The Best Types Of Foldable Beds For Your Child

A foldable bed cot is an essential product for any person living in a small apartment or has a lot of guests that sleepover.

The cot has all the features of a bed but as a bonus can be folded up and tucked away into a storage closet and kept out of sight.

With this bed, your guest will never have to contend with sleeping on a couch or the floor.

You will always be that hospitable host that has an extra bed for them to sleep on. Moreover, if your apartment is tiny, this is better than buying a traditional bed.

When the night falls, you need only stretch it out and sleep. In the morning, you fold it up, put it away, and enjoy the extra space.

This review will look at several foldable beds meant for kids. With this information, you are sure to pick out the best foldable bed for your beloved child.

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Here we go with the top types of portable beds for kids;

Child’s fold-up bed

Your child is important to you. You, therefore, need to give them the best you can. Foldable beds are a must-have product.

It is useful in numerous scenarios for example if your apartment is small and you just can spare space for a bed if your child hosts numerous sleepovers and you would like to have extra sleeping areas for his/her friends.

Whatever the case, if you are a parent, this is a good investment. Foldable mattress beds made for children are versatile pieces of furniture.

The bed has two parts; the frame and the mattress. Both the frame and mattress can be folded up into a nice neat heap.

The frame is an optional purchase and you can, therefore, make do with only the mattress.

You need not worry, the mattress alone provides all the necessary comfort and support, your child or his friends may need.

As a bonus, the mattress can fold up into a couch that the child can sit on. Imagine that! At night, you have a bed, in the day you have a comfy couch.

So not only can you fold the bed to store it away but you can also fold it to get a couch. Talk about the great purchase!

There are many foldable beds you may seek out for your child’s bedroom. Among the best brands to a foldable bed for your child is the Z-bed.

Manufactured and sold by Loft 25 UK, this product is guaranteed to add a little whimsy in your child’s room. It is a foldable mattress that can be turned into a couch.

It comes with a removable cover that can be machine washed. Hence you can keep it clean. The cover is colorful, with eye-catching patterns set to impress your child.

Cot with wheels

This product is fitted with four wheels, one on each leg. Such an attribute makes it an extremely useful product. The wheels allow you to move the cot around.

You could be living in a small apartment and you need to share the same room with the baby. This cot allows you to do this without stressing.

During the day, the cot could sit in a corner out of the way, at night you pull it out of the corner and plop the baby in.

All this is done without exerting too much energy or scratching the floor. The cot’s base can be adjusted to three different levels. This allows you to adjust it to the height best for you.

You never again need to strain your back, whenever you need to pick the baby from its cot. Save for the wheels, a portable cot has all the common features of a regular cot.

It is very sturdy and can take the weight of a growing baby. The cot is made of either wooden frame, metal frame, or plastic and as such you are assured that it is built to last.

You will not spend money on repairs or any new cots. In terms of ease of assembly, a cot with wheels is relatively easy to put together.

There are very many parts, and the bed comes with an instruction manual on how to get about the assembly.

Therefore, by following the written instructions, you can have a fully functional bed in only a few minutes.

Rollaway cot mattress

A rollaway cot mattress provides you with a portable bed for yourself, your children, or your guests.

This product is a necessity if you live in a cramped space, you like camping or entertain a lot of sleepover guests.

This bed will revolutionize your life. The frame of the bed is made of iron. As such you are ascertained that you are buying a quality product that will last for years.

The spring supported platform for your mattress can hold up an immense amount of weight and also adds to the overall bounce of the bed.

The wheels can be locked in place. Therefore, while storing the bed away, you are assured that it will stay in place.

Concerning assembly, the rollaway cot is easy to put together. Just follow the instruction manual that comes with the bed.

Place a few parts here and there, secure them together with screw and viola.

You’re done!

On the downside, finding cot sized sheets may prove a little bit hard but not impossible. With a little research on the internet, you can find fitting bed sheets.

A good portable bed to consider is the Rollaway bed from Lucid. The Lucid brand is known for its quality mattresses. This trait does not seem to falter when it comes to beds.

Their rollaway bed has a metal frame and a spring supported mattress platform. The wheels are lockable and you can thus keep the bed in one place.

Once set up, the bed frame has 11 inches of clearance beneath it, providing ample storage for luggage.



Portable beds are impressive pieces of furniture. It is just like getting floor pillows for your kids which are also portable. When not in need, you can fold them up and put them away into storage.

When guests come over, they do not have to sleep on uncomfortable couches because you are prepared to provide comfortable spaces for them to sleep on.

The floor folding mattress may also work very well at the corner of one your rooms for your cat to sleep on.