The Best Type Of Mattress For A Platform Bed

If you’re looking to buy a mattress for your platform bed, you have come to the right place. There are many options to choose from thanks to new and advanced mattress designs and technologies.

The manufacturers have done what they can over the years to address the needs of buyers. They have managed to come up with different designs possible to suit the buyers’ tastes and preferences.

Ideal mattress to place on a platform bed frame

Like many shoppers, you will find the mattress type you precisely needed. Because of the many mattress options lined up for you to make a choice. That said, not all mattresses go with the platform beds.

So while shopping, you need to consider their features and purposes. Every mattress type has its character and purpose.

Innerspring mattresses

Well, an innerspring mattress has been around for a very long time. It’s been fifty years since this type of mattress came out. The mattress may suit your needs as it boasts of a coil system enveloped by foam positioned at the center, batting, and other materials.

It comes in different designs, according to manufacturers. Some come with two-sided, you can use both sides. Others are only one-sided to allow high-quality materials used on one side.

At the end of the day you need something quality, innerspring mattresses are more robust and long-lasting.

Latex mattresses

You can choose this as well. It has been gaining good amount of popularity too. Many consider it a more natural bedding option. During your shopping, you might find the natural or artificial one. They come in two forms.

The style offers a strong support base for mattresses. Also, don’t be shocked when you find a latex mattress mixed with other materials. The combination is important to boost the features of the latex mattress and contribute heavily to the support it gives.

But if you feel your body curves need something better while sleeping, then go for a foam mattress. They are better as they were initially used by astronauts who had an on and off back pains during lift-offs before it was introduced officially to the market for commercial purposes.

That said latex and memory foam mattresses are not firm. They have no strong base. So you must check whether your platform bed has slat or not.

The slat should never be far apart. If possible fix your bed frame with plywood or box spring to give your mattress longevity. With that you would have curbed the future damage to your mattress.

Generally, you will find latex foam mattresses more comfortable, especially for your back. Many love them because they’re long-lasting due to their unrivaled resiliency.

Memory foam mattresses

These types of cushions come with a lot of benefits, such as proper spinal alignment and pressure point relief. Memory foam mattresses give more benefits than you would think. Mainly preferred because of the sensation it creates, the sinking in thing.

When you throw your body weight onto this cushion, you will notice that it takes your shape and slowly bounces back once you get off your weight. This extra cushioning will provide you more softness and support.

By the way, it is ideal for folks with painful joints. Memory foam mattresses are darling to many. Because they’re resistant to dust, mites, and allergens.

They work with adjustable beds, so you won’t need to worry when choosing the best mattress for your platform bed.

Gel foam mattress

Gel foam mattresses can be surrogate to memory foam mattresses. Buying gel means you won’t experience too much heat while sleeping. These mattresses offset the heating effect of memory foam. The major complaint about memory foam is that it traps much heat.

It’s designed in a way that the foam is made dense enough to support your body. Sadly, the denseness limits air circulation, thus, causing your temperature to rise. In other words, memory foam traps the heat throughout, which will make the whole place you’re lying on hotter.

In that case, the gel will take the temperature around it. Even though it will take time, but ultimately you will end up sleeping quietly in a cool place.

Polyfoam mattresses

You heard about this elsewhere. Polyfoam is not like any other mattress on the market. It is unique and can be appealing. Even though they’re made of synthetic and other chemicals with weird names, they’re are not harmful.

But don’t just buy without checking its density level—the bigger the density, the longer the duration it will serve you.

Pillow top mattresses

Depending on the types of materials used, the euro-top mattress offers you benefit such as cooling, bounce, durability, and enhanced comfort.

When buying a pillow top or euro-top mattress as it is called, find out whether the material your mattress is made of is wool, cotton, latex, or form. They are always expensive, so if you have limited budgets, then go for another alternative.

Hybrid mattresses

These types of mattresses boast of an additional new base layer of individually enveloped active support coils to offer total comfort, responsiveness, and durability of the mattress. Meaning you will feel so rested. You will wake up the next day, ready to make your dream come true.

Organic mattresses

If you’re conscious about the environment, then the organic mattress is your ideal choice. Best when you want to limit your exposure to chemicals or toxins.

Before you make your mind, consider whether what you want to take home is made of natural latex, organic cotton, and organic wool and recycled steel support coils. According to organic mattresses manufacturers, these mattresses are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and sustainable.

Final thought

There are several types of mattresses out there. Choosing one will force you to consider the platform bed you will be putting it on. It is not difficult to determine what you need.

Go ahead, read reviews before you purchase. Also, check the measurements. For something appealing in your bedroom, choose a mattress that perfectly suits your platform bed.

To add on that, consider going through the manufacturers’ instructions to avoid last-minute disappointments.

Don’t forget about the key features such as mattress thickness, temperature regulation, durability, and warranty as well trial period.

Stay safe, sleep comfortably.