They also do not dent tiles, or your house floor.

Do you have an extra-unexpected guest but you have only one foldaway guest bed?

Relax, there is no need to worry when you have Simmons BeautySleep foldaway guest bed. Its mattress is removable, and you can use the cot without the mattress.

That is to mean, one guest can use the cot without the mattress, it is comfortable enough. The other guest can have the mattress, place it on the floor and sleep away.

Foldable camp bed

Amazing innovations are happening every day, thanks to our fast-changing world. With the foldable camp mattress bed, you have the opportunity to fold it inwards or outwards.


Its legs are extendable, such that you can lift it off the ground, especially when you need to fold it out.

Do have back-related complications?

Not to worry! This bed allows you to adjust it, so that it gives you the back support you need. It is designed with a metallic frame, sturdy enough to support the sleeper and last long.

It also comes with a spring mattress, which is also flexible. Are you color specific?

The camp bed comes in black, blue or white, and you can therefore make your selection.