Premier Platform Bed Frame Structures

Your choice of bed frame will definitely have consequences on your quality of sleep. When the mattress does not sit well on its base, the sleeper could develop back and joint pains, which could lead to worse health conditions.

This is to say that a good quality bed frame that is cost effective and strong are two essential qualities in choosing a premier metal platform bed frame.

A few other benefits of having a firm platform bed frame include, reducing mattress sags, giving the mattress a longer lifespan, adding to the bed height, reducing mattress slides, and ensuring good mattress aeration.

With all these benefits, you cannot ignore the need for a quality metal bed frame for that coveted quality sleep.

Low profile bed frame

A low profile bed frame sits significantly closer to the ground compared to a platform bed. This bed takes up minimal space in your bedroom, making it ideal for short people. For this height, this bed offers more stability for the sleeper who loves turning and tossing in their sleep.

Besides, sleeping closer to the ground feels more natural vis-à-vis being suspended higher off the ground. A cozy bed and a restful night’s sleep are some of lives pleasures that top most of our ‘desire lists’, and this bed offers both wishes.

How? You ask.

This profile bed offers you tranquility, especially for the people who sleep feeling anxious about heights. If you are to consider aesthetics, a bed closer to the ground gives a modernly chic feel to your bedroom.

If your apartment or room is low ceilinged, this bed gives a feeling of opened up space, making the room appear bigger, an advantage for the claustrophobic sleeper.

For the home owner that loves minimalistic living, this bed frame is just for you, as it eliminates the use of headboards. It also motivates you to downscale on many other areas of your life.

Types of platform bed frame structures

Beds are simple structures, but they require assembling of its parts for it to function. Bed frame hardware are the components that connect the bed frame parts. The bed rails, slats, headboard, and footboard are put together using different hardware.

Before you purchase bed hardware, consider the bed legs. The legs give strength to the bed, and therefore need sturdier hardware. The thickness of the legs determine the brackets to use.

A thick headboard or footboard will need thick brackets and vice versa. An upholstered bed might also need sturdy brackets to handle the fabric and wood structure.

Also consider ease of assembly and disassembly. Choose a bed frame that uses simple tools to assemble its hardware.

The 900 connection bracket and a hook bracket are some of the easiest hardware to use as they do not need tools to assemble or disassemble. You also have to be conscious about the ease of fitting. The idea is to give yourself as little work as possible.

Bed for minimalist

A minimalist bed frame comes in various designs, which scale back on excessive use of high profile material. However, even with the casualness of materials, the designs are accentuated by the use of clean and sharp lines and a blend of materials such as leather or metal.

The minimalistic nature comes into play by the use of shapes to bring forth the geometric elements of the bed rather than in the materials used. This type of bed frame is advantageous in terms of cost effectiveness.

This bed frame does not need a box spring to add support to the mattress, its slats are enough.

Even in its simplistic nature, this bed is comfortable owing to its firm and flat base. There are many designs to choose from to match your personal style and still look sleek and creative.

Bamboo bed frame

Looking for and finding the perfect mix of craftsmanship and quality could be an uphill task, especially if you are going for an adventurous style like a bamboo bed frame.

If you are a home owner looking for a bamboo bed, then it is safe to imagine that you already are aware of all the benefits that come with this material.

For the environmental-minded consumer, this material is eco-friendly. Bamboo grows quickly and therefore could be a way to go in saving our forests. A bed made of bamboo is durable. Yes, bamboo can withstand use and still remain as beautiful.

Even in extreme temperature changes, this bed can resist shrinkages and swellings. Here is a fun fact, bamboo is stronger than steel. Yes, it is. Bamboo grows straight, and the knuckles on this plant are consistent and dense, adding to its strength.

The aesthetics aspect of bamboo is also impressive. This bed is fine grained and can be stained and finished to complement your bedroom style.

Rustic bed frame

Are you an antiquity collector and love the rustic feel of a room?

Then this stylishly primitive rustic bed frame will capture your creative eye. When I think about anything rustic, I see a log cabin and furniture with beautifully peeling paint, a repurposed mirror, rustic lamps, and huge floor to ceiling open windows.

The thought of that screams of a warm log fire and a nice book. But what if you are not able to access any of these things?

Then work with your bedroom furniture to bring out this coziness. Changing your furniture will transform your bedroom. Go for a matching rustic collection from your dresser to your side stools.

If you are redecorating a guest room or revamping the basement for an extra bedroom, then going minimalistic and rustic will work wonders with this bed.

A modern rustic look exposes natural elements of the bed, against an open floor plan. This bed in rustic earth colors against white textures brings out a homely feel of warmth and comfort.

Crate bed frame

The budget decorator will love this crate bed frame. This can be a DIY project when you are cash strained, and desperately desire to revamp your bedroom. Recycling material is eco-friendly, an advantage in using crate frames for your bed.

When you think about the weight the crates have to carry during deliveries, then you know that a single crate is strong. Now imagine the strength found in 20 or 30 crates joined to make a base for your bed.

Another advantage is all the storage space you get with all the crates without budgeting for storage containers. You will not believe the simple yet rustic look that recycled crates bring to your bedroom.

For the couple looking for a wow factor in their bedroom, one idea I find fascinating is the use of lights in the crates to further give your bed a romantic finish.

Corner bed frame

You must have noticed that some of the dead spaces in your bedroom are corners. So how do you get to creatively use your floor space?

Corner bed frames are excellent for solving this problem. A rectangular bed can be boring and on a low budget, renovation can be challenging.

One of the ideas of revamping a bed is in using an extended headboard. Two headboards are used in the corners, giving the bed a look of belonging.

In a shared bedroom, placing single beds head to head also saves up on space and opens up room at the center of the room which can be used for display.


A con with this bed frame is hitting your toes at the frame most often than not, which is a small price to pay for the expense this bed saves you.

Queen corner bed

Does your bedroom feature adjacent windows?

One of the ideas to use in placing a queen corner bed is taking advantage of the lighting. In a small room, balancing the look could be really hard, and sometimes, just pushing the bed to the corner does not really motivate you much.

Pushing the head of the bed into the corner is one possible placement. For the home owner who finds it hard to decorate the walls, or is not at liberty to do so, this is an ideal way to go, as the bed gets to hide the undecorated corners.

This corner bed also gives the feel of more space, hence a larger room. A corner bed can easily be moved to another corner to bring out your unique style.

One of the downside of a corner bed is having a bed that is bigger than your room dimensions, leaving you with an unbalanced bedroom finish. In a shared bedroom, this bed frame is not ideal for lack of enough movement space.

Light wood bed

Light wood makes a modern room appear elegant, without much effort. This wood can also make a traditional look appear relaxed, when rightfully combined with other toned down textures.

A light wood bed frame is easy to work with during decoration, as it blends in with most wall colors. With this bed, it is hard to get things wrong in terms of mixing and matching it with other furniture.

When placed near a window, this bed reflects light, making other gloomy colors appear welcoming.

Light wood makes a room appear bigger, which serves well in a small apartment. This bed is also forgiving in dusty areas.

The bed can hide dust and pet hairs. For sleepers allergic to these things, regular dusting is advisable.

Whatever your preference is, a few things to consider in purchasing a bed frame are the size of your room, durability, cost effectiveness, comfort, and aesthetics.