Effects Of 3D Wallpapers To Decorate Your Home

Modern homes have been keen to incorporate design concepts that embrace compatibility, personalization, style and functionality into living spaces.

Since the wake of modern interior design concepts, apart from vintage wall clocks and wall picture frames, wall paper have sufficed as key components to add variance and vibrancy to living spaces.

Whether it is the living room, bedroom, bathroom, hallway, office space, restaurant, mall or museums to name a few; wall papers have been used as a source of aesthetics, inspiration and sheer works of art.

Wall papers have evolved from conventional ones whose key feature was the addition of aesthetics and color to a space, to the current modern 3D trends that are all the rage in contemporary interior design styles.

What is a 3D wall paper?

A 3D Wall paper optimizes on the 3-dimensional nature of any given object and is built with the help of a digital/ computer aided design.

The technology used in producing 3D objects involves ‘layering’ the constitutive material bit by bit. 3D wallpaper gives a sense of realism and character to the object, painting or art.

3D effects do give the picture the illusion of deepness which is an aspect which tends to be eliminated in the average 2D drawing, painting or depiction.

The incorporation of depth into the various images works to “breathe life” to the piece. The image has greater character and realness to its appearance.

Due to its ‘real’ character, 3D wallpapers have made head way in the wall paper industry. Various wallpapers such as phones, tablets and laptops wall papers have embraced the 3D effect.

In its advent, modern artists have greatly subscribed to the same and have incorporated it into their art work to give it the right fuse of uniqueness, quality and style. Nowadays, there are 3D paintings, drawings, graffiti, sketches and the like.

These have been pivotal to facilitate the advance of the 3D effect in interior design, the fashion and architecture industry.

3D Effect Wallpaper for Walls

Unlike ordinary wall papers, 3D art and wallpapers have the added advantage of a stylish master play of illusions and realism that is highly sought after in contemporary interior finishing.

The picture, photo or diagram displayed in a 3D effect gives a unique poise to any room and sharpens its visual allure. The images appear real and effortlessly incorporated into the space.

Characteristics of 3D wall papers

  1. Unique Designs and Patterns

Common 3D wall paper deigns range from spirals, abstractions up hazard geometry, grids, imitations of real or expensive décor finishing such as gold, marble or pearls, to city or sea landscapes and floral or vector patterns.

There are also diverse patterns, repeated in various sequences in horizontal or vertical motions that also contribute the general outlook of the wall paper.

Additionally, one can also have a customized 3D wallpaper of his own personal sketch or drawing. The options are truly endless.

  1. Color and Contrast

With varying hues, gradients, perspectives and complementing or contrasting color palettes, 3D wall papers are a great resource to incorporate color into a living space.

In most instances, an assortment of colors is used to depict the variance in gradient of the image or the multiple objects and images in the one picture.

A 3D wall decor or wall paper may be single-colored, boldly colored, neutral or multi-colored.

Single colored 3D images are common with abstract motifs whereas multi-colored 3D images are typical in depicting urban landscapes and nature landscapes as they incorporate a great deal of detail.

Details in urban landscapes would consist of the several buildings, varying intensity of lights in a building, the horizon, silhouettes (if it’s dark).

Whereas nature landscapes which tend to depict the flora and fauna of a given area, would consist of various sea creatures, the adjacent plants, the color of the sea, waterfall and any other feature desired.

A dark or densely colored wall paper may be used to contrast the floor or ceiling of the space and vice versa.

A 3D wall paper may possess similar complementary colors to the overall color code of the room and thus blend in with the rest of the room’s fittings.

  1. Optically increase or decrease room space

Space is an essential factor in interior design. The wider the space the more things that can be fitted into it, the smaller the space the less things can be fitted.

Small rooms may run the risk of looking cluttered and congested, whereas very large spaces may run the risk of looking empty and incomplete. The good news is this is fixable using an appropriate 3D wall paper.

With their varying sizes, shapes and patterns, 3D wall papers are able to give a wide range of visual illusions of the size and height of the room and its upholstery.

A pattern incorporating vertical lines of 3D effect tends to make a room appear elongated whereas densely patterned wallpapers ‘close up’ the room.

They may also be used to increase or decrease the height of the room thus custom-making the feel and fitting of the room to one’s own preference.

3D wallpapers may also be used to elongate various features in the room such as the furniture and various upholstery pieces.

Nonetheless, whether it is the room or the upholstery in need of a visual fitting, care should always be taken in how the furniture and other room fittings are placed so that they collaborate to the enlargement or otherwise of the room.

  1. Blur the short comings of the actual layout

This is one stellar feature of nearly all 3D wall paper art. They are designed in such a manner to hide any design defects of the layout.

Due to the repetitiveness of the patterns or the vast detail of the picture, small imperfections and minor asymmetrical flaws perhaps caused by poor placement on the wall, become indistinguishable to the eye.

Uses of 3D Wall papers

  1. Bold Statement

3D Wall papers are a good way to make your living space stand out in detail, style and definition.

