What Is The Size Of A Queen Bed?

Over time, the popularity of the queen bed size has been on the rise. The majority of individuals buy the queen size bed due to its affordability and flexibility.

Since it is not as large as the king bed, it can fit limited spaces. The dimensions of the queen bed vary depending on brand type and country.

However, the standard size of a queen bed is 60 by 80 inches. Typically, a queen bed is larger than a full size bed and smaller than a king size bed

So, individuals consider it a mid-level bed. Fortunately, due to their popularity, many bed frames fit queen beds.

What is the depth of a queen-size mattress?

The depth of a queen size mattress depends on various factors. So, there is no exact depth of a queen bed. However, the depth of a queen size mattress starts from 9 inches.

The more the depth, the more comfortable the queen size mattress. Thus, when buying this mattress, settle the one with that suits your needs.

Do queen beds come in other sizes?

Besides the queen bed’s average size, there are other types of queen beds with different bed sizes.

They include:

  • Olympic queen beds: These beds are much broader than the standard queen bed. But they have the same length. Thus, they accommodate couples better than the standard queen bed.
  • Short queen beds: The short queen bed size is suitable for limited spaces. It is 53 inches wide and 60 inches long. It can fit guest rooms and hotel rooms perfectly. If you are not as tall, the short queen is a good option for you.
  • California queen beds: The California queen is good for people taller than 6′. It is 4 inches longer than the standard queen. Thus, it protects individuals’ feet from hanging over the edge at night.
  • The split queen: This bed size is like the standard queen, 60 by 80 inches. But it is more like a twin bed since it has two beds, each measuring half the width. In most instances, the split queen can adapt to limited spaces. One can easily convert it into one or two beds.
  • A custom queen bed: Besides all the other queen bed types, you can customize a queen bed to fit all your needs. You don’t have to buy any of the mentioned queen beds. Talk to your mattress manufacturer. They will advise you on what’s best for you based on your needs. If you are exceptionally tall, you can still get a comfortable queen bed. Nonetheless, if you customize your queen bed, you will have difficulty finding a matching bed frame.

Are there bed sheets made explicitly for queen beds?

Usually, most queen bed sheets measure 60 by 80 inches. So, if you don’t find your desired sheet size, feel free to customize your bed sheets.

This can be expensive, but worth it. But some companies’ custom makes bed sheets based on your bed size and preferences.

A queen size bed frame

Typically, the bed frame always needs to be larger than the bed size. So, if you have a standard queen bed, you should buy a larger bed frame to fit the mattress.

Note that the frame will consume a lot of space in your bedroom. Always check the dimensions of your bedroom. The queen bed can fit, but the bed frame may be too large for your area.

Moreover, when buying a bed frame, read the manufacturer’s manual. Some queen beds do not accommodate specific frames. Some of the bed frames available include platform frames and storage bed frames.

Who should use a queen bed?

Now that you know the available sizes for queen beds, you can determine if you qualify for one.

A queen bed suits the following category of people:

  • Queen beds are suitable for couples due to the spacious nature. They are wide and long, so two people can fit.
  • Queen beds are ideal for homeowners with spacious rooms. When your bedroom is large enough, consider purchasing a queen size bed.
  • Queen beds suit exceptionally tall people. If you are about 6’2, this bed is an ideal option.

Advantages of a Queen Size Bed

  • A queen bed size is highly flexible. It is suitable for couples, single sleepers with pets, children, and tourists. Due to its massive size, it offers extra personal space for couples.
  • Queen size beds accommodate very tall people. At times, a twin or full bed size can be uncomfortable for tall people.
  • With a queen size bed, you can turn and toss as much as you want. They absorb the motion, thus do not transfer the move to your partner during sleep time.
  • Queen size beds guarantee comfortability. In turn, they help in preventing common bedsores and back pains. As a result, your physical health improves, and you can concentrate on work or school during the day.
  • Queen size beds offer high durability. Thus, it can last for over ten years. You always receive value for money when you invest in a queen bed size.
  • Most queen size beds have storage space in their frames. Thus, you can store your winter jackets, boots, and holiday decorations, among others. As a result, you can save your closet space and make your bedroom look neat.
  • The queen size bed is less costly, and the majority of individuals can afford it. Besides, they offer quality and value for money.
  • Queen size beds are the best types of mattresses you can have while moving to a new house. They are simple to transport.

The bottom line

Today, there is a standard size for queen beds. Nonetheless, queen beds come in different sizes. So, they suit a wide range of people. Additionally, they can meet various requirements.

However, homeowners should note that queen beds are large. Thus, they are best for bigger spaces. Their bed frames also make them bigger.

Therefore, ensure you measure your bedroom size before buying a queen bed.