Love And Sleep Review – Just For You

A great mattress is everything. It however shouldn’t cost you everything. Nest Bedding have a mattress that is everything good and it doesn’t cost you everything. In doubt?

Allow me to introduce to you, The Love and Sleep mattress.

Whether you call it good quality, or call it firm, all foam mattress, or the excellent choice of mattress that’s good for your comfort yet easy on your checkbook, all these are correct definitions of the Love and Sleep Mattress from Nest Bedding.

Here’s some more information, just in case you think that this is too good to be true.

The Love and Sleep Mattress is the only cooling foam mattress that brags about being Greenguard Gold certified.

Yes, you heard that right. Greenguard Gold certified. Your next thought must be that if this is the case then it must cost a fortune. Well, it doesn’t.

This mattress option costs less than $600 and is definitely a go-to option for anyone who loves their sleep and comfort but is on a strict budget. The build of this mattress is what makes it so easy to Love and Sleep on.

The mattress is 10” in thickness and boasts of the ability to support your body as well as curve or contour into your sleep position of choice, giving room for the perfect slumber.

This also make it easy for you to fit your bed sheet with ease. It has two comfort levels and this gives you freedom of movement and ease of the same.

Now who doesn’t like a little bit of freedom?

Its core is made of a dense foam which is thick and solid. This is definitely the perfect base for a medium made of foam which is carefully stacked layer upon layer to make three. Yes. Three layers.

With Love and Sleep mattress, you are guaranteed rest, even by how you procure it. Free shipping to your doorstep. How does that sound?

It also has a Lifetime Warranty and Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. This is all the more reason to spring into action and get this amazing mattress.

Best price for a Love and Sleep mattress

The Love and Sleep mattress from Nest Bedding is well priced. This is for a queen size mattress. If you are interested you may also check out their bed topper. They allow a sleep trial of 100 nights and has a warranty of 10 years.

As mentioned above, every purchase of this mattress includes free delivery as part of the great customer care and convenience experience.

We feel that this price is a good deal for anyone planning to purchase this mattress but better still, is if you have a promo coupon code, you can still get it at a greater bargain.

Go ahead and use it.

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Love & Sleep mattress delivery and Set-Up

Now that the delivery is brought right to your doorstep, what next?

It has an amazing fairly compact box it comes in.

One would expect that a mattress would be bulky and just outright difficult to manage – but not Love and Sleep mattress. Convenience begins with its packaging.

Weighing about 65lbs, it might be a little tricky to maneuver and take to the exact place you want to set it up. However, with two sets of hands, this task is accomplished with great swiftness.

Once there, taking it out of the box and the plastic wrapping around it should only take a few minutes of your time – and just like that, you are one step closer to comfort and deep slumber.

Unboxing could mean some off gassing – but very little of it. As you may have noticed with many boxed mattresses, once unboxed, there is a little smell emitted off it as it unrolls to take its shape.

With this Love and Sleep mattress from Nest Bedding, these kind of odors are hugely minimal as it is made locally in United States of America.

Within just a few hours, it should be nice and fresh. We advise however for the highly sensitive to scents, that you allow it breathe a good 12 hours before putting it into use.

This should help with minimizing any reactions whatsoever. Here is a video demonstration on how to unbox and set up your Love and Sleep mattress.

Before you embark on the set up, ensure that you have a firm base or foundation on which you will lay this mattress.

The base surface should be even and flat and able to hold the weight of the mattress and those sleeping on it, comfortably.

It would be good to ensure that its height is also correct and that it is beautiful and appealing aesthetically.

There are numerous such options at Nest Bedding which offers these adjustable bases and items varying from box spring to platform beds.

These Alexander hybrid mattress however should work pretty well on any box spring whether or not it has an adjustable base, a normal bed frame or whether it is a slatted bed of platform one.

About Love and Sleep mattress comfort!

This versatile Love and sleep mattress has two comfort level options crafted thoughtfully to suit the needs of each one that purchases it.

If you enjoy sleeping on your side, back or your stomach, look no further. The medium option is for you.

It is sure to provide you the support and comfortable cushion effect you need for a restful night. This mix appeals to your desire for a supported feel yet a nice soft cushion effect.


What about those that don’t enjoy sinking into the mattress and most likely will sleep on their stomachs and sometimes their back?

For those ones, the firm option is ideal. Just like its name, you are guaranteed a firm support as you sleep.

Life is easier with options isn’t it?

This is precisely why the Love and Sleep mattress comes with two options so you can choose what suits you best. That’s another plus. This mattress would however not be recommended for heavier persons.

This is because the quality of its base foam might not be solid enough to give the proper hold or support needed.