Eye catching scenery such as a city silhouette to a detailed vintage pattern or an island scenery or abstraction, carefully designed into 3D wallpaper and fixed in the living room space or hallway will leave any family member or visitor in awe.

  1. Customize and personalize the room

Wall papers offer an inexpensive way to customize any room space and help in brightening up a room.

It is more convenient and generally cheaper to painting the wall or accruing the service of a professional calligrapher to draw you an amazing work of art on the wall.

3D wall papers help personify any living space as one can put up images and scenery they are fond of or which depict their style and taste.

  1. Add depth and give crisp definition to the room

3D wall papers have the illusion of ‘pushing the wall away’ from where it typically stands. The resultant effect is that of a ‘deepened’ room and the impression of a larger space.

Also, use of a mildly detailed 3D wall papers tend to add character and a crisp and clean look to the room.

  1. Differentiate the room into functional spaces

In rooms that are not divided into the various functional spaces, 3D wall papers may aid in this differentiation.

One can opt to place the wall paper on one side of the room thus distinguishing that space from the other spaces present.

  1. Increases comfort and warmth to a room

3D wall papers tend to ‘fill’ the room owing to their realistic appearance that can seamlessly be incorporated into the living space.

Correct use of color and imagery will give the room a warm cozy feeling that will be enjoyed by all. It may also help in soundproofing the wall.

Factors to consider in choosing 3D wall paper

  1. Nature and style of the picture

Complex pictures may need greater technical expertise to produce and thus may tend to be more expensive than simple 3D pictures.

  1. Size and Shape of the wall paper

Depending on the desired effect, a wall paper can be custom-made to take up the whole wall and its adjacent walls or a single wall or part of a wall.

The wall paper may also be designed to a variety of shapes, such as circles or squares or rectangles. However, rectangular shapes are the most common.

  1. Interior position

In cases where, the wall paper is to cover only specific walls, the angle and position of these walls should be put into consideration.

If the wall paper is to be fixed on a wall that is adjacent to a large window, the wall paper should be designed with a non-reflective surface in order to minimize reflection.

However, if it is to be placed on a wall that has little to no illumination, a reflective surface may be necessary to allow light into that space.

  1. Function of the room

If the room is frequently used and is prone to spills and dirt, one should pick a suitable base-material for their 3D design that will allow for frequent cleaning without wear or tear.

Base materials differ from vinyl to woven bases. If the room is a music room or laundry area you may consider how you will take care of the noise.

  1. Cost of installing the wall paper

Expense may vary because of the size or design of the wall paper. Several decent and stylish wallpapers exist that are easily accessible and budget friendly. Pick a wall paper that is within your budget range.

Advantages of 3D wall papers

  1. Durable- they do not lose original appearance as times go on.
  2. Wear and tear resistance
  3. Diversity
  4. Can be easily interchanged or altogether removed.
  5. Easily placed on the walls- the rolls can be stuck on the wall with wall paper paste or glue, as prescribed by the manufacturer. Professional help may be needed to set up very complex wallpapers, however this is not always the case.

Disadvantages of 3D wall papers

  1. Expensive than ordinary canvases and wallpapers.
  2. Not easily available, in most instances must be ordered from an agency that produces such.
  3. Needs a smooth level surface- if surface is bumpy, the intended illusion of depth may be thoroughly impaired.

What is 3D mural wall papers?

Wall murals are art canvases that are applied directly to the wall. Murals serve a highly decorative purpose and are extremely artsy in nature.

They are usually large in size and have been present since ancient times as a way to preserve and communicate the history of a people or place.

Nowadays murals are created with the 3D effect and are used in outdoor or large-scale indoor purposes.

The major disadvantage of 3D wall murals is that they are produced in large scale and therefore are not custom-made to the exact needs of each client.

For example, they are not produced with regard to specific wall dimensions of the client or with regard to the lighting of the room and other personalized features.

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Modern 3D wall paper for bedroom

In a bedroom setting, 3D wall papers may be used to customize and add a personal touch to the space.

Bedrooms are vital functional spaces where individuals need to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed to rest.

They are also by default the very rooms that individuals wake up in and thus their first glance around should be inspiring and motivating to jump starting their day. Several factors ought to be considered in selecting a bedroom 3D wall paper.

They are similar to those considered in any selection of any suitable wallpaper as detailed above. However, one distinguishing factor for bedrooms is the consideration of the age of the occupant.

Getting wall paper according to age

Bedrooms are naturally more individualized spaces compared to the rest of the rooms in the house.

Bedrooms belonging to the younger members of the family are usually more colorful and flamboyant in expression as compared to those of more senior or elderly members.

3D Wall papers in children bedrooms can vary from their favorite cartoons to a theme reflective of their favorite sport.

The options are immense. As for the elderly, wall papers may be more neutral and calmer. Floral patterns are more common in 3D bedroom wall papers.

Pre-designed 3D wall papers for bedrooms can be selected from various online stores or designed by a specialized printing institution within one’s locale. They generally serve the same purpose as ordinary 3D wall paper and are an added delight to the character of the bedroom space especially if they blend well with your picture frames.