How To Layer Sheer And Blackout Curtains

Sheer and blackout curtains blend very well when layered accurately. Curtain layers add elegance to the rooms of any house. There are different ways of layering curtains:

  • Layer dark sheers over blackout curtains.
  • Layer blackout curtains over sheers.
  • Layer neutral fabrics for bohemian décor style that is carefree.

Layering dark sheer curtains over blackout curtains

Blackout curtains can be layered with sheers over them to create a softer visual appearance. In this case, the sheers are fitted over the blackout curtains so that they face the inside of a room.

This is a modern style of layering curtains and it gives you a break from the traditional way of layering curtains where curtains overlay sheers, with the sheers coming next after the window glass and in the same color scheme as the curtains.

Décor style

The dark sheers are blended with light-colored blackout curtains for an appealing contrast. For instance, the blackout curtains could be white where as the sheers could be black in color, allowing you the privilege of using the style as décor for your room.

Let the sheer curtains hang all the way to the floor. During the day, use tiebacks to hold the curtains to the window sides to create the appearance of an art performing theater.

Layering blackout curtains over sheer curtains

This is the traditional style of layering curtains, but its appeal is still major. Sheers are light and therefore easy to remove and wash, very unlike heavy blackout curtains. They are usually hung right next to the window glass.

When blackout curtains are placed facing the inside of a room, and the sheers right next to the window glass, it gives you privacy during the day and also during the night.

How they work

At daytime, the blackout curtains are drawn apart and held in place using tiebacks, allowing natural light to flow into a room through the sheers.

The sheers remain closed and are never drawn, helping to reduce the harshness of sunlight during hot weather. In the evenings, the blackout drapes are simply drawn together for privacy.

The sheers can be hung as one single piece of fabric or can be separated into two parts so that you hang two pieces of fabric. Most people prefer it as one single piece, particularly where the window is not too wide. 

Layering ceiling mounted sheer and blackout curtains

You can add a sense of height to a room by mounting your curtains from the ceiling. This style enhances elegance in the visual look of your room.

Mount both the sheer and blackout curtains on separate rails or tracks for ease of movement. If you like, go for curved curtain rails with round finish.

It blends with the ceiling in a seamless manner and this helps to hide the brackets, leaving you with a classic finish.

The curtains can open at the center if you so prefer, but they can also open to the right or to the left. Optionally, you can let them float freely.

Alternate sheer and blackout curtains

Depending on your taste or preference, you can alternate sheer and blackout curtains. A single rail or track can be used, allowing the sheer and curtain to share it alternately.

This gives your room a striking appearance. You can use this style on the entry way or in your living room.

The downside to this style is that it doesn’t allow you to fully close your blackout curtains, making it undesirable for bedroom use. 

Motorized curtain tracks for blackout curtains

Motorized curtain tracks allow you to draw your curtains from any part of the room using a remote control. You can draw your blackout curtains from the comfort of your bed.

You can also set a timer, allowing your curtains to open automatically at the time you need them to open.

To mount both, you can use motorized tracks, or alternatively can use the tracks for the motorized blackout curtains and then mount the sheers on hand-operated tracks.

Benefits of layering blackout curtains

There are 4 benefits of layering blackout drapes.  One of them is that your furnishing and interior décor are protected by the sheers from fading arising from direct sun-rays. The blackout curtains muffle outdoor noise.

Additionally, they help to regulate the temperature of your room. They also allow you the privilege of controlling the amount of light entering into your room at any given time. 

Sheer and blackout curtains on one rod

You can put sheers and blackout curtains on one rod if you so prefer. This will save you the expense and time you would use in buying and fixing an additional rod.

You can layer both sheer and blackout curtain by use of curtain rings with clips. You can do this by alternately clipping one ring to the blackout curtain, then clipping the next ring to the sheer.

This is one way of doing it. The other way is by aligning the sheer and blackout curtains then clipping them together. 

Double curtain rods

Single curtain rods are a good choice, but double curtain rods are more popular because they allow for greater privacy, add visual appeal as part of a room’s décor and allow for best light control. It is a very practical way of layering curtains.

Blackout curtains with sheer overlay

You can choose to overlay your blackout curtains with sheers. This is done by pairing both, then sewing the sheers to the curtains at the top part where the rings are fixed so that both go into one rod.

Double layer sheer and blackout curtain

Use a sheer with double layers for thickness together with a blackout curtain. Both are hung on separate rods. The first layer of sheers is usually plain in color, and the next is either the same color or patterned.

Both are paired and sewn together at the top. You can use the sheers over the blackout curtain or vice versa depending on your preference.