How To Choose The Right Memory Foam Mattress

Purchasing a new mattress or bed is an essential decision. You cannot sleep properly without the best mattress, which usually results in major health issues. That is where a memory foam mattress will play a huge role.

A traditional mattress is either too hard or too soft. Memory foam mattresses, conversely, are not only cozy, but they are also supportive. Before you buy a mattress, there are some things you should learn about so you’re sure to get one that will suit your needs.

Types of memory foam mattresses

When it comes to this type of mattress, there are different kinds of memory foam to decide on. Actually, you’ll find various kinds of memory foam mattresses, each having unique qualities.

The options are gel, open cell, and traditional. Selecting the right foam mattress will be easier if you have an overview of each type.

Gel memory foam mattress

Gel provides much more support against your body pressure points. It is the perfect option for those suffering from diseases like knee pain, sore muscles, and chronic back pain.

The good thing about gel is that it helps in regulating heat, which prevents you from overheating at night.

Open cell memory mattress

Open cell reacts faster than the others. Rather than feeling as if you are sinking into the mattress, there’s more strong support to help keep your mattress firmer.

Open cell is the best option if you want the comfy softness of foam mattress without the need to be too padded. It regulates temperature well than the traditional model; however, not as good as gel.

Traditional memory foam mattress

This is possibly the most popular type of mattress. A memory foam mattress will cradle you in soft foam, which lets you sink into the material. The traditional foam helps to cushion your joints to prevent pressure points from forming, as well as help with circulation.

This type of mattress retains heat properly more than other types of foam. But it can be an issue if you sweat a lot at night.

Here’s what you should consider when choosing a mattress:

  1. Finding your bed’s right size

You can get a memory foam mattress in all standard bed sizes. This will help you easily choose the right bed size that can fit your bed frame.

  1. Using a supportive foundation

Though you can use a foam mattress on its own, it is usually good to use something beneath your mattress. This can provide your mattress with more support on the bottom so you get more supportive padding at the top and increase the life of your mattress.

Additionally, it will offer a solid foundation for the foam to sit upon to help prevent it from sinking into unusual shapes over time.

The best choices of a foundation are things such as a wooden frame or a box-spring. In addition, you can use memory foam on the more contemporary style of platform bed.

  1. Select an appealing type of foam

The most sought after memory foam type is traditional memory foam. You will also get the mattresses to decide on if you choose this kind. A good place to start is Love and Sleep mattress, Casper and Yogabed mattress.

It will react to the heat of your body, helping to form your unique shape. For this reason, it will help in reducing pressure points and provide you with the most restful and relaxing sleep.

But if you often become uncomfortably hot while sleeping, you will want to go for a gel foam mattress.

Gel foam mattress is infused with gel beads that allow good circulation of air. If you want a more natural material, you can go for a latex foam mattress. Provided that you are not allergic to latex, you will acknowledge that it is an eco-friendly option.

  1. Choose preferred density and thickness

Memory foam mattresses are available in varying densities and thicknesses. The memory foam thickness has to do with the mattress height, usually ranging anywhere from 2 – 14 inches.

Your preferred thickness will depend on your personal preferences. Mostly, the thicker a model is, the softer and more padded feeling it comes with. If you choose a thinner mattress, you will get a more firm sleeping experience.

A memory form’s density will affect your bed’s comfort too. You can select between high, medium, and low-density choices. The lower the density of the mattress, the softer it is. Additionally, low densities can support less weight in comparison with the higher density option.

Since this type of mattress is very supportive, you will only really feel three or four inches of it. If you have decided the lower density is the best choice, you might need a thicker model as you will sink into it a little more. Just a side note, the same should apply when choosing a pillow thus complete your sleeping experience.

  1. Get a certified mattress

Before you buy any type of foam mattress, make sure you check out its certification. This helps in guaranteeing that your mattress is chemical-free, which can be hazardous for you and your surroundings.

You should ask the retailer about the mattress certifications before buying it. They can tell you this essential information immediately.

If the foam mattress you want to purchase does not have any certifications, you should search for a different one instead. By doing this, you can be sure that you and your loved ones will sleep safely.

  1. Consider adding a mattress topper

If you want the feeling of luxury when sleeping, you can try to add an extra topper. Memory foam is comfy on its own; however, with an extra mattress topper, you will feel as if you are afloat.

You’ll find a range of mattress toppers to choose from that will be the best match beside the memory foam mattress. Some mattress toppers will add more comfort while others will provide you with more firm support.


Now that you’ve got a good idea of what you want in your memory foam mattress, all you need to do is enjoy the luxury it offers. Once you get a feel of this type of foam, you’ll not want any other type.

Fortunately, you know how to get the best type using the above-mentioned tips. You can be sure the next time you lie-down it will be in total comfort weather its a power nap during the day or a good night sleep.