Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review – 2022

Growth is inevitable. In the world of business, just like in real life, one has to keep growing in order to continue being relevant. It is quite true that anything which does not grow risks dying.

The Purple brand has continued to grow and expand their products thus giving their already great name an even greater accolade.

Their popularity in the last few years has grown and their name is known far and wide as a brand of choice in the online market for beds and mattresses.

They have some peculiar marketing strategies yet coupled with the comfort offered by their distinctive polymer grid layer. It goes without saying that Purple has quickly risen to become a household name if not the mattress of choice in many homes.

The newest addition to the Purple Family is the new Purple Hybrid mattress. We had a great time trying this mattress out and have so much to write about it.

In essence, the Purple brand has gone on to pair their smart comfort grid with a coil system thus bringing to us the new Purple Hybrid mattress. You might want to keep reading because this mattress has the “extra” needed in giving you sleep times to long for.

This absolutely genius invention by the Purple Mattress is competition even to its own original mattress bed. Clearly so because this unique hybrid grid goes on to present three different options in thickness thus appealing to a wide variety of clientele.

This Purple Hybrid comes in the Purple 2, the Purple 3 and lastly Purple 4 to guarantee that perfect feel when you lie down to rest.

Purple hybrid 2, 3 Vs 4 mattress

The Purple brand is known for their unique Smart Comfort Grid. This is their polymer grid which is elastic and works in flexibility of the mattress, pressure relief and helping the mattress cool.

This is a win for them unlike the usual materials used in other mattresses which include latex and memory foam. This Polymer which is a bit foreign offers great pressure relief underneath the comfortable surface.

It allows for air to flow in the mattress which greatly helps in sleeping cool because the heat is dissipated as opposed to how memory foam traps heat.

Another great plus for Polymer is that it is quite resilient and is able to endure strain or recover its shape quickly without being permanently disfigured.

This means that it is quite flexible and able to keep its amazing original comfort feel much longer than other materials. Apart from its durability, the polymer helps in flexibility. It is able to adapt quickly to body movement and offers great pressure relief.

Purple Hybrid Mattress – Material and Build

The Purple Mattress has a similar basic construction. The game changer for this Purple Hybrid mattress is that it comes in three options which are basically the thickness in inches of the Polymer Smart Comfort Grid.

This in the effort to appeal to as many as possible based on their various sleep needs and preferences. The three options are the 2”, 3” and 4” thickness.

In the core of this mattress is a 13.75 gauge steel that helps in ensuring the amazing support that qualifies it’s out of this world support and durability. In each of these hybrid mattresses is a similar coil system which is 7.5 inches in thickness.

This goes to help with comfort design as it is very user friendly by design. We can’t forget to mention the great airflow and support this mattress build gives. Spectacular. Sandwiched between the Smart Comfort Grid on top and the coil system is the transition layer made of foam. It is 1” (inch) in thickness.

This transition layer helps in making the polymer grid as soft and level as possible so that one does not feel the coils poking at them as they sleep. It gives that nice consistent feel of support and comfort as it was built to.

To cover the New Purple Mattress is a white stretch cover known as the Premium StretchMax cover. This versatile cover is 98% polyester and 2% spandex making it very breathable and soft the skin.

On the sides, the cover is 99% polyester and 1% spandex to ensure a nice tight fit and exquisite appearance. The difference in these Purple Hybrid Mattress comes in the Polymer Grid.

The Purple 2 hybrid mattress has a 2 inch smart comfort grid which bring the thickness of the entire mattress to 11 inches. The Purple 3 mattress takes up 3 inches of this Smart comfort Polymer Grid which then brings the total thickness of the new Purple 3 mattress to 12 inches.

The Purple 4 boasts of a 4 inch layer of smart comfort polymer grid to bring the total thickness of this Purple hybrid mattress to 13 inches. Talk about comfort – plus!

Purple Hybrid Mattress – Comfort Options

One of the most important aspects of a mattress is comfort.

For a good night’s rest to be exactly that, one of the key things to look out foe it’s the feel of the mattress, the support it offers and the general build based on ones sleeping preference.

Unlike the original Purple mattress which tried to make a “one size fits all”, the new Purple Hybrid mattress, has a difference which comes with the variance of the smart comfort polymer grid layer.

