Critical Facts About Mattress Topper Full XL

This is the largest topper out there on the market. The XL abbreviation stands to mean extra-large.

This means that in terms of dimensions, its width is the same as that of a full-sized mattress topper.

On the other hand, its length is 6 inches longer than that of a standard queen-sized topper. The full XL mattress size is ideal for taller persons and couples.

If you are currently on the lookout for the best XL mattress toppers there are, this review will be instrumental in your search.

Top Full XL Topper

Our picks;

Split queen topper

Your partner may have different sleeping needs. You may prefer a firm mattress, yet he may prefer a softer mattress.

Even though relationships are about compromise you do not need to compromise on the quality of your sleep.

Split toppers are custom built sleeping surfaces that meet both of your sleep comfort needs. One half could be designed to be firm and the other plush, whatever your preferences are.

By getting such a mattress made for you, both your needs are met without either of you having to compromise on your comfort.

5-pound density foam topper

Memory foam is famed for its plushness. It provides a warm, soft and comfortable surface to rest your weary self after a long hard-day’s work.

A 5- pound memory foam topper, provides both comfort and support. It distributes your weight taking away pressure from your back, neck and legs. With this you only need to lie down and let the sand man take you away.

3-inch Memory foam and gel-infused mattress topper by Lucid, Full XL

Lucid has a knack for making quality products. Be it mattresses or mattress toppers, you are guaranteed that their products will blow others away.

This is in no way different. The Lucid memory foam topper with gel infusion is designed to be a revolution for your sleeping pattern.

With it, you will never wake up tired or with your back aching. Memory foam is soft, smooth, and squishy.

It is easily compressed under your body weight to create a personalized special grove just for you to cuddle in. The ease at which it can be compressed also works to reduce pain and pressure.

By sinking into the mattress topper, your body is aligned and kept in place. Gel, conversely, adds a layer of firmness and support.

It ensures that you do not sink too deep into the surface. It supports your frame and eliminates backaches and neck pains.

It also disperses heat, taking it away from anywhere near your body, leaving behind a cool sensation. These two substances put together offer therapeutic treatment.

If you suffer from back or neck pain, this product is sure to solve that. If you get too hot in bed, this product got you covered. Additionally, you only need a range of $150 – $170 to get yourself this mattress topper.

2 inch Full XL memory foam topper with gel infusion by Milliard

Do you hate having to wake up in the night to cool off or change your shirt because it’s drenched in sweat?

If you do, then this topper by Milliard is the answer to your many prayers. The topper is designed to keep you nice, cool and fresh.

The gel imbibed in between the memory foam takes heat from your body and diffuses to your surroundings. Moreover, the memory foam is designed using open cell technology. It is therefore more breathable.

The properties of memory foam combined with those of gel, create a supportive surface for your spine, shoulders, and back.

The topper may however be too soft. You will thus require a much firmer mattress for the extra support. With this product, back pains are forever out of the question

Full XL Lucid Memory foam topper

Like the other mattress toppers so far reviewed, this one blends memory foam, gel infusion, and open-cell technology. Gel and open-cell technology keep the topper cool and breathable.

Apart from been infused with gel the topper comes with a tencel blend cover that is removable

Memory foam gives you comfort in your sleep and supports your back, shoulders, and spine. It comes with a removable Tencel cover.

The cover keeps the topper away from dirt, dust, and stains. Furthermore, it is machine washable. Due to this, your topper will always be in a spic and span condition.

Lucid pride themselves in quality products that are worth your every penny. They, therefore, give a guarantee that this product will enhance rest and give you transcendent sleep.

As they stand true to their word, they back this topper with a 3-year warranty. If it does not function as promised, you get to have your money refunded.

Even with all these goodies, there are still a few drawbacks. The topper is too soft. As such you will sink into it much deeper. You, therefore, need a firm mattress underneath, to enhance support.

Secondly, even with the infusion of gel and the use of open-cell technology, though you will not overheat, the topper will not cool you down.

Full XL memory foam topper with gel swirl by DreamFoam

This DreamFoam mattress is an American product and as such you are assured that it is of the best quality there is.

It is designed with utmost care and craftsmanship and is set to give a new lease of life to your mattress. With it, your mattress is bound to feel renewed.

Memory foam topper infused with gel is wonderful for providing support to your frame whenever you sleep.

The memory foam is soft and so it shapes your body’s frame into a grove, supporting and keeping it aligned. The gel swirl enhances support and gives the topper that firm supportive feel.

You need not hurt your wallet for a wonderful night’s sleep. With about $70, you can get yourself one of these and transform sleep forever. Furthermore, this product will last you for years.

However, you may realize that on unboxing, it may give off a pungent synthetic odor. This is due to the petrochemicals used in its manufacture. The odor eventually fades away with time.


Memory foam with gel infusion Linenspa mattress topper XL

If you overheat at night, your mattress is worn out, and you do not have the money to invest in an ergonomic mattress, Linenspa may just have the answer for you.

With less than $100, you can have delivered at your doorstep, this piece of heaven. This mattress topper is affordable and dexterous.

It offers support to your back and neck while you are asleep and on it, you will never overheat again. The product is the USA standard approved. It is therefore safe for you to sleep on.

It however loses support rather quickly. You may thus end up buying a few toppers in the long run.

Bottom line

After this extensive review, we believe you can now easily pick out a Full XL mattress topper that suits your needs.

It is important, however, to do a bit of your research, try and test out other brands, their properties, and price and see which one fits the bill.