Do Blackout Curtains Help You Sleep?

Blackout curtains help you to sleep by blocking out all light that has potential to interfere with your ability to fall sound asleep. Blackout curtains create the best environment for uninterrupted sleep.

Car traffic lights, street lights and floodlights in a residential neighborhood tend to filter through ordinary curtains, leading to disturbed sleep patterns and the inability to fall sound asleep.

How blackout curtains help you fall asleep

No need of sleeping mask

Anyone with blackout curtains does not need to sleep with a sleeping mask which tends to be uncomfortable because it keeps the face too warm. The discomfort of feeling the mask clinging to your face makes a sleeping mask undesirable.

To avoid this, invest in high quality blackout curtains and you will be guaranteed a restful night.

Reduce sleep disruptions

Unlike ordinary drapes, blackout curtains help you to fall asleep faster than you would when using ordinary curtains.

They also reduce the disruptions caused by light and external noise as they are also great at shutting out noise coming from the outside. The quality of your sleep is therefore enhanced greatly.

Circadian rhythm

The amount of sleep one has on any given night is greatly impacted by the amount of light they get exposed to during the day and also at night, especially the few hours just before bedtime.

Light impacts what is referred to as the circadian rhythm. This rhythm is what communicates to your brain that it is either time to sleep or time to wake up.

No sudden startles

One of the most offensive night experiences is the sudden startle caused by light that filters in through the curtains in the wee hours of the morning.

This has made many people to come to a place of appreciating the role that blackout curtains play in guaranteeing and securing sound sleep.

These curtains help to keep you from being woken up at a time you didn’t intend to wake up.

Maintain sleep schedule

They allow you room to decide when to wake up, and your sleep schedule is no longer determined by natural light from the sun, or by artificial light flowing into a room from the outside.

They promote your natural sleep routine, helping you to retire to bed and wake up the same time each day. These curtains are therefore a worthwhile investment for anyone who values quality sleep.

Great for night workers

Blackout curtains are extremely helpful for people who work in shifts and those who work at night and sleep during the day.

For these categories of people to be fresh, they need to be able to sleep soundly during the day after a night of work. Blackout curtains are therefore ideal for them.

Shut out noise

Noise filtering in through windows and curtains during the night and also during the day for those who need daytime sleep is a great nuisance for anyone in need of quality sleep.

The dense fabric of blackout curtains dampens external noise, greatly reducing it, thus helping you to experience sound sleep.

Blackout curtains for bedroom

Most blackout curtains are intended for bedrooms, or better said, most people buy blackout curtains for the bedroom.

This is because the intended purpose for these drapes is majorly to block out light at night for undisturbed quality sleep. With this in mind, blackout curtains are the best drapes for a bedroom.

Always choose blackout curtains combined with antic curtain rods for your bedroom. It is highly recommended to use them to ensure your bedroom maintains complete darkness the entire night or daytime when you need to nap.

Blackout curtains and children

Blackout curtains are extremely helpful not only to adults but also to children, particularly the very young ones. Nothing hampers a child’s ability to fall asleep at night like light flowing into a room from any source.

This not only keeps them awake and moody, but their crying also disrupts your own sleep and sleep pattern. Blackout curtains help them to fall asleep and wake up refreshed.

Dense fabric

Blackout curtains create huge and lasting impressions because their thick and heavy fabric falls flawlessly and evenly to the floor.

Blackout curtains are also great for bedroom because this is the place where you usually take daytime naps or even sleep during the day when you need to do so, especially if you were working or traveling overnight and could therefore not sleep.

They help to shut away all sunlight flowing in through the windows to allow you to have the much needed sleep. All you need to do is draw the curtains from end to end to create the darkness you need for daytime sleep.

Do blackout curtains make you more tired?

Blackout curtains have potential to make you more tired despite having had enough hours of sleep. The body’s internal clock fails to recognize and differentiate between day and night when you use blackout curtains.

They interfere with your internal clock, causing you to wake up feeling groggy. However, allowing light to filter in during the early hours of the morning signals the brain that the time to wake up has arrived.

The function of your internal clock is maintained and you wake up fully refreshed to start your day.

Are blackout curtains bad for you?

Blackout curtains have their advantages and disadvantages, and although their benefits far outweigh their cons, it is good for any user of these drapes to know their downside.

One of their cons is the foregoing, that they make you more tired due to their tendency to disturb the working of the body’s internal clock.

Babies and irritability

Another downside to these curtains is that they make a baby irritable due to disturbed sleep pattern arising from their inability to wake up in the morning.  Instead, they remain asleep.

This is caused by lack of flow of natural light into the bedroom. Their circadian rhythm fails to become established during infancy, making it difficult for them to establish a sleep pattern that distinguishes between day and night.