Is The Blue Gel Mattress Topper Worth Investing In?

Never resign yourself to sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. Never compromise on the quality of your sleep.

Sleep is the only time out of our busy schedules when we get to relax and re-energize our bodies and minds.

Without such a time, we would not be able to function properly. Hence sleeping in a comfortable bed is imperative.

You need to go all out and invest in a good sleeping space. Getting new pillows or beddings will not cut it.

The blue gel topper is a revolution in the world of best mattress toppers. It is made by infusing latex or memory foam with blue gel.

As such it combines the softness of the memory or latex with the firmness of blue gel. As a bonus, the blue gel draws heat away from your body giving you a cool sensation.

As such if you are a hot sleeper, this is a must-have product for you. Sleeping on such a topper provides you with support and comfort.

Your back, spine, neck, and shoulders will never hurt. Any pressure exerted on them will be alleviated.

Your sleep will much deeper and more restful. A good mattress provides a combination of both support and comfort.

Too firm, too plush or too thin a mattress will not avail the sleep experience you need to conquer the world.

If you wish to improve your sleeping experience but are on a budget, then a mattress topper is your perfect answer.

Investing in a mattress topper is an economic way of improving the quality of your bed. With it, you get to create a more comfortable sleeping area.

Blue gel mattress toppers, which are the subject of this review, are one of the best toppers you could ever invest in.

This review will analyze all their specifics and give you detailed reasons why you should consider investing in one.

What are they made of?

This type of mattress topper is made by infusing gel into memory foam or latex. It is thus not only plush but also firm. The latex or memory foam provides the comfort aspect, while gel enhances support.

Memory foam is a soft impressionable substance. When rested on, it contours around the body creating a personalized grove within which your body will rest.

The foam retains body heat ensuring that you will never be cold. The gel is infused within the foam in the form of beads.

It enhances support and tonnes down the plush property of memory foam.

It also disperses heat and therefore ensuring that you never get too hot whilst asleep.

Why invest in a blue gel topper?

The toppers merge the benefits of memory foam and blue gel. They are bouncy and soft yet firm. By infusing gel into the memory foam, a high-quality product is made.

With it you are sure to experience;

Unique comfort

This topper is made by combining memory foam with blue gel. Memory foam offers that plush feeling that gives you a transcendent sleeping experience.

The topper resists motion transfer. This means that you can comfortably sleep in the same bed with your partner without being affected by their toss and turns.

The memory foam, contours around your body, creating a groove that you will snuggle into every night.

Balanced support

Gel provides support for your body. As the mattress topper contours around your body, the gel-infused within it provides support where you may most need it. It prevents you also from sinking too far into the mattress.

Relives back pain

If you sleep on your side, you may experience occasional back pain. This stems from the pressure that is exerted on your hips, necks, and shoulders as you sleep on your side.

Gel-infused mattress toppers are designed to respond to your weight and relieve pressure. Additionally, they provide the support that keeps your spine aligned as you sleep.

All of these attributes contribute to averting back pain, neck pain, and more importantly ensure deep, restful sleep.

Better air circulation

Blue toppers have gel beads infused within them. Their presence within the mattress ensures better airflow within.

Thus, heat is easily dispersed away from the body. The sleeping surface is therefore much cooler. By investing in this, you will never be too hot in bed.

Comfort level

Mattress toppers infused with blue gel offer the comfort that is out of this world. The gel-infused within the topper offers support to your body.

It ensures that you do not sink too far deep within the topper. Your spine will always be aligned properly. Back and neck pain will be a thing of the past.

The gel is also responsible for the dispersal of heat. Thus, your body will never be too hot or too cold. Memory foam or latex provides a plush aspect.


It contours your body and create a snug groove that hugs your body as you sleep. Such a topper is beneficial for all types of sleepers.

If you sleep on your back, your spine and back are supported by the topper. Your spine is aligned and you are therefore ensured that you will never experience back pain.

If a side sleeper, the mattress topper alleviates stress on your neck, shoulders, and hips. If a stomach sleeper, the topper, contours your body and snuggles you in your sleep.

Regardless of whatever position you sleep in a blue gel mattress topper got you covered. You always be comfortable.

The Mattress topper’s basics


A gel-infused mattress topper gives you value for your money. Many mattress toppers do not come in cheap.

Their price ranges from $70 to $150. This price may seem exorbitant when purchasing something smaller than a mattress.

You should however consider the fact that by purchasing this product, you will completely change your entire sleep experience. With it, you would not even need to buy a new mattress.


The dozens of makers of the blue gel topper are sure that this product will make sleeping transcendent. They, therefore, offer years-worth of warranty for their product. This period ranges from 3 to even 5 years.

Within this time, you are assured that in the event the topper does not deliver, you may return it and receive a refund or product exchange.

Brands for blue gel mattress toppers

Here is a list of our  4 top rated gel bed toppers to have today;

4-inch thick Viscosoft Gel-infused memory foam topper.

Ever wanted to know how it would feel sleeping on a cloud?

The Viscosoft topper is guaranteed to give you such an experience. It is one of the thickest and softest toppers out there on the market.

It comes in six sizes giving you a variety of choices depending on your needs. You can choose from the Twin XL, Queen, California King, or Full XL topper sizes.

It comes covered with a satin fabric, which hypoallergic and machine washable. Additionally, the topper has elastic straps that can fit mattresses up to 18 inches in thickness. These straps enable you to secure the topper on the mattress.

Gel memory foam topper by Lucid

Lucid just like the Amerisleep mattress are brands known for their prowess in the mattress manufacturing world.

With a 4-star rating on Amazon, you are assured that it is one of the best toppers out there.

The combination of memory foam and gel provides the support and comfort you may need while asleep. You will never be too hot or too cold on this topper.

Your back will never ache and you will never wake up tired. With this product, you are set you to revolutionize your entire sleeping experience.

The topper ranges in size. From Twin to California size, you are ensured that you will get a topper that fits your bedside.

Worried about expenses?

Let me dispel your fears. You only need as little as $70 – $100 for the twin-sized topper and $130 – $150 for the California sized topper!

Memory foam and Gel Swirl topper by Dream Foam.

Retailing at $60 to $120, this topper by Dream Foam is set to enhance your sleep comfort level.

The topper is infused with gel that draws heat away from your body, giving a cool sleep experience throughout the night. The topper is motion resistant.

Therefore, you will be able to sleep soundly without being woken by your partner’s movements.

Apart from being affordable, the Gel swirl topper is accompanied by a 3-year warranty.

So assured of its benefits, are the manufacturers, that they guarantee refunds if it is to ever fail.

Gellux 2 inches thick Gel memory foam topper by Cleo

Do you get too hot in bed?

Do you have to keep uncovering yourself in the night to keep cool?

If this happens to you, then the Gellux topper is a product you badly need. Infused with liquid gel, this topper disperses body heat, draws away from you, and provides a cool sleeping surface.

By investing in this you get to have a cool plush to rest your head on at night.


A gel-infused topper is a brilliant product. It avails an opportunity to completely change your sleeping experience. Though it can be a bit expensive, it worth considering.