Lighting A Room Without Ceiling Lights

You have finally landed your dream home. With the help of an interior designer you get top quality furniture.

Your bedroom has an exquisite bed, a modern foam mattress and a touch of fine bedding. Then comes the challenge, how do I light up my room?

Whether you’re thinking about a business place or your own home, you most likely know how hard the search for the best lighting can be.

It’s important that you take into consideration ceiling lights, and anyone who has ever worked or lived in a room without enough lights will attest to how essential lights are.

It is possible to light a room without ceiling lights to achieve your desired results.

Whether you want to simply enhance your ceiling’s quality of lighting or save energy, these lights have what you require.

7 ways to lighting a room without a ceiling lights

  1. Buy quality LED strip lights

These lights are one of the perfect ways of illuminating a room with minimum wiring and cost.

Many times, you do not even have to consult with the electrician and can DIY easily.

If you would like bright lights and prefer a Diy project, then these will suit your needs. Led strip lights are ideal to illuminate a kitchen.

This is because you can place them under the countertop or cabinets to light up the drawers and workspace.

Remember, though, when purchasing the strip lights, make sure you go for the long-lasting ones. The reason being, it can be a bother to keep changing them every time.

  1. Plug-in sconces lighting on your walls

These lights are simple to hang on walls to illuminate a room.

They are available in various sizes and shapes, which can go with any home décor or theme. You can simply drill a nail on the wall and hang sconces on it.

But the thing about these lights is that they are restricted to walls they hang from. Also, the light usually cannot reach the rest of your room.

So, if you want a brightly-illuminated trendy bedroom, you will have to pair the sconces with other kinds of lights.

For example, for the ambiance you can use pendants, while the plug-in sconces become reading lights or accent lights.

In addition, you use these lights in the bedroom as a bedside lamp or over the bed if you don’t like table lights.

  1. Get stylish table lamps

When you combine the floor lamps with the right table lamps, you get a house and space that’s sufficiently illuminated.

There are lots of ways of using table lamps in a room, particularly if you wish to pair them with other kinds.

For example, the living room can use a table lamp on each of the side tables together with an arched floor lamp.

While in the kitchen, you can use LED lighting for some additional brightness can have. But when you want to illuminate the work or study desk, you can choose the Tizio or gooseneck.

The reason being, they are flexible enough to change their direction based on you’re your liking when writing or reading.

Furthermore, there are various kinds of table lamps you can select from and in different designs. You can go for the more creative lamp shades or conical types.

  1. Pick battery-powered lighting

Battery-powered lights come in a range of designs and types so you can select the best one to suit your needs.

The good thing is that battery-powered lights are simple to install and operate. To install these lights you should create a hole large enough to fit and fix them.

Because these use a battery rather than extensive wiring, you can DIY with your own drilling machine. But they have a few disadvantages.

First, it can be a pain changing the batteries over time since you will have to remove them to do so. But they have remotes to turn and off, and its easy losing them.

Secondly, if your rental house doesn’t permit drilling holes on a ceiling, then you might not install them.

  1. Buy quality and strong floor lamps

Without any drilling needed, at all, floor lamps are one of the ideal choices to illuminate a room; particularly, if you have a small room.

You can go for any design or type and never make a mistake when pairing them with the right furniture. If you have abstract and modern furnishings, then match the floor lights accordingly.

For example, if your room has wooden furniture, then the best choice is to go for a classic wooden floor with a conical lampshade. To avoid clutter, you should remember to measure out the room.

  1. Make good use of wall lighting

If you don’t have ceiling lights, the next perfect choice is working with wall lights.

All you have to do is fix a couple in each room at strategic spots, and you’ve got yourself a room that has the great lighting no matter the weather.

You can utilize anything from wallchiers to sconces based on your personal taste. Whatever to select, make sure you choose the areas properly, since otherwise, you might end up with a space with shadows.

You can use task lights and mount the lighting accordingly. For example, if you read, you can fix one at the bed’s side.

The same will go for other areas of your home. Another thing to remember when selecting wall lights is to ensure variety.

If you prefer using the same design and type in your room, then your room will not look appealing. So, select different kinds of each part of your room.

Conversely, if you want an appearance that will suit each holiday in the year, then go for classic glass wall lighting.

Place on a chest of drawers or hang them, you can utilize them however you want, and it will look great.

  1. Buy solar lamps

If old-style and imposing lights aren’t your thing, then the best option is a solar lamp as they are affordable. Solar lamps are eco-friendly and user-friendly.

All you have to do is choose a sunny area on the patio or balcony to charge the solar lamp in the morning when you leave for the office.

By the time you return, you can illuminate every corner of your room and home for the rest of the night.


Now that you are aware of how to adequately illuminating your house without ceiling lights do not waste another minute. Take the time to look for the best lights for your room.

You may also consider getting a quiet ceiling fan with lights. This will help you cool your room and at the same time light up your room.