Best Sheets For A Rollaway Bed

When life only keeps getting busier, and demands for productivity rising higher, the last thing you want is an uncomfortable sleeping experience in your house.

The mattress and the bed you sleep on count a big deal. However, with a great bed, and a great mattress, getting poor quality bedsheets will spoil it all up.

In order equip yourself with amazing quality mattress or bed topper if need be, it is important to know the choices available for you in the market.

A rollaway bed is easy to fold and rollaway, and move it around. Its also easy to set up. With such a level of convenience, you will need the right eco-friendly bedsheets for that great bed.

Depending on the type of rollaway bed in question, you would need sheets that match your bed, for best experience.

Factors to consider as you buy your sheets? 

Type of material

The material that makes the bedsheet you use is critical. You can consider cotton, flannel, Tencel, silk, polyester, amongst others. We will look a little more at cotton, being the most common material used for sheets.


Cotton is not all equal in terms of quality. To determine the quality, factors like staple length, weave and thread count come into question. Cotton is a fiber that is soft and fluffy, and grows in bolls.

The boll also acts as its protective case. It needs to be stretched, to get the fiber that is needed for weaving threads and sheets. Stretching the thread gives what we call staple length of the cotton.

You can only get three types of staple length; short, long and extra-long. Each comes in the dimensions of 1-1/8, 1-1/4, and 1-3/8 and 2 inches respectively. To get your best quality cotton sheets, go for those that have the longest staple length. They are softer and more durable.

Examples of different cotton staple lengths:

  1. Egyptian cotton: This is the longest available staple length; extra-long staple length. It gives you the top quality cotton sheets, and is also the most durable. It is therefore quite pricey.
  2. Pima/ Supima cotton: You probably know this cotton by its trade name; American Pima cotton. Its pricing is not as high as the Egyptian cotton. It is known for durability, strength, amazing softness and soft feel. It is the long staple length.
  3. American Upland: This is the short staple length cotton. In most cases, you will find it labelled “100% cotton”. It’s the most common, and you are likely to easily find it in the market that the other two lengths. Its feel is not as soft, it is rough. It is durable, but does not offer you that luxurious pizzazz experience you would want from your cotton sheets.
  4. MicroCotton: There is a very fine cotton thread in India that makes this cotton. It is both trademarked and branded MicroCotton. The staple length is extra-long, which explains why it is soft and durable.

Thread count

This will allow you to determine the durability of the sheet you are purchasing. To be safe, work with a count of 250 or higher, as this will give a tight weave which equals to durability.


As much as there are mattresses that have elasticity there are also bed sheets that offer the same. Get the bedsheets that fit well on the mattress once you spread it out. You do not want an experience of sheets that rollaway from the mattress in the middle of your sleep.

Cooling properties

When doing your purchase, go for a sheet that is both absorbent and breathable. It will allow your body skin to breathe when sandwiched between the sheets. In addition, you can also get mattress topper that has a cooling effect.

Different sheets you can get for your rollaway bed.

Fitted sheets

A fitted sheet has some elastic on each of its four corners which of course creates ease for tucking the bedspread. The purpose is to keep the sheet fitted on the mattress.

You will need to match the bed size with the size of the sheet so that it perfectly fits in. As long as you use the right size, the sheet will stay in position until you remove it.

The reasons why the fitted sheets would best serve your rolling bed are because it is easy to fix, takes less time to spread on the bed, and is comfortable for your sleep. They come in different sizes, allowing you to buy the one that fits your bed.

Sleeper sofa sheets

These sheets are designed for your pull-out couch, such that the top sheet is attached to the bottom sheet. The sheets are soft enough, and do not wrinkle after wash.

They match well with a gel mattress, and would serve your use of the rollaway mattress bed. The Ronux linen sheets for example, are 100% cotton, come with a cotton thread count of 800, and can fit the depth of 8 inches mattress.

It is also elastic all round and will give your rollaway bed a perfect fit. Get the sheets that remain on the mattress even when you rollout your bed.

Cot sheets

If you are going out camping, or you are using a folding toddler cot to keep your little treasured one safely as you free your hands to handle some other tasks, cot sheets will come in handy.

In the same spirit of keeping your baby safe, get sheets that fit the size of the cot. Whether its you, the guests or your baby using the cot, well fitting sheets will give the sleeper a great experience.

Quality sheets for the rollaway bed

  • Soft and noiseless

You do not want either you or your guests getting interrupted from their sleep by a noisy bedsheet. For your rollaway bed, get sheets whose material is noiseless. Check for sheets that are soft and gentle to the skin.

Rough sheets will not give your skin the most sought-for sleep experience. Go for sheets that are soft to your feel.

  • Breathable

When you sleep between the sheets, it is critical to note that your skin needs to breathe. If that happens, you will wake up a refreshed and happy person. Some sheets are made of breathable material, and that is what you should go for.

  • Machine washable

The reason why you would be investing in a rollaway bed is for convenience. The sheets too should not be an uphill task to clean. Go for those that are machine washable. But also make sure you use the natural laundry detergent for excellent results and thus ensure your bed sheets last.

  • Antibacterial properties

You want to take care of the sleeper. Go for sheets that resist bacteria, so that the sleeper is safe from any bacterial infections as they sleep.