Puffy Or Nectar Mattress – Which To Pick?

Mattress shopping can be a difficult forest to navigate when you find yourself in the place of needing one. See, a mattress is not something you buy every month or every other month.

By the time you are done with one mattress and want to get another, so much has changed, so much has progressed – you almost feel like Alice, lost in Wonderland.

The ads may all look very convincing – as they should which makes this task all the more difficult. It would be a great pointer that before getting a mattress, one should narrow down to the style and their budget. That can help in what lines to look in.

Mattresses may sound like they are the same, for example the 3 layer all foam Puffy mattress and the 3 layer all foam Nectar mattress but the truth is that these may vary greatly in quality like the North and South pole.

In this piece, we take a more detailed look into the Puffy and Nectar mattress and discover which of the two is better than the other.

From the all-important edge support, to the quality of materials used and construction engineering, to warranties, policies, price, and overall comfort, we put these two brands to the test and concluded on a winner.

This is definitely a must read.

The best between Nectar and Puffy mattress

Let’s begin the detailed overview of these 2 top quality mattresses.

Review of the Nectar mattress

Nectar Queen Mattress + 2 Pillows Included - Gel Memory Foam Mattress - CertiPUR-US Certified Foams - 180 Night Home Trial - Forever Warranty
2,622 Reviews
Nectar Queen Mattress + 2 Pillows Included - Gel Memory Foam Mattress - CertiPUR-US Certified Foams - 180 Night Home Trial - Forever Warranty
  • #1 FASTEST GROWING BRAND IN THE U.S. - Recognized as the fastest growing...
  • TWO FREE PREMIUM PILLOWS INCLUDED - And with every mattress purchase, you also...
  • INDUSTRY LEADING 180 NIGHT TRIAL- You can try Nectar risk-free for 180 night and...
  • 11″ Mattress – 3 Layers
  • All-Foam Build
  • Luxury-Firm Feel
  • Cocooning Sleep Surface
  • Excellent at killing Motion Transfer
  • Trial Period of 365 Nights
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Quilted Cover made from Memory Foam
  • Price: $499 – $999

The Nectar mattress comes in at almost the same size specifications as the Puffy mattress. It is 11” but in our general view having tried very many of these mattress and beds, different specifications would appeal for different clientele.

It is important to put your comfort needs first when choosing a mattress. This Nectar mattress is all foam and quite dense. It gives a more luxury firm feel.

The top layer of its memory foam is what molds into ones sleeping position to give that cocooning effect. This however means that it will be hard to it to give freedom of movement as it does not quickly adapt or mold into the next sleeping position.

One thing though as we touch on movement is that this mattress is a winner at killing or minimizing motion transfer. What’s that? You ask. Don’t worry, we will look at it in detail as we proceed. Please read on.

We will look at different key pointers that we look out for when choosing a mattress. We believe that as you read, these pointers will be helpful in sealing the deal in which mattress to go for.

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Next we look at;

Review of the Puffy mattress

  • 10″ Mattress | 3 Foam Layers
  • All-Foam Construction
  • Made In USA
  • Stain Resistant Cover
  • Contouring Comfort
  • Sleeping Cool
  • Trial Period of 101 Nights
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Medium-Firm Feel
  • Price: $795 – $1,350

This mattress from Puffy with its 10 inch construction of all foam is great for sleeping cool which is quite a necessity for a comfortable night.

The 3 layer build of this mattress brings with it a perfect balance when it comes to pressure relief and great support. The puffy mattress has an open cell technology which basically allows for air circulation to enhance cooling.

This unlike the memory foam Nectar mattress type which entrap heat from the person sleeping and it literally stays there causing quite some discomfort.

The memory foam build also means that it doesn’t quickly adapt to the sleepers movement or change of position because it goes into the cocooning effect once you sleep on it.

The original Puffy mattress is definitely a top ten mattress in our view and ratings. It has another version – the Puffy Lux (luxury version) that has featured at number 1 in our best memory foam mattress ratings.

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Difference between Puffy and Nectar Mattresses

Let’s demystify this jungle.

Material used to build Puffy and Nectar mattress

The Puffy mattress is made in the USA. No wonder we have so much faith in it. the build of a mattress is what determines its output in terms of comfort, sleeping cool, motion transfer to name but a few.

We love the feel of the Puffy mattress and its goes without saying that it takes the cake in this review piece. Its build is a work of technical genius to say the least.

If a mattress cannot serve you for a nice long time, it is not worth your money. Like we’ve said in previous reviews, a mattress is the “partner” you want to choose carefully lest your nights are nothing to look forward to.

That said, let’s delve into the make of this Puffy mattress and see what makes it such a fantastic choice. A 6” base made out of Puffys’ Firm Core Support Foam makes for the base or foundation of this mattress.

Again, we cannot emphasize enough how vital the base or foundation of anything is. This core made out of 1.5lb of density foam is the sturdy foundation that this mattress needs.

Sandwiched between the bottom and top layers is the middle layer. This is where most of the technical genius comes in.