When we sampled this Love and Sleep mattress from Nest Bedding, we took the medium option – just to let you know if it really was as good as it sounds.

Guess what. It was. It passed the test when it came to meeting our needs. We felt that this is a wonderful option for anyone on a strict budget.

It is a workable and practical option that should work quite well for a majority of people. Its firmness we would call medium firm. We rated this at 6-6.5 on a scale of 10 where 1 is softness and 10 is the firmest.

Features that come with Love & Sleep mattress

This Love and Sleep option has a two interesting features. One is the fact that it minimizes motion transfer. It absorbs movement vibrations making it perfect for people that share the mattress.

The mattress has a dense base made of foam and its top layer which is literally like memory foam helps in absorbing noise vibrations when there is movement.

This means that very little, if any motion transfer can be felt. Sound sleep, no interruptions!

The other feature is its cooling effect. One of the most disruptive things to sound sleep is excess heat. Well, that is a no-no when it comes to the Love and Sleep mattress from Nest Bedding.

This is a great mattress even for those that prefer to be warmer as they sleep because of its phase changing cover with a cooling effect.

This cover spreads over the Energex cooling comfort layer combining with the SmartFlow air flow on a dense foam base that is top quality in edge support.

Love and Sleep edge support

One very important fact that we often overlook while shopping for a mattress is the Edge Support. Some might not even quite understand what this really means.

Edge support is a vital aspect to consider for anyone that often sits on the edge of their bed or one who loves to sleep at the edge of the bed and be duly supported.

For this mattress, just like most online all foam mattresses, we discovered as we did this review that it is okay for ones sleeping needs but not necessarily for sitting.

If one sits on the edge of the bed for extended hours, this would not be ideal because it may be a bit wanting when it comes to support.

However, for the purpose of sleeping, it gives complete support edge to edge and therefore is fine.

Materials used to build Love & Sleep mattress

It is important that we look at what makes this great mattress so great. It comes in two options for comfort and with each, different specifications.

The similarity is that in both, the mattress thickness is 11’. Let’s now look at the details of each.

We start with the Medium Luxury Option. This Love and Sleep mattress from Nest Bedding has three layers to it. The first layer is 3”of 2.8lb in density.

This is the above mentioned Energex Cooling comfort foam that makes the top layer of this mattress.

It allows easy movement where one can sink into the mattress and also feel a responsive support from the same.

It is supposed to feel like a mix between latex and memory foam. The next layer which forms the middle is the SmartFlow air flow foam.

This is a 1” layer that helps with cooling because of the convoluted design of its foam.

We can also call it a transition layer that allows circulation and dissipation of air bringing the much welcome cooling effect.

Lastly, we have the base which really is the foundation or the core of this mattress.

It goes without saying that precision is key for any foundation. Its edge support foam is 6″ of 1.8lb density. A good enough core for this luxury option.

Next, we look at our second option. The Luxury Firm option from Love and Sleep mattress. This one provides for two layers. The first is a top Energex cooling comfort foam layer which is 2″ of 2.8lb in density.

This layer which also feels like a mix between latex and memory foam allows your body to sink in just enough as it offers the much needed support making movement flow quite easily. Its foundation is the edge support base foam.

This particular base is 8″ of 1.8lb in density and provides the perfect support and mattress and the core it needs. Both options are covered in a Thermic Phase Change Cooling Fabric.

It is a soft fabric with a cozy feel that’s appealing next to the body. This cover is breathable and is key in helping one stay cool even on very hot nights.

Love & Sleep trial and warranty

Nest Bedding in adherence to the average requirements for online mattresses offer a 100 nights trial period for the Love and Sleep mattress.

This is indeed a sufficient amount of time to know if the mattress is a good fit for you, the buyer.

Should you need to return it within that period for any reason, the company offers a smooth, hassle free process in doing so.

Nest Bedding have given a lifetime warranty for this product – the Love and Sleep mattress. This goes to show how much confidence they have in this product.

In as much as there is some fine print that comes with this warranty, this is definitely above and beyond the industry requirements.

This warranty somewhat goes to coincide with the average wearing out of the bed with time.

In case you would be looking to find more information on this particular mattress warranty, it is possible to do so by clicking or checking our mattress warranty and trial period guide.

In the event that you may have any more questions, we are open to answer them based on our research and reviews.

All you need to do is contact us.

In Summary:

Would you like a good quality mattress on a budget of under $600?

Would you like to have the privilege of choosing which firm mattress option is good for you based on your needs and preferences?

If your answer to these questions is yes, we have great news for you. With Love and Sleep mattress from Nest Bedding, your search has indeed come to an end.

This mattress option, is for you. Redeem your coupon to make more savings and start your journey to wonderful slumber.

You’ll love it!