Why A Wooden Platform Bed Frame

Wooden platform beds are one of the best assets you can get for your room. They give your bedroom a stunning feature, and a unique appearance with minimal design.

They are available in many styles and each one of them can be purchased easily in the market.

This wooden bed assures better air circulation thanks to the distance within the slats. However, its profile is low and very difficult to move around.

This explains why getting out from this bed can be problematic, especially to users who are having the back and the knee pain.

Firmness of bed made of wood

Also, the bed can be uncomfortable to side sleepers because of their immense firmness. We spend such a large proportion of our lives resting our beds. This calls for a bed that is both beautiful and timeless.

Your choice of the platform bed frame also depends on the level of comfort that you need for a good night’s sleep.

Wooden bed style and designs

Here is a brief description of the commonly available types and design of such beds. One such design is the white wood bed frame queen size. This will suit a whole host of interiors, from the contemporary to the traditional.

It will also simply look wonderful with whatever color scheme you’ve put together for your room. However it may not be couple-friendly since it’s mostly used for single people. It may appear too small & less aesthetically pleasing in larger bedrooms in your home.

Anyone who is taller may find the bed frame uncomfortable for their use due to height. You are basically spoilt for choice; from traditional wood or timeless appeal of painted wood bed.

A king wooden bed frame has a range of classic colors. It has gorgeous designs to choose from and with an ideal size.

It also has ample space for two people sharing, and easily provides a wider sleep surface. It is advisable for most couples who may need extra space to spare. It’s also very ideal for parents or pet owners who have their children or pets sporadically sleep with them.

Unlike traditional bed, the platform bed with storage gives you increased storage space in your bedroom as it adds space underneath. This storage is usually placed under the legs of the bed. It allows for more space, and in turn gives it a more appealing design and look, especially if your bedroom is small.

This might be a win than purchasing a bed and a storage box together. It can especially be well suited for rooms that are going for a simple feel. They complement any décor greatly. They can take wide variety of sizes and forms and are more affordable.

Variety of wooden bed colors

Color also is an important factor to consider while choosing the platform beds. One of the colors to choose from is black wooded bed. Black compliments a lot of colors and will in turn make the room appear glamorous.

This is especially when placed with the right beddings color choice. It strikes an appearance from far and makes the room classy. It also allows you to go wild with accessories in your room with no limitations and camouflages any stains.

Wooden bed durability

Usually low wood bed frames are constructed to give steady, neutral but still with classy finishing’s. Durable build quality and a natural aesthetic. This type of bed frames are suitable for rooms with low ceilings.

They combine both modern and minimalist design with a touch of sophisticated finish. They can be very easily customized and are very easy to recycle. Most of them are produced from sustainable material.

They also tend to look extra decorous and still offer a much cheaper alternative. They also apply more of a natural, picturesque theme to your bedroom. However this type of bed may not be the best option for you if you are tall, old or unwell.

This is because it requires you, the sleeper, to get into a crouching position to get in or out of bed. In addition, if in any case, you are looking for a bed with extra storage, then you need to keep looking. This is because this bed limits how much storage you can have underneath it.

Best bed size for wooden bed

However a good bed starts with a good frame. You can opt for the king bed frame with wooden finish for a bigger room or the master bedroom-especially if you are sharing the bed with your partner.

This works for both the ambience of the room, but also gives enough room on the bed for a restful night of sleep. The finishing is one design made from sturdy and suitable wood for a rustic vibe.

It’s very comfortable for couples to share since it has more room for two. It’s very comfortable and assures them a good night rest. The couple can roll, stretch or kick due to the size of the bed. Unfortunately they come with their own cons; for example they are very expensive and take a lot of space.

Therefore, they cannot fit properly in smaller rooms. They are also heavy, making them extremely difficult to move & maneuver without any assistance. They also tend to be short for exceptionally tall persons.

Final thoughts

Lastly we encounter the Zinus deluxe wood platform bed. This is crafted with solid wood and wooded slats and an A+ foundation to give support to your mattress. It is all dressed up with beautiful and natural wood knots to give a flawless look against just about any room.

This is a simple, yet beautiful bed that works really well with any style. It gives you the option to choose according to your needs and preferences. It is the right mix of classic wood furniture and modern design.

The bed stands out wherever it is placed. It looks like a real solid anchor for any theme and it comes without a headboard or footboard. It’s intended for residential use. Assembling the bed is required.

The best part is all of the tools required for assembly come with the product. However the side panels can refuse to line up. This will make the entire bed difficult to deal with, not to mention cheap.

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