The Best Place To Put Your Air Purifier

Where should I place my air purifier?

The obvious answer to where you should place the air purifier is where it’s required the most.

That is to say, if you have a specific room in which you find yourself experiencing headaches and sneezing fits, it will be the best place for the machine.

Almost all rooms in your home are the best choice for an air purifier. Whether it is nail polishes or aerosols, pet dander, or cooking odors, the quality of air is essential whenever you’re in your house.

The best choice where to place this machine in the bedroom, as it’s where we spend a lot of time sleeping.

Keep in mind that you breathe deeper when asleep. For this reason, having this machine in your bedroom will allow for a night of better, healthier sleep. Additionally, people often spend a lot of time in the family or living room.

These rooms get lots of traffic and many airborne pollutants moving through. This is due to the number of feet that move through it kicking up pollutants into the air.

This room is the best choice to run this machine. Kitchens often have a lingering odor of some kind from cooking.

From a smell standpoint, using this machine with a carbon filter for absorbing cooking odors is the best place to install this machine. Most people are considering how to improve the air quality in their homes.

Besides cleaning their ducts, many of them are also thinking about buying an air purifier. However, to make sure you have the utmost effectiveness and efficiency, you should place it in the proper spot.

Here are some factors to consider:

Your area’s size

To start with, you should consider how much room you want to purify. Usually, the greatest amount of space that a single machine can effectively purify is approximately 650sq.ft. If this is not enough, you will most likely need to buy a few air purifiers.

Areas that tend to get the most pollution

Specific areas in your house are likely more at risk of indoor contaminants compared to others. These include lately painted rooms, the kitchen (if you use the stove regularly), walls that have not been cleaned and rooms in which pets often stay regularly.

Additionally, if there are smokers who are likely to gather in an area of your house, then that room will certainly need an air purifier.

Additionally, you might need to consider keeping the machine in the living room in the daytime and the bedroom when going to sleep.


You’ll come across some models that are noisier than others. Because of this, you will not want the unit in an area where you might have a difficult time listening to a conversation or in the bedroom.

If those are some of the things to consider, then ensure you shop around to get a quiet fan. You should also ensure that you know what kind of machine you are investing in.

This means, if you have an air purifier that should have a lot of space around it, never place it up against your wall. In addition, you will probably want to ensure that you maintain clearance around the machine of at least one foot or two feet.

If there’s limited space, consider an air purifier having a front air inlet as well as a top outlet.

Close to smell source

This unit is very helpful since if you use it well, then the smell won’t spread through the whole house. The odor gets contained at the source.

Some of these units feature a powerful filter for getting rid of smells. This means, if you install them close to the smell you won’t even smell the odor.

Avoid tight corners and spaces

Most of these units work properly when you place them in an open area, which offers free flow of air from all sides. In this kind of location, the unit pulls the air from all directions and works effectively.

If you place the air purifier in a tight spot or corner, it might be weak to pull the air from your room’s other corner and thus leave that corner with contaminated air.

But you can mount some models on the wall, and if you do not have a free area for a normal air purifier, perhaps you need to get one that you can mount on the wall.

Avoid pairing air purifiers with other similar devices

Do you have more than one device that dehumidifies, humidifies, or filters air or even air condition?

Then you need to think about the right one to use. The reason being, air should flow and if it’s pushed or pulled from different directions, this unit simply cannot get rid of all your room’s airborne particles.

You should not open windows while the unit is working. Pollen, dust, and other outside contamination can gush through the window into your room.

This will cause the machine to work hard to clean up all the contaminated air coming from outdoors.

Don’t place an air purifier underneath or behind furniture

These machines need the best airflow, and they are effective when there are no obstructions around them.

Avoid placing an air purifier behind furniture as it won’t be able to take in all the air in your room. In addition, it’s not good to place it underneath the table as that will limit airflow too.

You might get tempted to put smaller models on the shelf or in a closet. This placement might look appealing and great; however, the performance of the unit will go down massively.

If there’s a smoker in your house, keeping the unit close to the chair or couch where the person smokes is an effective way to eliminate the tobacco smoke from the air and minimize the smells linked to smoking.

An activated charcoal purifier uses a technology, which helps to purify the air by absorbing pollutants into itself instead of letting the contaminants stay in the surrounding air.

When opting for this type of unit, you should throw away the activated charcoal and refill now and then.

Avoid placing them near electronics

Some cheap models are sensitive to other electrical gadgets and won’t work well if you place them close to other electronics such as microwaves, television, or any other gadget.

It’s also likely that the unit can transmit interference to other electric items too. Remember that this might take place and if you see some interference between equipment, simply take one to another area of your room.

But a premium unit cannot interfere with other equipment in the house, so perhaps you need to think about that as well before choosing to purchase one.

But you should ensure they stay at the right distance as powerful models might create powerful airflow, which might interfere with your sleep if a unit is too near.

Conversely, weak models cannot be powerful enough to suck all the air if they far away from your bed.

Should you place it in a raised position or on the floor?

The majority of manufacturers will recommend the right position for their brand. If they say that you should mount on the wall, then you need to do that. Not only will you get stunning decor in your room but also performance will be intact.

But you can place large units on the floor; these are strong enough to clean up the air from the floor. If your air purifier is small, then the ideal spot will be close to you on the table or desk.

On a higher place, a small model works better as they do not have to suck air from underneath.

Small models are also movable, so you should try different areas in your room. Once you get the right spot, you then use it for maximum performance.

Tips to increase the effectiveness of your air purifier:

  • Replacing and cleaning filters frequently
  • Keeping the air purifier away from other electrical devices
  • Ensuring your room has the best airflow
  • Keeping windows and doors shut.

What kind of air purifier should you use?

The kind of unit you use is just as essential as where you position it. While you can use some models to get rid of mold and bacteria, some are just made for getting rid of pollen and dust.

When selecting an air purifier, think about the kind of pollutants you want to eliminate.

Cleaning up the air purifier

You should keep in mind that frequently keeping the air purifier and filters clean is the best way to make sure it will last for long and will function effectively.

Some models feature a light that shows when the filter gets dirty, while other types you should manually check.

Remember to always look at the manufacturer’s instructions that came with the model. This will help you know how to clean the air purifier well.


The positioning of the air purifier will affect its capability of purifying your room’s air. You should position the machine in an area where it will work properly; this will usually be in a bedroom or living room.

Ensure there’s a space of 1 to 2 inches between the air purifier and any other surfaces. Avoid placing the device right up against any furniture or wall.

Together with choosing where to position the air purifier, you want to take into consideration what kinds of pollutants you need to get rid of to buy the best kind of air purifier.