Types And Styles Of Platform Bed Frames

Mattress manufacturers have worked hard over time to customize their products to meet and satisfy the diverse needs of every sleeper. With a good mattress, you are assured of rest, comfort and rejuvenation upon sleeping.

But a good mattress also needs a good bed to maximize its potential. Before you go for your favorite mattress, you need to consider the type of bed to support the mattress.

One of the advantages of using a platform bed is that it can support any type of mattress even without a box spring.

Modern designs and types of platform beds

In this article, we will be showing you the interesting types and designs of bed built to meet your needs, give you comfort and satisfy your sense of style.

Platform bed with nightstands attached

If you are going for a modern style that is sleek and makes for a great centerpiece for your bedroom, then you need to consider a platform bed with nightstands attached. When you think about convenience in functionality, this bed gives you just that. This bed is cost-effective.

For a consumer that looks to save a few coins in renovations, the built-in nightstands are just the way to go. These stands can be used to improve the aesthetics of a room, as they can serve as flower vase stands.

The nightstands can be used to support a few useful items used during the night, such as a book, table lamp, spectacles, an alarm clock, medication and phone.

One of the cons of an attached nightstand is that they take up floor space that could be used for some other purpose. While they are quite a beautiful addition to the bed, they offer smaller storage space.

Mid-century platform bed

A mid-century platform bed is timeless. Imagine your bedroom looking like it is captured in a time capsule. This style is elegant, working on a less-is-more approach. This bed makes a bold statement in your bedroom, giving an aura of a timelessly iconic bedroom.

It is easy to mix and match this bed type with your room décor, even when your other furniture pieces are not from the same century. In such a case, this bed adds texture and intrigue without looking out of place. One of the cons of this style is that it is outdated.

For the home owner that believes the 60s was outdated for a reason, then this bed is not for you.

It is said that cleanliness mirrors godliness. White is a color that portrays cleanliness and peace. However, some people might consider a white platform bed to lean more on the sterile that the aesthetics side.

This platform bed could be unappealing to a consumer who feels that white colors belong to a hospital. One factor we cannot argue against is that this color on a bed makes a room seem virtually bigger.

The space widening abilities in white are an advantage for a consumer that suffers from closed space anxieties. Being a neutral hue, it is easy to blend a white bed with your other preferred bedroom colors.

Every housewife understands how easy it is to spot stains on a white surface. While this is an advantage, this color does not hide dust or dirt, making this bed ideal for a master bedroom rather than a children’s room.

Rustic platform beds

The dark wooden texture on rustic platform beds get inspiration from the outdoors. It does not matter how modernized the home becomes, an old fashioned design will never seem like it does not belong.

When going for this style, it is important to blend your furniture well. Consider using wood to match your bed, otherwise the bedroom will look confused.

Using the bed as a focal point, blend in other types of textures to give the room a unique feel of diversity. One of the downsides of this authentically beautiful bed is its high-end maintenance routine.

The raw finish of this piece of furniture exposes it to external conditions, so be careful when making your purchases.

Many people think that matching earthy hues means sticking with the browns, beiges and creams. However, shades of red, green and blue can easily complement your bed without color clashing your room.

Leather platform beds

Imagine entering your bedroom and a smell that brings the memory of mountains hits you ever so subtly. That smell alone is enough to keep you in this room longer than you really need to.

Now, imagine having to sleep surrounded by this smell because your bed is of a leather platform. Leather is quite durable, but can be expensive. However, the expenditure is easy to forget because this bed is long lasting.

Leather is also stylish and elegant because of its clean lines and smooth finish. If you are looking for a material that is easy to clean, then leather is that material.

All you need is a clean cloth and some water to give your bed a glossy look. However, a disadvantage of leather is its ability to absorb smells. If you are allergic to strong smells, then this bed will leave you uncomfortable and restless in your sleep.

Matheney platform bed

Any minimalist will love the use of classic lines on the matheney platform bed. Made from sturdy metal, this bed is for the consumer with simple tastes, who does not mind solid colors because they can easily blend and complement other colors in the bedroom.

This bed does not need a box spring. Your mattress is supported by the metal bed slats and the center rail quite well. The legs are strong enough to carry weight, giving you a night of good sleep.

If you are subtle decorator seeking to do a guest room, this bed is ideal for you. You could also use this design in the children’s room for its ease in cleaning.

You do not have to worry about the mess the children make with this bed. Besides, children of any age can use this bed, which makes this bed a lifetime investment where the budget is tight.

Tufted platform queen bed

A tufted platform queen bed is not only padded at the headboard, but also tufted to bring out comfort, class, and style in your bedroom. For this bed, one of the most important things to consider is the fabric used on the headboard.

Materials vary, from genuine leather to faux leather, to velvets, to microfiber. As the consumer, you have to consider the type of decoration you want in the room in question, the people who will use the bed, and the colors dominating the said room.

One fool-proof way to do this is to imagine yourself in bed with a good book, or watching TV. What feeling would you want at the back of your head?

It is good to consider all the details on the bed. Would you want the bed to have storage drawers?

Do you want buttons or knots for the turfting? Let the choice you make reflect your personality and sense of style.

Teak platform bed

Teak is naturally water proof, making it resistant to insects and pests that attack wood. Now that is a deal that sells the teak platform bed without breaking a sweat.

This bed is strong because teak is a hardwood. This means that the bed is durable. When properly cleaned and maintained, this bed can last for years.

This bed can resist rot and decay, thanks to its waterproofing properties. This wood is naturally resistant to some acids and alkaline, making this bed a worth investment.

Even with all these attractive qualities, it is not hard to capture how expensive solid teak can be for a budget-pressed consumer.

The ability to resist many of the factors that destroy does not make this bed an easy to maintain furniture. Any mishandling, and the bed will eventually wear out, when it was supposed to last.

Velvet platform bed

Velvet is a lovely finish on any furniture. This material is a blend of other fabrics such as silk and cotton. This makes velvet very sensitive to varying conditions as the blended fabrics need different care to maintain their luster.

A velvet platform bed is not only attractive, but also gives the bedroom a classy look. This bed is soft to the touch, making it comfortable and cozy for a restful night sleep.

Velvet is durable because of its blend of fabrics. This bed is not for the consumer who loves pets as velvet attracts pet hair.

It is wise to place this bed away from direct sunlight, as velvet fades and damages in direct sunlight. If you love to take your glass of milk to bed, then you have to rethink your choice of bed, because velvet absorbs liquids easily.

Nomad platform bed

One of the unique features of the nomad platform bed is that unlike other conventional beds, this one is chemical free, made from the tulip poplar hardwood. The absence of chemical components protects the sleeper from harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde.

This bed is smooth, even with its unfinished wood frame. For the consumer who loves to feel one with nature, this bed offers a natural sleeping ambience.

The smooth natural finish is also kind to your bedding, so you do not have to worry about running threads. The environment conscious consumer will love this bed for its eco-friendly features.

With all the designs available in the market, make a list of the things that work for you and your style before you make any bed purchase.