Purple Vs Puffy Lux Mattress – Two Amazing Brands

The mattress market has evolved and greatly so.

It is no secret that many brands are emerging – springing up from all over the world and those already in the market putting in tireless effort to come up with new products to keep up and suit the consumers’ needs.

From the ease of online shopping where a purchase can be done at ones comfort, to favorable trial periods and some good deals when it comes to returning the product, it can be stated in great confidence that to make it, you’ve got to literally stand out.

That said, two brands that have kept putting a stamp of their wit in this huge arena are the Purple brand and the Puffy brand.

These two are indeed giants in their own right – from the general precision or expertise in the making of the mattresses to the customer care and after service offered once a purchase is made.

We have reviewed both of these brands on several products they offer but this review is quite unique because not only do these giants go head to head, we herein feature their best mattresses or those that are their best sellers.

Please read on as we square which is the overall winner for us in our opinion.

Puffy Lux Vs Purple mattress – Which is the best?

This will be worth every minute. Let us get down to reviewing these 2 quality mattresses.

Review of the Puffy Lux

Puffy Lux Mattress Features:

  • 12″ thickness in 4 Layers
  • Medium-Firm Feel
  • Made In USA
  • Cooling Gel Infused Foam
  • Stain Resistant Cover
  • All Foam Construction
  • Sleep Trial of 101 Nights
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Price: $1,445 – $1,995

As mentioned before, Puffy has had mattresses for quite a while. This particular one – the Puffy Lux is the much anticipated upgrade of their original product, the Puffy mattress.

This is a remarkable mattress choice because it combines its original Cooling Cloud Foam and Firm Core Support foam with a layer of some incredible Body Adapting Dual Cloud Foam.

This layer has such a unique way of contouring to the body, this giving it a great supportive feel and excellent pressure relief. As we may know from our previous reviews, memory foam fails at offering cool nights.

This extra adaptive layer however, combines some great technology to offer the sleeper a cool comfortable night. It has a cover which is temperature neutral – another plus, because the cooler the mattress is, the better.

This particular mattress is worth having a look at as it also offers superior motion control and edge control. All these features show that they have put a lot of consideration to the needs of the sleeper. What more could we ask for?

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Review of the Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress Features:

  • 25″ Mattress in 3 Layers
  • Foam with Purple Grid Construction
  • Medium Feel
  • Very Cool Nights
  • Great Pressure Relief
  • Amazing Comfort
  • Sleep Trial of 100 Nights
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Purple Comfort Smart Grid Technology
  • Price: $649 – $1,498

Its goes without saying that the mattress brands online have had to evolve and go through quite the metamorphosis. Initially, most complaints that came through concerning these online mattresses were that they were extremely hard or stiff and that they didn’t allow for one to sleep cool which meant quite some uncomfortable night.

Who wants an uncomfortable night?

Purple took up this challenge and came up with about three upgrades which clearly meant they allowed the challenge to grow them. They came up with a genius invention – the Purple Polymer Grid which ideally solved both these problems.

This great work of expertise by Purple now allowed for a mattress that offers amazing pressure relief and air circulation within the mattress which means sleeping much cooler than on traditional memory foam.

As you read through, you will not only see how this specific mattress compares to Puffy Lux, but also how is does against the original Purple mattress.

Purple Mattress - Queen, GelFlex Grid, Better Than Memory Foam, Temperature Neutral, Responsiveness, Breathability, Made in USA
1,278 Reviews
Purple Mattress - Queen, GelFlex Grid, Better Than Memory Foam, Temperature Neutral, Responsiveness, Breathability, Made in USA
  • CUSHIONS & SUPPORTS – The Purple Mattress features 2'' of Purple’s GelFlex...
  • OPTIMAL TEMPERATURE - With over 1,400+ air channels built into the...
  • INSTANT RESPONSE - The GelFlex Grid immediately flexes to support your position...

Purple Vs Puffy Lux mattress price

You can’t quite put a price on quality comfort and health can you?

It definitely is worth spending that extra dollar to get what you not only want, but greatly need. Sleeping is not just about comfort, the health aspect comes in with posture and even support.

We emphasize that since a mattress is not something you will shop for every other weekend along with your groceries, why not take home a good one that you might as well appreciate going to bed on.

With these two brands, the Purple mattress would look like a good choice because it costs lower than the Puffy Lux. We however feel that the quality and comfort offered by Puffy Lux, makes it all the more worth that extra dollar.

Puffy Lux costs

  • Twin size: $1,445
  • Twin XL: $1,495
  • Full: $1,595
  • Queen size: $1,795
  • King size: $1,995
  • California King size: $1,995

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Purple Mattress costs

  • Twin size: $649
  • Twin XL: $749
  • Full: $949
  • Queen size: $1099
  • King size: $1399
  • California King size: $1499

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Materials used to build Purple & Puffy lux

Purple bed mattress material

The original Purple bed is made of three layers. It has a base layer made of foam, a middle layer which also is what we can call the “transition” to the polymer grid layer.

