Ideal Mattress Sizes And Types For Platform Beds

The more things change the more they remain the same. Living a full life beyond eighty plus years, statements like “this looks similar to what we used to have way back only with a few tweaks here and there”.

Long ago people would sleep on the floor which was relatively flat depending on where you come from.

The bed evolution is not strange to this saying where the flat surfaces have replaced the slightly more complex model of beds.

A mattress was just that, nothing fancy about it other than a cushion between the bed and the person sleeping. Platform beds are nowadays the preferred choice, shifting technology of comfort from the bed to the mattress.

Full size mattress

A full size mattress for a platform bed is recommended for various reasons. The stocky feel of the platform is not comfortable for an extremely tired body with a mattress that does not compensate with comfort.

Full size mattresses are technologically made to conveniently blend with the bed to ensure pleasurable comfort. A hybrid mattress is a good choice for this kind of bed where innersprings among other things are incorporated which would have been a feature for the bed a while back.

Latex and memory foam mattresses can be considered though they do not come cheap. To serve their purpose they have to be well maintained to get value for money.

The comfort that comes with acquiring them is unparalleled. Likewise when considering the best kind of mattress for the bed, thickness is also a factor that should not be overlooked.

The thicker the better, and best when the incorporated technology is factored in. When shopping for a thicker mattress the bed also needs to be firm to accommodate the weight that comes with its thickness.

Which comes first the bed or the mattress?

This will depend on what favors the purchaser. You can identify a bed and look for a mattress that fits it or vice versa. Mattresses made of innerspring tend to align well with the bed giving it a flawless look.

These beds have made achieving that image easy since most of them have a simple aesthetic form. If you are working with a platform bed that has a head and a footboard the mattress might not fit.

Consequently it is important to do a proper fit before purchasing the mattress. This will help in the durability of the mattress that is solely hinged on how well it is placed on the platform.

Queen Mattress

“You are sleeping like a queen, where can I get that?”

Good mattresses make coming home from an extremely engaging day worthwhile. Queen mattresses made of latex do work well on platform beds considering their cushioning effect.

It is easy to custom make the beds to rhyme with the mattress to get the desired result. These beds tend to have a low profile and most of the mattresses are thick enough to ensure a favorable height is achieved to complete the bed.

Mattresses made of inner spring can be used to increase the height more. Extensions can be added on the platform to offer convenience for those who might find it difficult to rise from a low position.

The mattress compliments the bed magnificently and greatly improves the room’s ambience without incurring huge costs. It gives one the option of super comfort and generally improves the bed’s fascia.

It comes with the elegance of a well-crafted bed, simple in looks and in two major colors; navy and gray.

Blackstone queen set 12” memory foam mattress

This mattress accompanies this elegantly looking bed. Designed with a high end cover and a layer of memory foam combined with comfort foam that fits the body well in a coaxingly manner while slightly sunken.

It is further supported by a well propped up high density core support foam held together by the meticulously upholstered platform bed.

The strength of the bed is evident; evenly balanced with a headboard that compliments the footboard frame and held tightly together with slats made of wood to bolster its support.

The head board facilitates easy shipping; with a compartment behind it, the legs, wooden slats and frames are stacked in to reduce its bulkiness.

How sturdy a foundation of a house is determines the quality of the house. The overall outlook is assessed and judged way after its construction.

Platform bed frame base

The base of a platform bed frame for memory foam mattress is a foundation that holds up the general form of the bed. Memory foam mattresses have a cushy yet solidified core to hold them up together to maintain their overall look.

The platforms come in many forms and most of them do not have head and footboards. Some have provisions for them but ultimately it is the buyer’s choice either to or not incorporate them.

For the best outcome of the bed, slats need to be evenly and accurately fitted; spaces in between them should not be more than three inches apart. This will ensure the mattress assumes a regular form and avoid intermittent sagging along the base.

The solidity of the platform increases the lifespan of the mattress by maintaining the authentic manufactured form.

Twin mattress platform

It takes two to tangle is a famous saying describing love between two individuals. History suggests that twin beds were a common sight in a married couple’s house.

To create more space the two beds would be joined together to form one bed. The twin mattress platform beds are plenty and fulfilling the same function of versatility they used to long ago. Furthermore, it is user friendly for someone who love spreading their bed.

One of the functions then was their usefulness in the children’s room like they are now. When separated, the bed can accommodate one person at a time but when combined three individuals can comfortably fit.

The combined beds can easily hold one full size mattress whether made of latex, inner spring or hybrid giving an impression of a single bed. It is common to find the same practice in hotel rooms and vacation spots that offer overnight spending.

With twin beds and a full size mattress one can theoretically have a choice of three beds depending with the impending need.