Memory Foam Vs Hybrid Mattress – Which Is Better?

After long hours of window shopping you finally get the right bed. The next challenge is to picking a good mattress. The many different types of mattresses may confuse you and leave you wondering what to go for to best suit your needs.

If you have the idea about what your new purchase should offer and the advantages connected to it, it will simplify your life.

Memory foam is very different from the traditional range of mattresses out there. Some of the best memory mattress include Yogabed and casper mattress.

It comes with a wide array of advantages, which include relieving back pressure. The advantage of investing in memory foam is that it helps make your sleep very calming and tranquil.

In this article, we will list the advantages of a foam mattress. This is one of the most common types of mattress offered by brands such as Tulo mattress.

Advantages of a memory foam mattress.

  1. Relief pressure point

Most mattresses often put pressure on the body’s contact points and as such based on your sleeping position, spine, hips, etc. often experience the most pressure.

A foam mattress solves this problem by helping to distribute your body pressure evenly and helps to relieve pressure points.

Because of this pressure, this mattress type is widely used in medical settings like ICUs where a patient might have to lie down at times for many days.

  1. Allergy resistance

You do not need to spend your time getting worried about allergens affecting your mattress. It comes with a dense material that dust mites cannot easily burrow in the material.

Other brands, like the ones that have fiberfill, offer more hospitable surroundings for allergens. Because of this, people with indoor allergies might experience minimized symptoms.

Because the inside of a memory foam mattress has a material that doesn’t offer space for the dust mites to thrive, you are certain of minimizing its presence greatly.

  1. Spine alignment/ supports back

A foam mattress will contour to the shape and curve of your body when you’re lying on it.

For this reason, it will help to evenly distribute body pressure across the contact surface. Plus it will not put too little or too much pressure on any specific part of the body.

This will let you rest with the neutral position of a spine, unlike a spring mattress that doesn’t put pressure specifically on the spine.

Additionally, this leads to a perfect spine/back alignment that will save you from many spinal conditions experienced by those who use spring mattresses for long.

  1. Prevents and relieves back pain

People suffering from joint pains, low back pain, and other orthopedic problems use foam mattresses.

A spring mattress will uniformly distribute body pressure and this together with the impact of non-working springs tends to result in back pain.

A foam mattress helps to evenly distribute body pressure and this helps to prevent and relieve back pain.

This makes the mattress popular among those suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis, and others affected by similar spine and joint ailments or bark pain.

  1. Couple friendly

Although it is a delight to sleep beside your dearly loved, it will also be annoying if your partner happens to move around regularly. The good thing about memory foam is that it does not transfer motion.

This will mean that if your significant other turns and tosses regularly, you will not wake to wonder why the bed is shaking a lot. Additionally, the foam will absorb those movements and offer you a good night’s sleep.

  1. Accommodating each sleeping position

Your type of bed and sleeping position will greatly impact your sleep’s length and quality.

Not every mattress will support each sleeping posture and as such some postures generally do not work with mattress types. For this reason, it frequently results in restlessness during sleep.

This is also the major cause of that sore feeling many people experience when they wake up every morning.

Because of its distinctive feature to adjust to body position and contours, memory foam will help in supporting each kind of sleeping position.

This mattress can help you regardless of whether you sleep on side, tummy or back since it can easily help in accommodating each sleeping position.

  1. The best quality

The other advantage provided by memory foam is its great lifespan and durability.

The standard foam mattress can last about 7 years, with top quality foam mattresses (higher density in memory foam and core) lasting 8 to 10 years.

Besides lasting longer, the mattress is unlikely to sag in comparison with innerspring.

From a cleaner bedroom to lasting comfort, memory foam will help in contributing to a good night’s sleep in lots of ways.

Additionally, those purchasing foam mattresses will give a good report than owners of innerspring. If you ask me you should try the mattress from Love and Sleep.

Memory form Vs Hybrid mattress – which one wins?

Are you looking for a new mattress?

Have you chosen the mattress type to buy?

Of all varieties of mattresses, the most popular include the memory foam mattress and the hybrid mattress, a good example is the Cocoon mattress.

These two mattresses look similar; however, if you lie on one, you will see a big difference.

So, what distinguishes one from the other?

And how will you know which mattress type can best suit you? Continue reading.

Memory foam mattress

This mattress type comes with several layers of viscoelastic foam, which is responsive to pressure and quite flexible. The memory foam mattress conforms to the weight and heat of the body.


That is why this mattress often sinks in contouring the body only to gradually bounce back to their original position the moment you leave the bed. These mattresses provide perfect spinal support.

Review of the Hybrid mattress

Inside this mattress, you’ll find both spring layers and foam hence the name ‘hybrid’. Hybrid mattresses are very dense not only to the touch but you will also feel solid when sleeping on it.

This mattress does not contour and mould your body but instead stays flat. A hybrid mattress is perfect when you want more support and balance.

Some brands have this mattress and bed in a box which make it easy to move from one place to another.

Choosing between the two mattresses

If you want a firm sleeping surface you can go for the hybrid mattress. Hybrid mattresses feature a bottom and top memory foam layer, and in between, you will get a different layer with lots of coils or springs.

That is what makes a hybrid type more firm yet bouncier than other varieties of mattresses. Hybrid mattresses are considerably costly in comparison with foam mattresses.

In addition, if you’re sharing the bed with your partner, this mattress is often a little more distracting to your partner, particularly when turning and tossing in bed.

A foam mattress is perfect for if you often have joint and back problems, or snore a lot.

These mattress types are pocket-friendly and are most popularly used by age groups from children to adults to the elderly.

Normally, both memory foam and hybrid mattresses are very durable especially if well taken care of and will provide enough support regardless of whether you’re a tummy, side or back sleeper.

With this information, it will now be easy to know which mattress type feels the most natural and will suit your needs.

Do not only consider your preference. You should also look at what your body requires, be they physical or mental needs.

Maybe all you may need is buying a mattress topper to further make you sleep like a baby. Good night.