Puffy in this layer use their Climate Comfort Foam as the transition layer between the top and its comfort and the stiffness of the bottom layer.

This is also the layer in which the cooling gel technology is incorporated in the 2” Climate Comfort Foam and that way it gives this mattress a nice cool effect not solely on the top surface but inside and all around it too, what a fascinating work of precision.

This layer allows you to feel the comfort of the top as you sleep yet also gives a good enough support from the core such that you don’t feel the sinking cocooning effect when you sleep.

The “cream of this cake” is the top comfort layer made of foam. Puffy mattress in this top layer use their Cooling Cloud Foam which typically is an open cell foam.

What the open cell foam does is that it allows for air to flow and circulate within and around the mattress. This layer is also keenly infused with a cooling gel that helps neutralize the temperature to ensure cool nights all round.

To cover these various layers of mattress a super-soft top cover that is perfectly fitting. This stretchy cover is quite versatile in that it is resistant to stains and keeps cool because it is breathable.

Better than that is the fact that one can zip it off to remove and wash and just like that you have a nice clean fresh mattress. How amazing is that!

The memory form-which is non-aerated, – is mainly what makes up the Nectar mattress. It has 3 layers. A firm base that supports two layers of memory foam – one for support and the top layer cover (a quilted cover which provides a cushy cozy effect) that is mainly for comfort.

Non aerated foams have a firmer feel than the type used in the Puffy mattress.


This type of foam which is used in the Nectar mattress is also not adaptive and will tend to restrict movement because it gives that sinking or cocooning effect once someone sinks into it.

The Nectar Mattress base foam is technically a 5lb support foam – quite a stiff layer foundation set for the memory foam stacked on it.

Its “transition” layer is formed by the 9.2 grade foam which is again dense. On top of these two thick layers is the last layer made of foam.

This is the comfort layer which consists a visco elastic memory foam of medical grade. This bit is made such that it can provide pressure relief and slowly sink into ones sleeping position.

When we look at the luxury firm mattresses, this specification is what brings that luxury feel. To cover this whole mattress up is a quilted cover with a cozy cushion effect as it is also made with a thin layer of memory foam – just to add to its comfort while you sleep.

Nectar vs Puffy mattress best price

Having seen many overpriced mattresses some of which underperform as per our standard checks, it is good to note that with Puffy, you indeed do get value for your money.

This is a product that has great potential. The Puffy mattresses have a 101 night trial period which should be adequate to know if it’s what you need and a lifetime warranty.

Our disclaimer on these lifetime warranties is that they will have put into consideration the general wear and tear of the mattress.

These are the prices without any coupons (which may be available from time to time).

  • King: $1350
  • Queen: $1150
  • Full: $995
  • Twin: $795
  • Twin XL: $825
  • California King: $1350

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For the Nectar bed mattress, it goes without saying that the price stands much lower than it does with the Puffy. The Nectar is as good a price as you can get for that type of bed.

In as much as we prefer the Puffy due the many other standard checks, it is good to point out that Nectar is also a good bed – it all really depends on what is priority in your sleeping needs.

Nectar has a massive 365 night trial period and a lifetime warranty. That is more than sufficient time to know if that’s bed is really what you are looking for.

It is advisable to grab these offers – just to make sure.

These are the prices for the Nectar mattress.

  • California King: $999
  • King: $999
  • Queen: $799
  • Twin: $499
  • Twin XL: $569
  • Full: $699

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Puffy and Nectar sleeping cool

Most all foam mattresses struggle with this one. More so, memory foam. Some people end up getting a cooling mattress topper.

They don’t circulate air and have no airflow which typically means that one is bound to have many warm, uncomfortable nights. For perfect options on beds which are good at cooling, the hybrid beds do way better than all foam beds.

It is important to note however that not all hope is lost, even for both our featured mattresses which fall in this memory foam category. As technology continues to advance, discoveries are made and interventions put in place.

Puffy Mattress for example has put quite a number of these into place and have quite the solution for this warm uncomfortable nights.

Comfort that comes with Nectar and Puffy

We begin with comfort because it is one of the main things you should look out for when shopping for a mattress.

Remember, a mattress is not something you will buy today and replace tomorrow (well, especially if company policies make this task like going deep sea diving without an oxygen tank).

It is therefore vital to note what specifications each brand has and base that on what your preferences are. For many, one thing that is vital in comfort is a mattress that is well supportive and also has a good contouring feel.

This can come in a variety of mattresses – hybrid, all foam and even the inner spring mattresses. So which of the two mattresses we are looking at today is more comfortable than the other?

While trying the Nectar mattress, we found that it had quite a dense memory foam which is slow in adapting to change of movement.

We would put this on the stiff side. We rated it at 5-5.7 out of 10 on a scale where 1 is for mattress softness and 10 for firmness.

It is in between but going towards the firm or stiffer side and its foam build has a firmness that we would link with a luxury mattress.

As time progresses while you sleep on this mattress, you realize a sinking around your hips and lower back. This can be quite uncomfortable and a tad hazardous especially for those that need lumbar support as a vital aspect.