That’s how simple its construction is – all tucked nicely into a breathable, extra stretchy top cover. The base foam is 9.5” in thickness and is made of dense polymer foam.

This thick base is what allows for most of the support on this particular bed. The top layer is a 2” in thickness polymer grid which is hyper elastic.

Of the various Purple mattress products, this is the thinnest polymer grid layer. This means that it may feel wonderful for sleepers who are lighter in weight and a bit lacking in support for those who are heavier in weight.

This hyper elastic grid is however what gives Purple its unique feel and great pressure relief. Sandwiched between these two layers is the 3.5” in thickness transition layer made of polymer foam.

It acts as a buffer from the stiffness of the base layer and stops any “sinking effect” that may be caused by the elasticity of the top layer.

Puffy Lux mattress material


The Puffy Lux has four layers skillfully set one on top of the other to make a cool 12” in thickness mattress. Its base is made from their Firm Core Support foam which gives this mattress the remarkable support it has.

Next up is their Climate Comfort foam layer which gives Puffy their boast about a cooling effect that is not just on top but rather inside the center of the mattress as well. This ensure the sleeper is cool all through the night.

The Body Adapting Dual Cloud is a type of foam that is specifically made for this Puffy Lux mattress. This here forms the third layer which really is the “it” layer for Puffy in their Puffy Lux mattress.

This layer is what causes Purple to break a sweat in this particular head to head comparison. The unique contouring feel and the way it adapts to the sleepers movement and sleep style is what marks the signature comfort feel that Puffy Lux gladly offers.

The forth layer is the top layer which generally is made of Cooling Cloud Foam. This foam is carefully designed to be able to absorb heat from the sleeper through conduction.

This layer is gel infused using acceptable and patented gel which further helps in reduction of heat. The Puffy Lux prides in the ability to reduce heat a whopping 8 times more in comparison to the average mattress.

It goes without saying that this mattress is both comfortable and cool. Quite the deal sealer.

Warranty and Trial Period of the 2 mattresses

Both these mattresses are lucrative in terms of their warranty and trial periods. Warranty periods however should regard the general wear and tear of the mattress as it gets older. This a point to note for the consumer because some brands will give flashy offers just to make one jump at buying it.

When you finally make up your mind on which mattress suits your specific needs as the sleeper, it is good to also take note of the trial period offered and the warranty – just in case.

Currently in mattresses, most company brands (including Purple and Puffy Lux) give ample time to try out the mattress and decide if it exactly what you want. A good trial period is anything around 30 nights.

Many companies are now giving up to three times as much in trial nights which is quite commendable. For Puffy, a trial period of 101 nights and a lifetime warranty is what the consumer gets. Sounds very lucrative and rightly so.

It definitely wins in this section. For Purple, the consumer is offered a trial period of 100 nights and a warranty of 10 years. A warranty of 10 years is a good deal for a mattress (especially Purple which we have tried and reviewed).

Our disclaimer with lifetime warranties is to check into specifics in terms of details.

Puffy Lux Vs Purble bed mattress comfort

Purple bed mattress comfort

Purple have tried to keep it simple. Great comfort with minimal layers and complicated option specifications to have to decide on. They have a “one-size-fits-all” option when it comes to comfort.

They have tried to create their product to suit the feel of consumer whether they prefer a soft feel, a medium feel or firm feel. As we rate it on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is the softest and 10 the firmest, the Purple mattress would comfortably secure a 5.5 to 6 which therefore makes it medium firm.

This option is favorable universally because it has a feel that would work for really any type of sleeper preference. People who love to sleep on their back and on the side would love the great support that this mattress offers.

It has a two thumbs up when it comes to relieving pressure points. For people that love to sleep on their stomach, this mattress might be a little too soft which can cause ones back to bow in a bit.

It is good to note that for the Purple mattress is that the texture of the purple grid can be felt as one sleeps. While to some this may be a non-issue, for others this can indeed be a deal breaker.

We therefore advice one to take advantage of the trial periods offered by Purple to determine whether this is their ideal mattress.

Puffy Lux mattress comfort

When it comes to luxury and comfort, Puffy takes the cake. The Puffy Lux however is the icing on the cake. A little extra for your slumber. The extra-ness is in the way it adapts and contours.

The Body Adapting Dual Cloud Foam is the secret ingredient that is added to the already cooling and supportive original Puffy mattress to make it Puffy-Lux.

While rating on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is the softest and 10 the firmest, the Puffy Lux mattress would comfortably rate at 5.5 to 7 which means its medium firmness goes towards a sweet, comfortable firm feel for most sleepers preference.

As you sleep on it, one enjoys its great support and spectacular pressure relief. The unique way it hugs the body and contours makes one feel comfortable and relaxed.

When we reviewed the Puffy original mattress, we extremely enjoyed the comfort feel it offered. The Puffy Lux comes in to remind us that with good there will be better. It definitely is the next step in comfort.

