How To Make A Floating Platform Bed – DIY

What is a floating platform bed? 

Natalie Wood is quoted to have described the floating bed.

He said that at night, when the sky is showing a full display of stars, and the sea is so still, the floating bed gives one a sensation that they are floating in the space.

The term “floating bed” would cause someone to imagine that the said bed is like a water bed. However, the two are different types of beds, and the water bed is not the same as the floating bed.

A floating bed is similar to a regular bed in many ways. However, the bed is also completely different from a regular bed because it is designed to let it float in the air, or give the viewer an illusion of a floating bed.

Reviews of best platform beds

The floating bed is not only visually attractive, but has become very popular as well. It is the current trend in the market.

We will look at three categories of the floating bed- the platform, the classic, and the pendulum-motion floating bed. The bed creates an illusion that the bed is floating above the floor.

Type of floating beds today

  1. Floating platform bed

The floating platform bed design is one of the exclusive versions of the floating bed. It has three particular features; sleep, space, and style.

The floating platform bed is the option to go for when you want style and space in your bedroom.

The bed is designed such that the mattress appears to float above the floor. Afraid that you may end up tripping in your bedroom any time from your floating bed?

No, you will not fall over. The legs of the bed are set within the bed frame and they cause the bed to be as stable as should be.

  1. Classic floating bed

The classic floating version of the floating bed has features similar to those of the platform version. However, the classic one has its headboard quite sophisticated.

The headboard is also large enough to perfectly serve the people who love to read from their beds. It is also a great bed when you want to sufficiently save on your bedroom space.

Platform beds to buy

  1. Omni-Pendulum Motion Bed

This version of the bed is a combination of features of the actual bed and a hammock. This is the version of the floating bed which actually floats.

It has an omni-pendulum motion, and that motion causes the sleeper to experience a calming effect as they sleep.

It helps the sleeper to relax by calming the vestibular system.

It is a perfect choice of bed when you need to improve your learning or processing centers. This bed has been a critical tool in helping treat many health and psychological disorders.

It is a great option when you want to get a great lounge, when you need to relax or sleep.

This version of the floating bed will help you to create a great romantic effect in your room. It also comes in handy when you need a perfect place for your kids to sleep in. You can use the omni-pendulum version for any age group you are working with.

It is a helpful choice for children because it makes them feel safe, relaxed and helps improve their learning. The rocking motion of the bed is what gives the bed the term “omni-pendulum bed”.

The bed has an arc slow motion which is perfectly gentle. The motion is quite smooth, and it holds the sleeper perfectly in place.

The person can then sit or lie on the bed without being tossed around. It in a way cradles the person and this causes the person to relax instantly. The omni-pendulum bed gives the user what the scientists term as floating therapy.

The therapy has been proven to help a sleeper have a good sleep, which generally improves their nervous system.

It is a perfect choice of bed when you need to improve your quality of sleep. It also reduces erratic behavior, and elevates the person’s moods.

Do you need to invest in a floating bed?

Why a floating bed?

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  • Fashionable

When what you want is to add a creative spark in the space where you place your bed, the floating bed comes in handy. The floating bed stands out, is eye catching and it is a modern fashion concept.

View perfect platform bed on DreamCloud.

  • Creates more space

You definitely want a bed that leaves more room space for you. You can then use the space for storage or to bring out your creativity in décor.

If the floating bed does not have a headboard, you can let the bed lean against the wall. Then above the bed, you can put up a painting, or you could add some color to your room.

The floating bed leaves enough room beneath it. You can use the space to put up your plush carpets, stylish floor rugs or any other decorative ideas you desire. It makes your room to appear stylish, more spacious, and airy.

  • Accommodates LED lighting

The technology behind floating beds is advancing by the day. You can now add LED lighting equipment to the bed frames.

The lighting effect causes the actual effect of a floating bed to be felt. It also causes the bed to appear as very modern.

  • You can position it in the middle of your room

You probably have a bedroom that also serves as your storage area for items such as books and clothes.

The floating bed is possible to place in the middle of that room. It will help you to separate your sleeping space from the storage area. Is your floating bed the design that does not have a headboard?

You can use your bookshelf as the headboard. Is your floating bed the version that has a headboard?

If you are a DIY enthusiastic, you can design a desk behind that headboard. You can then use that space for writing.

If you are using a floating bed without the headboard, you can place it in the middle of the room. You can then surround it by ceiling mounted curtains.


When it is your time to sleep, you simply draw the curtains and let them fall over. It is an amazing way to cut yourself from the rest of the sleep. That is how you get yourself an out-of-this world sleeping experience.

  • Helps one to relax

Apart from its classic look, the floating bed causes the sleeper to relax. You can hang the bed outdoors, say through a tree, or you can use a tripod, or any other workable with option.

As you sleep, you can then enjoy the sight of the stars in the sky. You give yourself an unforgettable experience from your floating bed. It is also a great choice, suitable for romantic activities.

  • It is user friendly

The floating bed is user friendly. It is small in size, light in weight and therefore, easy to move it around.

Most of the floating beds are designed in a way that is easy to fold them. They are ecologically friendly. The floating bed is quite inexpensive, and is durable as well.

Check out platform bed on PlushBed.

How are floating beds supported?

The floating bed is such that its support system is not easily visible. It makes use of a sturdy frame, and therefore the bed does not need a spring box to support it.

Some of the floating beds are anchored to the wall and use a single support bed for support. Some others rest on a box platform which is much smaller.

