How Does A Cooling Gel Pillow Work?

Most bed accessories not only enhance the room’s aesthetics but also provide excellent functionality. From the early years, pillows have been used to improve sleep quality.

As a result, sleeping experts have come up with different pillow types, each offering different functionality. Today, cooling gel pillows are one of the most popular options among many individuals.

These pillows lower the temperature on the sleep surface to help you have a good night’s sleep; hence they are perfect during summer.

How does a cooling gel pillow work?

Cooling gel pillows prevent the buildup of heat. They do this by absorbing body heat and fostering maximum aeration on the sleep surface. This way, temperatures remain cool throughout the night. In turn, you can sleep comfortably.

Cooling gel pillows comprise a breathable material with good water-wicking properties that facilitate maximum cooling.

Which cooling pillow works best?

Best cooling pillow: TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow

Unlike most memory foam pillows, the TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow is the best for heat retention.

This cooling pillow incorporates gel pads that dissipate heat and foster proper aeration.

Users say that this pillow is exceptional in the market because it also offers excellent pressure relief.

Its material is breathable and contains good absorbent properties. Additionally, this pillow has a cool feel on its outer surface, hence providing a comfortable surface to lay your head on at night.

Nevertheless, the TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow is one of the most expensive cooling pillows. So, it might not be a good option if you have a fixed budget.

But you opt to make your own DIY cooling pillow.

The Vaya Pillow

If you are looking for something that offers value for money, the Vaya pillow is an ideal option.

This cooling pillow is much more affordable than the TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow yet offers similar benefits.

The Vaya pillow has an open-cell polyfoam that prevents heat accumulation. This enables you to have quality sleep. Moreover, this cooling pillow has a soft cover to boost maximum comfort. You can use this pillow for both king and queen size beds. Also, the pillow best suits back and side sleepers.

The Muse Pillow

The muse pillow features unique properties to prevent body and muscle aches. So, this pillow is perfect for anyone suffering from severe back, head, and neck aches.

The pillow also prevents a buildup of heat on the bed by drawing away heat from your body. Thus, the pillow remains cool throughout the night.

One of the main advantages of the Muse pillow is that its cover is washable.

The Bear Pillow

If you are a heavy sleeper who loves to toss and turn regularly, the bear pillow is a good option.

Not only does this pillow feel cool to the touch, but it also has excellent water-wicking properties.

The dual mesh corners of the pillow are responsible for providing cool temperatures. Like the Muse pillow, its material is washable.

The bear pillow offers a firm and steady surface that does not move when turning your head at night. And in case you have a pet then this pillow would be perfect to place in the kitty corner.

Even so, experts report that the bear pillow may not be perfect for back sleepers since they tend to accumulate odors.

What can you do if your cooling pillow is no longer cool?

During summer, everyone is always looking for ways to lower the temperatures at night. They could do this by installing fan fixtures or air conditioners.

But have you thought about your sleep surface? Your body tends to release a lot of heat during the night.

Thus, if you don’t have the right beddings, it can be uncomfortable to sleep at night, especially when the temperatures are high. In turn, this makes you tired and unhappy throughout the day.

Fortunately, there is a broad spectrum of cooling pillows that regulate the temperatures of your sleep surface.

But over time, they tend to lose their functionality. When this happens, implement the following practices to restore the pillow’s cooling properties.

Purchase and place a cooling mist near the bed

Place a cooling mist near the bedside to provide the best sleeping temperatures. Today, there are different cooling mists you can purchase.

However, the Riverock essential oil diffuser has numerous positive reviews. It is durable and offers the perfect ambiance at night.

Besides, cooling mists are not as costly as most people think. You can find them for about $35 from Amazon or any other local store.

Place the cooling pillow in a refrigerator or freezer

Most cooling pillows have gel pads to facilitate heat dissipation. In case you notice that the pillow is no longer cool, place the gel pads in the refrigerator.

You need not worry; the gel won’t become solid because of freezing. Gel pads are well known to retain the chill for a long period. So, freezing the gel pads keeps you cool all night long.

Use a breathable and moisture-wicking silk pillowcase

A simple way to restore the cooling properties is using a silk pillow cover with excellent breathability and water-wicking properties.

Silk naturally feels cooler to the skin; thus, provides the perfect cooling surface. Besides, the aesthetics of silk pillow covers are out of this world.

Furthermore, silk is well known to protect your hair from breakage. Most silk covers are also budget-friendly!

How to use cooling gel 2.0 pillow

Once you purchase the cooling gel 2.0 pillow, insert a compatible cover, preferably a silk cover.

Place it around the headboard area where you often lay your head. Switch off the lights and have a good night’s sleep.

If you want extra cooling properties, you can place the pillow in the refrigerator before using them. Moreover, pay attention to all instruction manual guidelines before you start using the cooling gel 2.0 pillow.


Cooling pillows offer great functionality for ‘hot’ sleepers. These pillows contain gel pads that dissipate heat.

This way, users can have quality sleep. After some years of use, cooling pillows tend to wear out.

As a result, you may have to incorporate certain factors to restore the cooling properties. All in all, ensure you follow all the instructions indicated in the manual of the cooling pillow.