One thing that Purple would boast about as a brand is the great comfort of and advantage of the Polymer Grid layer. This layer is responsible for the amazing pressure relief that each of these mattresses (including the original Purple mattress) provides.

With the variance in thickness in the new Purple 2 Purple 3 and Purple 4, the firmness of the mattress may range but its pressure relief remains absolutely wonderful.

The Purple 4 however has the zero gravity effect which relieves all pressure points to make one experience first class comfort for sleep that is purely magnificent.

The Purple brand has made it quite easy for the customer to identify swiftly what they are looking for. The name of the mattress links directly to the number of inches in thickness of the smart comfort polymer grid put in each mattress.

The Purple 2 connotes 2 inches of polymer, the Purple 3 shows it that 3 inches of polymer while the Purple 4 means that it has 4 inches of polymer grid added to its initial or original build.

The more the inches of polymer, the softer the mattress and more amazing, the comfort. Let’s now take a look at some of the differences in these three Purple Hybrid mattresses.

Purple 2 – The 2 inch Grid

Purple Mattress - Queen, GelFlex Grid, Better Than Memory Foam, Temperature Neutral, Responsiveness, Breathability, Made in USA
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Purple Mattress - Queen, GelFlex Grid, Better Than Memory Foam, Temperature Neutral, Responsiveness, Breathability, Made in USA
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This bed is the firmest that the hybrid range offers. This mattress offers a medium firm going to firm feel with the original core of the Purple mattress being incorporated a 2 inch polymer grid.

It does a good job at weight distribution and would be a go to choice for those that love to sleep on their back or sleepers who are heavier in weight. This is because it has great resilience and therefore good support.

For occasional side sleeping, this bed also does a good job though it does not quite give the pressure relief needed for people who sleep pre dominantly on their side.

For those that love to sleep on their stomach, this may not be their choice mattress as a whole but if looking through the Purple brand, this would be the best option for them as well.

Purple 3 – The 3 inch Grid

3 inches of the famous Purple brand polymer added to 9 inches of original Purple mattress build is what constitutes the 12” in thickness Purple 3 mattress. This mattress is more of like an in between when it comes to firmness and softness. It indeed has quite the classic medium feel.

This mattress bed is ideal for couples and people who share beds because it offers great support and a good cushion feel as well. For back and side sleepers, this is your go to bed. It is flexible and has just the sink needed to still offer you amazing support.

The Purple 3 is the option that accommodates a wide variety of sleepers needs because for the ones smaller in size who don’t often sleep on their stomachs, this works quite well.

For those that may be bigger in size and enjoy sleeping on their side, this option suits perfectly this need as it gives the right pressure relief for a good, comfortable sleep.

Purple mattress 4 – The 4 inch Grid

We introduce the most deluxe of the three new Purple hybrid mattresses. The Purple 4 as its name suggests has 4 inches of the smart comfort polymer grid that relieves all pressure allowing your body to just relax in its zero gravity feel.

It goes without saying that given the 4 inch polymer grid, this is the softest make of the three new Purple Hybrid mattress options. It is indeed ideal for anyone who is a back sleeper, and prefers a more opulent feel.

For people who love to sleep on their side, this is indeed the best option for them. We can’t praise this mattress enough when it comes to pressure relief. This here is the king.

For stomach sleepers however and those that are a bit heavier, this might not be the best choice as one may feel like it sinks a little too deep.

Purple Hybrid Mattress – Benefits

Apart from just the comfort of the mattress, it is important to look at other aspects like motion transfer, edge support and whether it has the ability to regulate temperature.

Best price of the Purple mattress

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Again, in comparison to the original Purple mattress and other Hybrid mattresses, this new Purple hybrid mattresses cost a little higher than even its competition in Hybrid mattresses. This however is quite fair because the comfort, quality and durability are priceless making it real value for money.

Each of the three mattress options will have a slight variation in price because of the difference in thickness of the smart comfort polymer grid. The Purple 3 in this range is the one that plausibly gives the most ideal comfort feel for the cost it is valued at.

In queen size, the Purple Hybrid Premier 2” costs $1,599, the Purple Hybrid Premier 3” goes for $2,199 while the Purple Hybrid Premier 4” is priced at $3,299.

While this may be a little pricey especially for anyone who might be on a tight budget, Purple have a system of financing that helps you begin your journey to the best sleep ever. One is able to sign for the financing while making the purchase.

