Mattress Topper Sizes And Densities In The Market

Mattress toppers are a revolution in the world of bedding products. Buying a mattress is a costly venture. Toppers provide a more affordable alternative to buying new mattresses.

When your mattress gets too old, loses it a soft and plush feel, and becomes too firm, you can give it a new lease on life by investing in a bed topper.

There are numerous types of toppers manufactured by the various brands available on the market.

They come in various sizes and thicknesses as well and are made from a variety of materials ranging from memory foam, latex, the memory foam infused with the blue gel, and even cotton fiber.

You only need to pick one depending on your needs and budget. When picking out a mattress topper you need to have a lot of things in mind.

First, you must consider the condition of your current mattress. Inspect the mattress and identify areas that are worn out from constant turning and irregular weight distribution.

If your mattress is particularly worn out, it is best to get a mattress topper that is 3 or 4 inches thick for that added bolstering.

If you only require a little extra cushioning a topper below 2 inches thick should do the trick.

This article is dedicated to reviewing the various widths there are and give you insight on which one might be the best for your bed frame size.

1.5-inch mattress topper

This is the thinnest mattress topper you can find on the market. Designed to add that soft and plush feel, a topper of this thickness is recommended for use on any mattress that is generally firm and in overall good shape.

You should only buy a topper of such thickness when you need to add a soft layer to your bed and make it a bit more comfortable. Toppers with a 1.5-inch thickness, are not ideal for older, more worn-out mattresses.

This is because they are too thin to provide you with the support required to compensate for the mattress’s deficiencies.

King size 2-inch thick memory foam topper

Memory foam toppers that have a 2-inch thickness are wonderful for adding a soft, comfy aspect to your firm mattress.

Thicker than the 1.5-inch mattress topper, investing in this product should enhance comfort and support during sleep.

Memory foam is formulated to aid you sleep better by reducing stress on your body’s pressure points.

When you lie down on the foam, it compresses and conforms to your unique body shape.

By so doing, your body is cradled in this grove that takes away the stress from your neck, shoulder, back, and hip area.

Thus if you are a side sleeper, this is the product to invest in. Never again will you wake up in the morning feeling worn out and tired.

California king size memory foam topper

A mattress topper that is California king size measures 72 inches in width by 84 inches in length.

Ideal size for couples. It is also ideal for single persons who fancy having a large sleeping area all to themselves.

This topper comes in various thicknesses ranging from 1.5 inches to 4 inches. Whatever thickness you choose is dependent on your personal preferences and needs. If you fancy the Full XL mattress topper then you can definitely go for it.

2 inch thick support foam topper by Sealy

This product is manufactured by Sealy, a brand well known in the beddings business. The topper is designed to take your sleeping experience a notch higher.

Memory foam infused with gel takes center stage when it comes to analyzing the features of this product.

This hybrid product serves to provide you with a plush, cool, and supportive sleeping surface. Memory foam adapts to your unique body shape, giving you comfort and support.

Blue gel on the other hand disperses heat released from your body, thus the topper keeps you cool the whole night long.

Isotonic 2-inch mattress topper

This product is designed with your best interests in mind. Made of 2-inch thick memory foam combined with the blue gel, ready yourself to wave goodbye to all your sleeping problems.

The topper has a medium firmness that relieves stress on your body. The foam is highly responsive. It compresses and molds in around your body’s frame in response to your body weight.

You are thus cradled in a customized grove that offers you support and keeps you warm the entire night. The blue gel incorporated into the topper prevents you from overheating during sleep.

It diffuses the heat produced by your body away from you and keeps you cool the entire night.

To add to this list of goodies, the Isotonic topper is also accompanied by a removable stretch skirt or cover. The cover is machine washable. This allows you to keep the topper clean.

5 zone 2″ convoluted foam topper

Dubbed the therapeutic sleeping pad, this convoluted foam topper is an impressive product with three very impressive traits.

It designed with five textured zones, is well ventilated, has a convoluted rippled surface. Purchasing these babies might be one of the best decisions you could ever make.

It gives you a well ventilated, textured sleeping surface that is 2 inches thick. With this, you can say good riddance to back pains and restless nights.

The rippled and firm surface gives your back support and eliminates body aches and back pains.

The sleeping pad has five textured zones for where to place your head, neck, shoulders, torso, and hips.

These surfaces give extra support and reduce stress on these areas of your body. The foam is well ventilated. Air circulates in and around the mattress diffusing heat away from you.

As such, you will therefore never get too hot. It is ideal for persons who suffer from back pain or persons who wish to have a much firmer surface to sleep on.

Recap and verdict

Mattress toppers are the way to go when trying to improve the comfort of your bed. They are more affordable than buying new mattresses and with the variety available you are assured to find the right topper for you.

When picking one out, however, always remember that a topper is designed to supplement your mattress.


Inspect your mattress beforehand and determine what your comfort needs are. If your mattress is old and worn out, a thick topper may be what you need.

If it too soft, then consider investing in a firm blue gel infused topper.