How To Come Up With A Rustic Bedroom Look

What is a rustic bedroom décor?

Rustic bedroom décor, thou old-fashioned, creates a comfortable ambience in your bedroom and gives your space a sense of peace and calm. This bedroom décor style receives its inspiration from wilderness cabins and barns.

It bears details such as throws made of faux fur, wildlife skulls and sometimes whole skeletons of smaller wildlife, making it appear quite ancient.

The décor also features wooden ceilings and floors. The bedroom furniture is farmhouse style and the bedroom colors are largely neutral.

Ways of introducing rustic bedroom look to your space

  • Fix table lamps

Consider fixing table lamps for a cozy and appealing atmosphere. They will not only add warmth to your room, but they will also enhance the rustic feel of your room, more so if their base is made of rattan wood and their shade made of fabric.

Rattan table lamps and their fabric shades give a rustic touch to your space. All you need is to layer your bed with patterned throws to tie up your décor style.

  • Introduce rustic beams

Add rustic beams into the interior design of your bedroom. A home with original rustic beams is attractive all the way to the bedroom. It is a traditional way of decorating a bedroom and it gives your space a unique architectural appearance.

  • Layer natural and tactile materials

Layer natural and tactile materials to enhance your rustic bedroom look, particularly where your color scheme is either white or neutral and monochrome as they tend to feel lifeless and dull.

Use layers of natural and tactile materials to make your space visually attractive and inviting to retreat to at the end of a busy day at work.

Some of these materials include throws made of natural fibers such as silk, cotton velvet and sheepskin. For the floor, you can add deep-pile carpet that is muted for warmth and comfort to your feet.

Use an upholstered bed to add softness to your rustic bedroom look

An upholstered bedframe will add a soft appearance to your space and help balance the exposed wooden beams, wooden floor and stonewalls.

The overall look will be one that is both beautiful and conducive for rest and quality sleep. Always ensure that your space gives you a sense of comfort so that you are not left feeling like one sleeping in the wild or in a barn.

Go for an upholstered bed that is generously filled with natural fillings for good insulation and for creating a décor style that contrasts with the bare walls. 

Add vintage materials

Inclusion of antique furniture, fittings and fixtures made from vintage and reclaimed materials greatly enhances the appearance of your rustic bedroom. You can use a curved wooden bed and can also panel one wall of your bedroom using vintage timbers.

Use rustic woven rug

A rustic woven rug made of natural materials such as wool, sheepskin and jute not only provides a soft feel to your feet but also keeps your space from feeling bare.

This is especially critical where the floorboards are painted white. The rug will add texture and a rustic look to your space.

Incorporate shiplap paneling

Shiplap paneling will give your bedroom a rustic appearance and texture. Use it on one wall of your bedroom. The vertical panel lines will accentuate the height of your space and make your room bright and cozy.

The paneling will also keep your focus away from the size of your space particularly where the bedroom is small.

Add linen bedding

Linen bedding adds elegance and a beautiful finish to a rustic looking bedroom. It acts as a great complementary to the natural wooden roof and floor. It has environmental benefits because it is made from flex fibers, making it more breathable than synthetic materials.

Add wall paper

Wallpaper that is textured greatly enhances the appearance of a bedroom space. Consider using wallpaper designs that mimic natural woven fibers rather than bold prints which are not ideal for a bedroom.

Rustic room color palettes and textures – what colors are considered rustic?

Rustic room color palettes are color schemes or color choices ideal for a rustic room. They are used in various artistic and design contexts to create style and appeal.

Basically, a color palette refers to the full range of colors that can be displayed on a device such as a screen or other interface. Color palettes help in finding new colors by mixing 2 or more colors together. 

Colors considered rustic

Colors that are considered rustic are colors that are both deep and neutral such as red, orange, browns, greens and greys. They are used in decorating homes because they give a warm comfy feel to the interior of a room.

The role of lighting in creating a rustic space ambiance

Lighting is essential in creating the ambiance of a rustic space. Proper lighting brings out the rustic state of your space, making your home appealing.

It brings out the best of your space. The following are lighting ideas you can use to beautify your rustic space.

  • Standing table lamps

Standing table lamps brighten up living rooms and kitchens of any rustic space. Some of them are made with a concrete base and a hood made of fabric.

They are decorative in appearance. Go for standing table lamps in colors such as beige and light brown because they are the best for rustic lighting.

Preferably, place it on a table of the same color as an ideal complement. A table lamp with an elegant shade and cast on an iron base creates a great traditional ambiance.

  • Pendant light

Pendant lights are lone light fixtures that hang from the ceiling while suspended by chains or cords or metal rods. They are great for kitchen, bedroom and living room.

  • Garden lamps

Garden lamps can be used in the interior of a house. They make guests aware that the house has a rustic ambiance before they enter the house.