Types Of Chairs That Turn Into A Bed

A couch that folds into a bed

Just the same way a roll away bed can be folded the same applies to a sleeper chair. A chair that turns into a bed is commonly called a sofa bed or sleeper chair.

This is the most common name for this type of chair. Some other names commonly used for this kind of chair are pullout sofa, hide-a-bed, sleeper sofa, sleeper couch, and bed couch.

As the name suggests, this is characteristically a couch or sofa that has a metal frame hidden underneath the seat cushions.

The metal frame is pulled out to extend to become the bed. It also has a thin mattress that can be spread-out on it to make the bed.

When it is not in use as a bed, it can be pushed back and folded to look like your ordinary sofa or couch. A sofa bed should not, however, be confused with a futon.

Futon, which has its origin in Japan, is a mattress that is folded into two when not in use and stored away in a closet.

Sofa beds are generally designed to be comfortable and as such, a rewarding experience at the end of a long day!

They have padding that gives you the much-needed support for your spine thus making them a perfect place for resting.

This spares you from spinal injuries that are a result of the wrong use of foam.

They are also very trendy and come in a variety of designs that add to the beauty of your room.

Normally they do not take space as couches and are easy to spread out for a comfortable night’s sleep.

A sofa bed is a valued addition to the furniture in your living room. You can also have it as part of your camping equipment.

It can be the place where you can curl up with your favorite book, a place where you can place a child to nap or even for you to nap on during the day.

They save you quite a bit of cash especially when you are living alone since you only need to get yourself one piece of furniture that will function both as a chair and a bed.

They are great in saving space when you have a small space to work with like a small apartment.

This means that the space that you use as a living room can without difficulty be converted into a bedroom at night.

All you need is to pull out the metal frame that makes the sleeper, get your sheets and blankets, and get your good night’s sleep.

For your camping experiences, there are inflatable sofa beds which are armchairs with the pull out feature for sleeping on.

This comes in handy during camping since you get a comfortable place to sit on during the day and a place to sleep during the night.

Types of fold up bed chair

Sofa beds come with so many features in them. Some sofa beds are recliner chairs with a recliner back. These then are recliner chairs by day and complete beds by night.

This can work as your lounger by day and still maintain good posture as well as a bed for your guests in case you do not have a guest room.

A sofa bed, therefore, has so many benefits to you as the user. The challenge however is knowing how to choose the right type that will meet your requirements.

Here are the common types of sofa beds that are available in the market:

Pull-out Sofa bed

This is so far the most common type of sofa bed that is available in the market.

As its name suggests, the bed feature is pulled out of the sofa feature. These come in a variety of pleasant designs that can add to your house’s décor.

The sleeper comes on a metal frame which makes it a sturdy construction. It also makes it easy to fold it into a chair and spread it out to make the bed.

Fold-out Sofa bed

This chair, as the name suggests, folds out to be the bed. When it is unfolded, it becomes the typical single seater sofa.

This is an ideal piece of furniture for a person living on their own since you get two pieces of furniture in one.

Twin bed pull-out Sofa bed

This sofa bed comes with a very comfortable mattress. It comes as your usual armchair with a solid frame that two people can sit on.

Camping Armchairs

These are your camping best friends. They are easy to carry because they are inflatable.

They are your classic inflatable chair with a pullout feature that turns it into a bed. They are a pleasant addition to your camping trip.

Loveseat Set Sleeper Chair

These come as your classical loveseat. They are stylish and make great upholstery for your house.

It comes with supportive backrests and removable cushions and is very wide.

Best sleeper chair to sleep on

The biggest question when choosing the best sleeper chair or sofa bed is how to identify a suitable one for your needs.

The right sleeper chair can be an enhancement to your living room’s décor and also turn your camping experience to a comfortable one.

While you may be going through several reviews when trying to decide on the best, you need to at least know what your needs are.

Depending on the need, whether the sofa bed is for your living room or even for camping, some of the things to consider when choosing the best sofa bed are:

  • Design of other furniture in your living room- you need to choose a sofa bed that is matching the design and the general theme of the room. This will help you in deciding if your sofa bed should be an inflatable one or a regular easy chair. Some people prefer an inflatable sofa bed for their living room. The beauty is that if it doesn’t match the other furniture, you can simply throw a slipcover onto it so that it matches your décor. However, besides the décor, you might need to consider if you are having pets before choosing to have an inflatable sofa bed. Cats and dogs with their claws are not the best pets to have in the same room with your inflatable sleeper chair.
  • Fabric cover- Because your sofa bed complements your other furniture, you can choose a sofa bed with very colorful fabric. You should choose a sofa bed with a fabric cover that is easy to clean and washable. You need to be clear on what its washing instructions are so that you can be able to fulfill them.
  • Durable construction- your sofa bed needs to be sturdy so that it can hold your weight or that of your guests. Good workmanship is important even if the chair you are buying is the inflatable sofa bed for camping. While furniture goes through normal wear and tear, you need to have your sofa bed done in such a way that it will not need to be repaired time and time again. This is important so that the bed serves you for a longer time without breaking.
  • Transferability- if you need to have a sofa bed for your camping trip, you need to choose an easily portable chair. For this to be possible, you can choose to have an inflatable one since it can be easily packed up together with your tent.
  • The thickness of the mattress- A good sofa bed should have cushions that have foams which have varying thicknesses. Many sofa beds have their mattresses being quite thin and bars that may press on your back. You might need to choose a high-density mattress to get better support for your back. While this may have an impact on your budget, it is a worthy investment towards your comfort. You can also add some extra foam if you feel that the one on the sofa bed is too thin. This is only after you have ascertained the sturdiness of your bed.
  • Quality and Comfort- quality purchases are the best investments and they go a long way. While you may want your sofa bed to be there for many years, you would want it to be also comfortable. Therefore, it is important to choose a sofa bed that is sturdy and has a foam quality that will not become thin too quickly. 
  •  Adjustable armrests and wheels- sleeper chairs with an adjustable armrest is a great bargain for you. Some sleeper chairs also come with wheels in addition to the normal feet. This combination of wheels and feet are great for easier portability of your sofa bed.

The above features are essential when you are considering purchasing a robust and comfortable sleeper chair.

They will help you to be clear on the exact features to look for when confirming your purchase of the best sleeper chair.

It is important to consider many options before settling on a particular design of a sleeper bed that will meet your needs.