Purple and Puffy sleeping cool

One of the worst things that can happen to a good night’s rest is the discomfort of heat. Sleeping cool is therefore a very key aspect when trying out these mattresses.

The Purple brand has a polymer grid which basically helps in keeping the sleeper from sinking in and therefore nicely raised above the foam to where it is cooler.

The spaces or air pockets allow for great breathability within the mattress without trapping heat which would in turn make sleeping cool very difficult. The negative when it comes to memory foam is that it does not do well in heat transfer.

It takes in the heat and ends up entrapping it because its structure does not allow for heat to move. Puffy has really tried to find ways out to help in this aspect especially with the Puffy Lux.

They have incorporated their gel infused layers which have cooling gels and also have an open cell technology to help with heat not being trapped in the foam.

In comparison to other memory foam mattresses, the Puffy Lux would win in mattress cooling. This being a head to head with the Purple brand however, we admit that Purple does take the trophy in this category.

Puffy Vs Purple mattress motion transfer

Motion transfer is the ability for the mattress to avert any motion vibrations. This is important especially for those that may be sharing beds and have different schedules, or maybe those that share beds with children or their pets. 

If a bed is poor in deadening motion transfer, one will have numerous interruptions as they sleep because every movement vibration is felt all through the mattress. This can be quite the sleep killer especially for sensitive sleepers or people who can be woken easily.

Purple bed mattress

Mattresses that do not have latex or bouncy materials are great when it comes to motion control. This is what makes both these mattress options a good choice if motion isolation is a great deal for you.

For the Purple mattress, the grid layer within helps greatly because it doesn’t allow motion transfer. Memory Foam mattress may not be very good in edge support but they are quite efficient when it comes killing off motion vibrations.

The grid layer in the Purple mattress may not be as good as the all foam mattress layers but it is quite a vital aspect in isolating motion transfer all over the bed. The Purple mattress therefore passes as a good choice when it comes to motion transfer.

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Puffy Lux

Puffy carefully designed the Puffy Lux to meet the sleepers’ needs when it comes to motion transfer. It has layer upon layer of good quality foam which come together to stop ant major vibrations and movements as one sleeps.

Though one might experience a little of the movement or vibration, it is very minimal and almost no existent. Both these mattress options do well in this category.

Based merely on the fact that the Puffy Lux is made of memory foam while the Purple has the polymer grid, if were to pick a winner it would be the Puffy because the grid layer has a little bit of bounce in it which is likely to cause sleep disturbance when sharing a bed.

Puffy compared to Purple mattress edge support

Edge support may sound like we are looking only at the ability to stretch and sleep right to the edge of the mattress.

Well, while this may be true, in edge support we also take a closer look into what kind of support this bed offers especially for those that may need to use their beds maybe to sit on for extended periods of time.

We may mention that this is discouraged (for example if one lacks any back support) but because we cannot ignore that this is an important thing to consider, we go ahead to test and give our recommendation.

Puffy Lux mattress

For edge support, it is important to note that hybrid mattresses do way better than all foam mattresses. The hybrid mattresses have the technology required to offer spectacular edge support in comparison to memory foam and polymer grid mattress types.

For an all foam mattress, Puffy have done a great deal in trying to ensure great edge support as well as comfort. The dense base layer for support and the contouring foam layer which is also dense combine to help the mattress offer support without fully collapsing when one sits on it.

For the Puffy Lux, one can sleep very comfortable right up to its edge. It is therefore a great option for couples or anyone sharing beds. This is also a good bed option even for those that may have large dogs.

Purple mattress

When it comes to edge support, the Purple mattress falls flat – literally. We mentioned in its build that it consists of polymer foam and a hyper polymer grid which do not give any support all around the edges.

We found that one cannot sit for extended periods of time (though we discourage this) at the edge of the bed. It is also quite uncomfortable to sleep near the edge because the mattress sinks in.

We therefore concluded that between these two options we are reeving in this piece, the Puffy Lux offers way better edge support that the Purple mattress.

Purple Vs Puffy Lux mattress – Which wins?

When you put two lead brands head to head, it can be difficult to point to just one as the clear winner. This is because each will excel in a different aspect and capacity that the other.

Where one fails, the other succeeds and vice versa. We agree that both these brands are big names in their own right. They both have great presence and demand even across the world because they have clearly proved time and time again that they are reliable.

Reliability is a very key aspect especially for online shopping. It can build or break. Reliability will include swiftness, customer care and handling of customer inquiries and feedback and more importantly, the quality of the product.

We are aware that both these brands command a huge following in their own right. In our review today and based on quality and comfort in the different categories as we have expounded, the Puffy Lux wins as overall our mattress of choice in this review and comparison.

For great comfort support and overall comfort, Puffy Lux is a wonderful option especially if you do have that extra money to spend.

The Purple is however recommended for anyone who especially enjoys to sleep cool and might also be a little tight budget wise. We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to contact us for any further comments, questions or clarification.

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