For those that toss and turn – or switch positions a lot during the night, it would be good to note that this mattress does not quite quickly adapt to the new position or change in movement. Well, not as quickly as some would prefer.

While some may not mind this, for those that prefer freer movement and a quick adapting mattress, it would be wise to consider an alternative.

One more point to consider is the longevity of the comfort. This mattress would be a great pick if you sit on it or even sleep in it the first few nights.

We question however how a few of the details mentioned above would work – e.g. spinal cord support and the retention of the firmness over time.

The best part is that they have a trial period that can help answer this question. 365 nights. That’s right! A whole year trying it out. Now that’s something!

For the Puffy mattress our confidence begins in that it is made in the United States of America. We can shout about that.

They have made this mattress with an open cell technology which helps twofold – in airflow thus dispersing heat for cooler nights, and that it can easily adapt to change of position making movement easy.

For an average mattress, we found that Puffy had a really liked firmness feel. Medium-firm that’s just right. Softer and more authentic.

Our rating for this mattress in comfort would be 5-7 on a scale where 1 is extra soft and 10 extremely firm.

Motion transfer of the 2 mattresses

When it comes to the ability to avert any motion vibrations, both these mattresses almost come to a tie because they are both all foam mattresses with multiple layers and have their comfort layers made of memory foam.

This is the best there is when it comes to deadening motion transfer. For anyone whose main need is in this area of motion control, any of these mattresses would be a good call because they do a perfect job at eliminating the same. This is where all-foam mattresses win.

Do you have a partner that wakes you up at night with their movement?

Do you share a bed with children or maybe a pet?

This is a great choice for you and the beginning to a full night sleep without movement interruptions.

Puffy mattress motion transfer

The first thing they have looked to do is have airflow. This is by introducing the open cell technology with ensures about 8 times increased airflow.

It is important to have airflow because this means that in the spaces, trapped heat can get out as opposed to remaining trapped within the dense foam to heat up the mattress even more.

They also have their top Cooling Cloud Foam infused with a cooling get that literally draws heat away from the body and disperses it into the mattress.

Having the consumers comfort in mind, Puffy have gone an extra step to ensure you sleep cool by adding a gel infused Climate Comfort layer of foam as the “transition layer” we explained earlier.

This second bit targets heat that will even be at the center of the mattress and disperses it. The Puffy mattress does not let you “sink in” and then make you feel like you are in a cocoon as you sleep.

This mattress allows for free movement and swift adaptation to different sleeping positions. Its build is such that it holds one up that’s allowing air to flow and one’s temperature can easily be regulated as thus.

These efforts are what make Puffy take the cup on this particular check point.

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Nectar mattress motion transfer

The Nectar mattress does not quite make the cut when it comes to cooling if we were to keep it plain and simple.

The dense foam in its foundation and transition layer and the amount of memory foam make it quite hard to compete against Puffy on this one.

However, Nectar have notably tied to do something about this by now having a gel infused top layer that helps greatly when it comes to drawing heat away from the sleeper.

Nectar also have the top quilted cover which is aerated and helps in cooling by creating airflow between the sleeper and the top layer.

This is however quickly reversed by the layers below which still somewhat entrap the heat due to lack of circulation resulting in a warm uncomfortable night.

The Nectar mattress sinks in to give that cocooning effect which again as you would imagine, works against it in this category. 

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Puffy vs Nectar edge support

Edge support is crucial and not just for people who like to sleep all the way to the edge of the bed. Yes, they count but this is also mainly for those who use the edges of their beds for more than just sleeping.

Say for example, if the edge of one’s bed is used as a chair or a place one sits for extended periods of time. The edges of a mattress are usually the first victim of time.

They break down and one can clearly begin to see (if not feel) the evident wear and tear.

When thinking about edge support, don’t think about “now” as you sit or lie on that mattress at the store of during the trial period. Think “3, 5 years on” when the warranties and trial periods are long expired.

These two mattresses may not differ much on the initial test for edge support. It is in the build and materials however that the secret of its longevity lies.

In this we carefully concluded that based on the materials used to build it and its local assembly here in the USA, the Puffy mattress had chances of lasting longer than the Nectar mattress as far as Edge support. This is because of the quality materials and prowess put into making it.

In conclusion

Depending on your needs and priorities, both these mattresses are great options for anyone looking to get an all foam mattress that has the cocooning effect of memory foam.

The difference is slight and you may just have to toss a coin on that. Both ways you win. The Nectar mattress has attracted and commands a great clientele which goes to show that it is a good product that many have bought.

Its price point is one of its biggest points of advantage as one can make great savings.

For this particular piece however and having duly tried and tested both mattresses, our distinct winner would be the Puffy mattress because of its comfort feel and how it quickly adapts to movement and change of position.

We also really love that there is so much thought put into its cooling effect system that actually works for a great heat regulator.

The build pattern used in the Puffy mattress is more promising when it comes to service and longevity. We would therefore go overall with the Puffy mattress.

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