How To Choose The Right Bedding For My Child?

Whether you are expecting your second child or you’re a first-time parent, you’ll ultimately have to determine where your child will sleep.

Some parents like co-sleeping with their little one for convenience being close at hand. Most others like buying a crib for their little ones. As such, purchasing bedding is a necessity.

Safety is one of the most important things to consider when thinking of a child’s bedding. Never place a pillow in your little one’s crib due to the risk of suffocation.

You should also keep thick blankets and toys away from your little one’s crib. It is important that you securely fasten any bumpers you place in a crib.

The next step in selecting bedding is taking into consideration all the options available and zeroing in on them. Search for bold hues and beautiful patterns.

The best options for child bedding are black and white or bright hues to stimulate your child’s senses. It’s also great to choose theme bedding. There are lots of different themes in the market to suit your needs.

The options range from cartoon characters to bright solid hues that blend well, to checkered. A girl’s room will look great with purple and pink, while you can give the boy’s bedroom a unique touch with dark blue and red.

You can use odd colors that glitter to make your child’s room unique. For convenience, remember to select bedding that’s machine washable.

Choosing the best bed sheets

Consider thread count

Although thread count might be one aspect of a quality bed sheet, the construction, and type of fiber are essential, too.

Select the construction

Your primary options are sateen and percale. Sateen feels smooth and soft and more complex as it features yarns in one direction, which float over a number of yarns on the opposite side, while percale is a basic, grid-like weave, which feels crisp and light.

It all depends on personal taste, although sateen feels softer.

Consider the fiber content

The most common choice is 100 percent cotton since it feels soft and natural. High-quality cotton, such as Egyptian or Pima, is considered deluxe bedding. The reason being, it is more durable and softer, but it might be costly. Polyester/cotton or polyester blends are wrinkle-resistant, cheap, stronger, and more durable; however, they do not feel natural.

Factors to consider when purchasing bedding for your child.

  1. Size of the bedding

First, you should consider the bedding size, which depends on the bed’s size. The bed’s size varies, as well, based on the age of your child.

The best tip is purchasing a standard-size bed that may be used for a prolonged time as the children grow. Once you know the size of the bed, buy the equivalent size of bedding.

  1. Quality of the bedding set

Another important thing to consider is the bedding products’ quality, which includes the duvet covers, bedsheets, and bed pillows. Search for top quality materials and fabrics that offer comfort and are durable.

Keep in mind that children have soft and sensitive skin, so remember to purchase bedclothes that are soft and smooth to touch. Avoid bedding sets that have harsh textures since they might irritate the smooth skin of the child.

  1. Room theme to match bedding

It should be a fascinating experience when it comes to selecting bedding for you and your child. It is, therefore, good to purchase bedding based on your child’s bedroom theme.

You have an array of theme options, from outer space and marine life to Disney characters and sports. In addition, ensure the bedding you select matches well with the room’s décor.

  1. Safety

It is also important to consider the safety of your child when choosing the ideal bedding products. Before you purchase, look at if the materials are safe, you’re the child. Take time to select bedding that will adhere to the fire and safety standards.

You should purchase bedding only from trusted stores. Keep in mind that you have to keep your kid safe even when they are sleeping.

  1. Are the bedding waterproof

If your little one is in the age of bed-wetting, buy waterproof bedding. There are several waterproof bedding products in the market, including dryer balls, waterproof fitted and flat sheets, bed pads, and floor pillows and mattress protectors.

Why trouble yourself?

Because the more times your child lies in a wet bed, the more prone the child is to skin irritation, which children find uncomfortable. Waterproof bedding also helps protect the bed, mattress, and pillows, so they last for years. You can forget the tiring work of clean up, as well.

So, ensure the bedding you purchase is waterproof, or at least an easy to dry fabric.

  1. Playing around with hues

Children’s bedding provides you the freedom to have a great time with hues. It will also be best if you indulge the child and request their choice of style, design, and colors of bedding.

Not only will the bond be stronger with your child, but it will also help your child decorate his or her bed and room the way they like.

  1. Bedding type

Nowadays, there are several kinds of children’s’ bedding in the market. For example, you can purchase a special type of bedding that keeps bugs at bay so your little one can sleep peacefully. Additionally, you might think about an organic children’s bedding created from organic cotton and does not have hazardous chemicals and dyes.

Though these kinds of bedding are costly, they are worth the investment when you take into consideration the comfort and safety of your child. They are also available in stylish styles.


The bed is the focal point of the room. The ideal bedding type will help significantly to emphasize the bed. Nowadays, there are lots of amazing options in children’s bedding, from stunning children’s’ bed sheet sets and duvet covers to comfortable quilts and comforter sets.

Whether you want to inspire your child’s imagination with understated simplicity, bright polka dots, or mythical creatures, you’ll find an array of top quality bedding to decide on.

Make sure you keep these essential tips in mind when you are looking for the best bedding for your child.