Memory Foam Bed Toppers That Offer Quality Sleep

Home Classics is a brand known for its many quality household products. Their mattress topper made from memory foam is no exception to their standards of quality.

Made from viscoelastic foam, these toppers are designed to spruce up your sleep. Viscoelastic means that the foam used has elastic properties.

Regardless of the pressure impressed upon it, the topper will go back to its previous shape.

The foam is soft and is compressed when the slightest amount of weight is placed on it.

When you lie down to sleep, it conforms to your unique physique, creating a personalized grove for you to snuggle in the entire night.

Your body is thus cradled into this warm space, created just for you. Unlike other memory foam products, this one has a ventilated design.

The topper is made with open cell technology. The design improves airflow within the bed topper.

This ensures that you will never get too hot while asleep. The topper will also remain fresh and odorless.

When delivered it comes compressed, so it is best to give it preferably 48 hours to regain its normal shape. This also aids in airing the topper and letting out any trapped smells.

Quality of a memory foam mattress

Memory foam is also called Viscoelastic foam. It is a dense foam that exudes elastic properties.

Irrespective of how much weight you put on it or how tight you compress it; the substance will always bounce back into its original shape.

This makes it ideal for use in making mattresses. Once your body lays on it, it conforms to your form.

The mattress snuggles you in your sleep. This property is impressive as because of it, pressure points are eliminated.

Your neck, shoulder, back, or hips do not have to support your entire body weight.

Sealy Memory foam toppers

These types of toppers are designed by merging the wonderful properties of memory foam and blue gel.

By putting the two together, a heavenly product is created.

Infusing gel into memory foam mitigates some of its negative properties.

It is true that memory foam is plush and conforms to your body, keeping you warm and comfortable throughout the entire night.

However, a topper made of nothing but Viscoelastic foam does not offer appropriate support for your frame.

You can also get hot and sweaty sleeping on such a surface.

Gel beads dissipate heat from your body, keeping you cool and comfortable as you sleep.

They also enhance support by ensuring that you never sink too deep within the topper.

To prove how good this product is, Sealy gives its customers a warranty as long as five years on this particular product.

2-inch wide foam mattress topper twin size – Viscoelastic

Beddings made of memory foam are a favorite among many.

Not only are they affordable, but they are also a delight to sleep on.

The foam is soft and plush and therefore feels great against your skin.

Once you lie upon it, it compresses, conforming to your form.

It snuggles your body into this personalized grove and keeps you warm the whole night.

Viscoelastic foam is motion resistant.

This means that however much you may toss and turn, these motions will not affect anyone you may be sharing the bed with.

Such a property makes toppers made of this substance ideal for couples.

This type of topper is designed with open-air technology. This means it has a ventilated design that encourages airflow.

As such it reduces heat retention and you get to have a restful, deep sleep and not sweat like a pig!

California king size Memory Foam topper

Memory foam allows you to imagine what it would be like to sleep on a fluffy cloud.

The material is bouncy and soft.

Investing in a memory foam product is a sure bet to improving your sleeping patterns.

The California king size is the largest size of mattress topper there is.

The size is ideal for couples and single persons who would appreciate the extra space.


4” memory foam mattress topper queen on Walmart

A 4” topper may sound excessive.

Most toppers are either 2 or 3 inches wide.

This one however has a more interesting feature.

Instead of it being memory foam all through, 1.5 inches of it is memory foam and the other 2.5” is high-density foam.

The memory foam provides the soft and plush aspect that we all want in a mattress topper.

The high-density foam provides the support aspect.

While the memory foam cradles your form and isolates motion, the high-density foam supports your body and keeps your spine in line.

The memory foam is made according to quality standards set by CertiPUR-US.

As such you are assured that the environment was not damaged in the manufacturing process.

You are also assured that the topper is safe to sleep on as well.

On top of all these wonderful attributes, this product is accompanied by a removable, machine washable cover made of polyester.

You will be able to keep your topper extremely clean.

Eclipse ultra-deluxe 11″ memory foam mattress with gel infusion

This product is sure to improve your sleeping experience for good.

It is made by combining the use of memory foam, the heat-dissipating gel beads, and open-cell technology.

The merging of these three creates a cloud-like sleeping surface.

Memory foam, contours around your body snuggling it into a warm cavity.

It eliminates pressure points and ensures you have a deep relaxing sleep. It also resists motion.

This means that you will not be affected by your partner’s movements while in bed.

The gel-infused within the foam performs two functions.

It ensures that you will never get too hot. Get dissipates heat exuded from your body into your surroundings.

With this topper, you can say good riddance to clammy nights. Gel also ensures that you do not sink too much into the topper.

By using open cell technology in the manufacturing process, the mattress is well ventilated.

Air circulates freely within the foam. You therefore never get too hot.

This property also ensures that the topper remains fresh and odorless as well.

The product also comes with two extra goodies; a twenty-year warranty and a removable cover.

You are thus ensured of two things; one, that the product is of good quality and two, that you can keep the mattress clean for a very long time.