Very convenient, isn’t it?

It will be just a matter of time before you can take a nice deep slumber. But wait – it gets better. Read on. The prices noted above include free white glove delivery to your home and the specific place you would want it fitted and removal of any old mattress or bed.

The mattress comes with a trial period of 100 nights. This is a thoughtful time frame so that one can ensure that the mattress and thickness is exactly what they are looking for.

In the rare case that it is not, Purple which is proudly made in the USA offer a service where they pick it up and refund you without much hassle.

Purple hybrid sleeping Cool

Hybrid beds are a win when it comes to sleeping cool – even better than the already great original Purple mattress. This new Purple Hybrid mattress has the open cell smart comfort polymer grid and a well-spaced and breathable coil system.

This simply means that there is no chance of heat being trapped in the mattress and you are guaranteed a cool sleep without having to worry about waking up drenched in sweat.

Motion Transfer

The Purple hybrid mattress has quite some great motion isolation. One can feel a little of the movement underneath because the materials used but it is not any disturbance that would wake your neighbors, let alone your partner.

Because of the way the spacing has been done in the layers, and the fact that the coils are not intertwined but are wrapped individually, the movement on top does not affect the movement around the coils. This makes the Purple hybrid mattress great at motion isolation.

Purple hybrid mattress edge support

In comparison to the original Purple mattress which is a bit lacking in edge support, the new Purple hybrid mattresses are improved in materials and design. In addition, they indeed offer great edge support.

There is a foam encasement built around the mattress that gives a different firmer support even while sitting on the mattress. It gives a consistent feel but does not shut out the comfort of softness of the top layer.

This foam encasement firmly holds the edges up which makes these three new mattresses from Purple great whether it’s for sleeping or even the occasional sitting.

Trial Period and Warranty

100 trail nights and 10 years warranty. This is what each Purple mattress product comes home with.

They are considerate enough to give a sufficient window period to ensure that you have purchased the right period for your sleeping needs and preference.

In the rare case that it is not what you are looking for, Purple take time to help you find your specific match. They also offer a full refund hassle free in case you don’t get what you are looking for.

The warranty period is a bold statement that Purple has confidence in the quality of its product. 10 years is also the standard life of a mattress.

In their warranty, Purple cover any flaws that come with the manufacturing of their product and wear and tear that is abnormal to the usual life span of the mattress. Always remember that we encourage one to read the terms and conditions making sure to check closely the (t)’s and dot the (i)’s.

Delivery and Off Gassing

Purple have a great offer on delivery of their new Purple Hybrid mattresses. The ease at which this happens is the great temptation you need to order this mattress. Purple offer free delivery service not just to your home but a white glove service.

This means they can place this heavy mattress weighing in between 77 and 148 pounds for Purple 2”, 91 and 175 pounds for Purple 3” and a staggering 105 to 202 pounds for the Purple 4” at the exact spot you want it.

That’s not all. Purple also offer removal service of your old mattress so you don’t have to stress about what to do with it. Talk about leaving a smile on your face. The materials used to make it cause it to expand and stretch out almost instantly.

This is simply to mean that the Purple Hybrid Premier mattress is “good to go” and will not need much time to take shape. One may notice a little off gassing once the mattress is unpacked but it is just the usual mattress fumes.

There is nothing toxic and it should be neutralized in no time especially in a well aired room with windows open or running a quality fan.

For anyone with particular allergies and sensitive to smell, it is advisable to leave it open until the fumes cease before covering it with your mattress protector.

Purple Hybrid Mattress Rating

These are the areas put into consideration while rating this new Purple Hybrid mattress.

  • Sleeping Cool
  • Motion Transfer
  • Value
  • Off Gassing
  • Comfort
  • Materials & Construction
  • 10 year Warranty
  • Edge Support
  • 100 nights Trial Period

This mattress is for anyone that is searching for a comfortable, stable mattress bed with amazing support, motion transfer and fantastic ability to sleep cool.

The good news is that this option which is even better than the original Purple mattress brings your search for “the best sleep of your life” to an end.

Go for it.


It is evident that there will always be room to improve, to stretch and to become better. Just when we thought we have seen all that Purple has to offer, they lift the standards higher by introducing a product that knocks the socks off what the standards were.

This was definitely a great mattress to sample and review and we can confidently vouch for it. For any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

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