Why Go For Metal Platform Beds

The first point of focus when entering any bedroom is the bed. The bed and the bedroom reflect your personality in terms of color, shape, and style. They should therefore be inviting to sleep in and appealing to look at.

This means that even with style, you get to enjoy the quality and comfort you get from your metal platform bed.

If you are a budget-conscious buyer, a metal platform bed could be your best option, as it offers you an easy to do DIY painting chance in your preferred colors.

Why pick a metal bed frame?

Here are some of the reasons why a metal platform bed is your go-to option.


A metal platform bed requires minimal maintenance, meaning they are budget-friendly. Long usage does not wear down metal, pests and insects do not damage metal, and neither does frequent cleaning.

When dusting the bed, all that is needed is a soft cloth to wipe down the frame and voila, the bed is as good as new.


The metal platform bed can also be customized to fit your style, as it can be molded into elegant shapes to transform the head board and foot board. The versatility of metal beds is another plus in its corner.

The number of designs and styles are so diverse to suit your need and match your bedroom décor. Its design is not only solid, but also tough. By using metal, the bed is constructed to be durable, strong, and long lasting.

A home with young children would find the variety of color choices one of the most attractive reasons to have a metallic platform bed.

A colorful bed frame for your children, could help children to easily transition to their new rooms because the colors give then a warm feel and sense of belonging.

For the adventurous consumer who loves a rustic and shabby chic look for their private space, then this is the direction to go.

Platform beds make of metal give a naturally earthy and antiquated feeling, invoking a homely ambience in the bedroom.


Even with all the plusses, and its popularity, iron platform beds are not a first choice for all people. Some consumers argue that the strength of metal bed frames is dependent on the welding quality and the quality of metal used.

In addition, metal beds are easily affected by temperature changes. Expansion and contraction can be combated by installing a temperature control system in the sleeping space.

It is also not very easy to renovate your bedroom with a platform bed due to its compact design. The extra weight becomes a challenge when moving houses or when doing renovations.

Full frame metal bed

Why go for a white metal bed frame full design? White is a classy color. On this bed, the head and foot frames are the focal points of the bed. One of the breaks or makes of a room are in the choice and use of color.

White goes a long way to making a room feel and look modern and bold. With the proper use of light, this bed frame transforms and brightens the room, complementing every other visible color.

Another good thing about white is that it will never be out of style. White is fashionable in and out of season, no matter the trend in the marketplace.

A white bed frame brings out the elegance of a room because it accentuates style and charm, making it a better choice for a guest room. When you think about it, white agrees with all colors because it is a neutral color. This makes it an easy to mix and match other room colors with this white bed frame.

Steel platform bed frame cost

For a renovating home maker strained on the budget, a steel platform bed frame is the best choice. This bed is collapsible, yet quite easy to assemble. Despite these qualities, this bed is compact and therefore, adequately supports the mattress.

The adjustability aspect allows the consumer to use different sizes of mattresses, making this an ideal choice for a regularly hosting home owner. There is another variety of this type of bed that is heavier, making this version not only expensive but also less collapsible.

These two factors make it a better choice where durability and strength are a consideration. However, with this category, there is a risk of damaging floors especially during moving.

It is advisable to have plastic caps covering the legs, and if the bed has none, then custom made protective discs are a must have.

Our take home:

When going for a metal platform bed, consider the combined weight of you and your partner. While it is more comfortable for heavier people to sleep on a high profile bed, the opposite is also true for lighter people.

It is wise to go for a metal gauge that matches the weight to be exerted on the bed. A thick gauge equals stability and a higher budget. A thinner gauge is pocket-friendly, but less stable.

This is not to say that a lower gauge is weak, but its strength fades in comparison, making it suitable for a child or dormitory use.

You really want to avoid purchasing beds every so often, so ask yourself how long you need to use the bed before making a commitment. A solid metal bed frame will definitely last longer than one fitted with slats.

Always personalize the space for which you are buying the bed. Before buying a metal platform bed, consider the size of your bedroom and the effect you are going for.

You do not want the bed to overwhelm the room by taking up most of your space or overpower the other styles present in the bedroom. Blend the colors of the room to your bed, without overdoing it, to give the room a natural feel.

Also, look at the budget and go for a versatile bed frame in terms of offering more storage space, while giving aesthetics to a room, and offering you the comfort needed during sleeping.

Talking of storage space, go for a bed that gives you height. The space underneath the bed can hide a few boxes of extra blankets, storage containers and pillows. And you can add style by adding skirting around the bed to hide the storage boxes.

Get a metal bed today

If for some personal reason you like the rustic look of metal, the metal platform bed is your right choice. But nothing stops you from considering a wooden bed if you so desire.

All said and done, always make sure to check all the quality, functionality and aesthetics boxes as you make your purchases.