How To Decorate Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains have several advantages that make them desirable to many people. They help to filter unnecessary light during the night for good quality sleep.

They trap in cool air inside a room, eliminating chances of it leaking out through the windows during hot weather. However, the curtains look unappealing due to their plain and dark colors.

How to make your blackout curtains look beautiful

They often appear ugly irrespective of their style or color. This is where the idea of decorating them comes in.

Use Pompom trim

Decorate your curtains by way of a pompom trim. Choose a color that matches or contrasts the color of your blackout curtains.

The color should be complimentary. Rainbow colors such as red, blue or green will do. For a child’s bedroom, use pompom that are multicolored to create fun and excitement for your child.

Satin scrunchie bow tieback

Make or purchase satin scrunchie bow tieback for decorating your blackout curtain. If the curtain fabric is satin, you can use the same fabric to make your satin bow tieback or opt for a different fabric.

To make one, use elastic and a large piece of fabric so that it can stand out once you tie back your curtain. The fabric of the scrunchie can be patterned, striped or plain-colored.

Trim and flowers with petal tassels

Decorate blackout curtains by using a trim and flowers with petal tassels. Take your single or two-colored blackout curtain and sew onto its outer edges a braided trim with pearls attached to it.

Proceed to gather the curtain into a tieback style. If you have a flower and pearl tieback, attach it to the curtain. Finally, add a sheer, preferably one made of white and silver for extra décor.

Scarf swag with tasselled ropes

Plain blackout curtains for the living room, bedroom or dining room can be dressed up with a scarf swag made of a plain, stripped, or patterned colors lined with a light-colored fabric.

You can then add large twisted cords made of rope to flow with the curve of the scarf swag. The ropes should be long enough to fit over the front and back of the swag rod. Use a slip knot to fasten the ropes.

Always use enough rope length to support large tassels. Finally, add a sheer for elegant finish.

Use Embroidered ribbon to decorate blackout curtains

Embroidered ribbon adds elegance to dull-looking blackout curtains. Choose a wide trim that goes with the length of your curtain and ensure the color you choose complements your curtain rods and curtains.

The trim’s color should be either darker or lighter. This will help it to stand out against the color of your curtain. 

Tulle trim

Use a tulle trim for the hem of your curtain. Add it to the hemline of your blackout curtain. This decoration is great for a young girl’s or teenage girl’s bedroom, but it can also be used in an adults’ bedroom if one so prefers.

Acrylic bead tieback

Use acrylic bead tieback as decor. You can either purchase or make one. Acrylic beads are great for making a tieback for blackout curtains as they are quite beautiful.

The beads help to create a reflective surface, making them ideal for all the rooms of your house. Use acrylic beads of different colors, sizes and shapes and string the beads on an elastic cord as this makes it easy to fix them.

Fabric tieback

Use a fabric tieback decorated with a braid and tassel trim. Most curtains in the market come with this fabric tieback. To make one, simply sew or hot-glue the tassel trim onto the tieback.

The trim should create a contrast and should look appealing. Additionally, it should compliment the design of your room. Additionally, the braid should be a combination of light and dark browns.


A tapestry trim adds a classic, elegant touch to plain blackout curtains. It is an excellent decorative design for all rooms of a house except the kitchen.

Choose a trim that best matches the color of your curtain and ensure that you have one or more colors woven into the design. If your room has a low ceiling, use a vertical design to create an illusion of length.

Allow the curtains to fall free to expose the trim. You can also use a tieback on your curtain for the same effect.

Festive decorations

This decorative design is perfect for a child’s bedroom or playroom. Any color of curtains will do. Hot-glue plastic decorations of contrasting colors to the curtain or alternatively make your own decorations of different sizes that have the ability to draw your child’s attention and interest.

Flower tiebacks

Flower tiebacks are great for blackout curtains. To make one, use any type of flower. This design is suitable for a bedroom.

An artificial flower bouquet with foliage is perfect, particularly where the flower is the same color with the curtain and the foliage is green.

Start by creating the flower arrangement then attach an elastic band to both ends of the flower to secure it. Use a floral wire to tie the curtains. 

Contrasting matching fabric tieback

This décor works for any room. Use a tieback of contrasting yet matching fabric. The tieback can be made of a pattern that uses all the colors present in your curtain.

The only contrast is the different color sizes in the pattern. The tieback pattern should be 2 to 3 times larger than the curtain pattern. 

Blackout curtains with designs cut out

This is a triple weave curtain made in a way that blocks out sunlight. It insulates against heat and cold. It is a laboratory-tested innovation that helps to save money and energy.

It reduces outdoor noise and improves sleep. The cut outs are star-patterns that allow sunlight to stream in during the day. 

Patterned blackout curtains for bedroom

These exclusively patterned curtains add definition to your room without clashing with your room’s décor. The darker the color of your patterned curtains the better their ability to block out light during the night.