The support box is a little difficult for someone viewing the bed from around the room to see. Some designers use Lucite legs to help create the floating illusion with the floating beds.

The Lucite legs are fixed from the back of the corners, which help to create the illusion of a floating bed.

Are Floating beds safe?

You can consider the floating bed to be a safe haven. Your children can still bounce on it, without the fear of accidents.

They can also enjoy a safe meltdown in this safe environment. The support of the float bed is such that is its support is as sturdy as should be.

The anchoring of the beds is steady enough to hold heavy weights. You can sleep comfortably and share the sleeping space without any risks of toppling over.

The support system of the floating bed is usually a central spine that supports the bed, and the headboard as well. The joining is such that the bed comes to a static, level structure.

How do you build a floating bed?

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Would you want to build a floating bed by yourself?

It is fun, and here is guide we have put together for you. The DIY floating bed that this guide will help you to make will include some LED lighting, so that you can end up with a great product.

Materials required to make floating bed

Note: Type of wood you use matters a lot.

Note: The measurements of your wood will depend on the size of the bed you are making.

  • A bottom bed frame. You can get one constructed from a 2X8 wood.
  • A top bed frame- One constructed from plywood or wood 2X4 or 1X6
  • A headboard, one made from wood 1X6 or 2X6 will serve well.
  • A LED rope lighting
  • Cherry wood stain
  • Long surface where you will support the floating bed. This will work with two pieces of plywood, 3by4 inches and ½ by 56 long inches wood.
  • Pocket holes

Tools required to build a floating platform bed frame

  • Safety gloves and glasses to keep your eyes from the debris.
  • Jig jag or the miter saw or small chainsaw.
  • Carpentry pencil, chalk, spirit level and the tape measure
  • Drill bits and the drill machinery.
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Steps of building a floating bed

  • Take the measurements of your mattress or bed topper so that you know which size of bed you intend to make.
  • Make sure that your base bed frame is assembled. Check that the edges are aligning-give attention to details.
  • Drill pocket holes at both ends of the long beams. Insert the 2 ½ inches screws into the components lying perpendicularly.
  • Next, ensure the top frame is all together. It will need to be sturdy enough to support your mattress.
  • On the top frame, drill pocket holes that will fit 74 inches screws on one end of the frame. On the other end, drill pocket holes that will fit 2 ½ inches into the 56 inches beam.
  • Get the intermediate supports and attach them. On both ends of the beam, drill pocket holes.
  • Secure the beams to the frame with the 2 ½ inches screws.
  • Check out for the corners and make sure they are square. Ensure there are no gaps between the components.
  • Take the base and the top frame and attach them. Ensure that all the components are aligned well.
  • Drill some pilot holes through the beams. Get 3 ½ inches screws and insert them through into the top frame.
  • Next you will need to attach the ¾ plywood panels to the bed frame. Check between the sheets and ensure you do not have any gaps left. Check and ensure that the edges are flush. Use 1 5/8 inches to secure them in place.
  • Use the sanding tools to smoothen the surface up. Ensure the structure is rigid.

Want your float bed to come with some LED lights?

  • Drill holes on the top frame that will hold the LED rope. Snake the rope through the frame, to bring out the floating effect.
  • Next step is to attach the plywood and the 1X6 wood. This is where the mattress will sit.
  • Now test the LED lighting
  • Assemble the headboard and attach it to the rest of the bed.
  • When the bed is fully assembled, sand the wood, and prep it for wood stain.
  • Stain the headboard and the bedframe with the cherry colored wood stain. You can use several layers of the stain to keep your wood protected from water damage and decaying.
  • Give it time to dry and confirm that it is completely dried out.
  • Test the LED lighting again in a dark room. It helps to confirm that everything is in perfect order.
  • Next step is to ensure you have a steady box

The next thing is to move the now ready floating bed into the place you will be using it from. Place your mattress on the top and enjoy the view of your floating bed. You can switch the LED lights on and off to get a view of both scenarios.

Available floating bed sizes 

The size of a floating bed will first of all depend on the mattress you want to place on it. If your mattress fits well on a king size bed, then use the measurements of a king size bed to make the float bed.

If your mattress is a queen size one, you will work on a floating bed that will accommodate that size of mattress. The size of the room you will be placing it will also determine your floating bed size.

The beauty of a floating bed is that you can customize it to meet your space needs as much as possible.

The number of people the bed will serve is also a determinant. If you are the only occupant, you can comfortably work with a single size bed.

If you are more than that, you may consider a king or queen size. Your budget for the bed is another factor. Consider how much you are willing to spend and go by that.

The floating beds come in different shapes, sizes and designs. You can easily find one that fits within your budget.

The possible bed sizes to work with:
King76 x 80193 x 203.5
Twin XL39 x 8096.5 x 203.5
Queen60 x 80152.5 x 203.5
Full54 x 75134.5 x 190.5

How much does a floating bed cost?

The cost of a floating bed will depend on many factors. The market is flooded with a variety of floating bed, and each of these has different prices.

You can check the price of the floating bed you desire. The platform floating bed is renown for helping one to cut costs. It eliminates the costs that come with the box spring.

If you are on a budget, but you desire a new look for your bedroom, you can still have your dream come true by investing in a floating bed.

You can also consider a DIY for the same, making it even cheaper. What you save on the bed can then be utilized to get a high-quality mattress, or a fancier platform style.

If you want to give your bedroom a fresh look, you can update your room with a floating bed. Then you can enjoy deep, relaxed resting moments.

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